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Unfortunately, the support gained by these two divisions were not based on the opinion, instead immoral activities including bribes were offered in exchange for the support of individuals, irrespective of their class and affiliation. The failure of the Gracchus brothers highlighted the failure of the constitution, the people and class emerged which was involved in such immoral activities, and lauded corruption for the political gain including influence Senate. The removal of the Tarquins was responsible for the social and political unrest, and after the election of the Tiberius Gracchus by the assembly as the tribunes, different policies with reference to the land allocation and ownership were restricted to 640 acres, and therefore the rich had to compromise, and lost their part of the wealth through different imposition and restriction. The rich compromised over their wealth and the state and poor were considered to be the beneficiary, therefore previously where the interests of the poor and rich were protected, their respective rights were jeopardized. The Gracchi were disliked for the implementation of such policies, and the Senate and wealthy people launched strong campaign against the Gracchi regime, and to ensure the failure of writ of the state, immoral and unethical conduct was adopted.

Unprecedented Support

The Gracchi family was able to secure the support of the local population, and therefore Gaius Gracchi managed to be elected as the member of the assembly, amidst strong opposition from the wealthy group. The local population strongly supported the Gracchi, and offered significant contribution to strengthen the influence and credibility of the Gracchi regime. The economic and social interests of the poor population were protected through legislatives proposed by the Gracchi, and in exchange for the unprecedented political support towards justice, equality and righteousness initiated by the…

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