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Poetry is a very complex concept, as it can be used to relate to a series of ideas and these respective ideas can be interpreted in numerous ways, depending on each individual's perspective. Ranging from pure amusement that some poets intended to put across to intense philosophical discussions that others aimed to express, poetry can be used in a multitude of ways and it can make it possible both for individuals creating them and for people interpreting them to experience all sorts of feelings as a consequence of interacting with poems in general.

An octet is responsible for introducing tension in the poem and is based on an ABBAABBACDCDEE rhyme type. The sonnet is relatively simple and is written in a loose iambic pentameter.

John Donne's 1609 poem "Death Be Not Proud" was the poet's attempt to provide the world with a different understanding of the idea of death. The poem aims to make individuals understand that death is less threatening than they are inclined to think. It is likely that the poet acknowledged the degree to which the idea of death shapes people's thinking in society in general and intended to have them comprehend that it would be more important for them to focus on other things.

Donne was somewhat concerned about demonstrating that death is a rather trivial concept. He even went much further than that, as he apparently wanted his readers to think about death with...


Donne's opinion with regard to the "poor Death" actually makes it possible for readers to observe why the poet would actually be inclined to feel sorry for death. He considered the circumstances in which death usually occurs and the way that desperate individuals often look for it in order to resolve their problems and wished to emphasize its condition in general. The poem is devised with the purpose to have individuals understand the false popularity associated with death.

Donne's ideas can be applied in a multitude of situations today, as people tend to express too much interest in things, people, or actions that are actually much less significant than they are believed to be. Similar to how death occurs in critical situations, these respective things, people, or actions can also be present in circumstances that are not as privileged as the masses might be inclined to believe they are.

Throughout the poem Donne associates death with ideas that make it seem much less glorious than it appears to be. "From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be, Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow," (Donne) By comparing death with ideas such as rest and sleep, Donne truly attempts to diminish its position and to actually emphasize the fact that death is not even unique when considering the feelings that a person experiences when actually dying. The poet proceeds to relate to how death can actually provide happiness in some cases: "And soonest our best men with thee do go, Rest of their bones, and soul's delivery." (Donne) From his perspective, these people are well-acquainted with the concept of death and with the things that it involves and thus feel pleasure as…

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