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Improvement Organizational Posters

McDonalds is an organization that provides fast food items to the society in numerous parts of the globe. The organization aims at improving the quality of services within its interactions with the consumers and other relevant partners in the industry.

Identify 2 or 3 examples of process improvement opportunities in your chosen organization's industry.

Identification of the process improvement opportunities in the industry would depend on what the entity or entities want to achieve. One of the examples of process improvement opportunities in the fast food industry is the development of standards to guide the delivery of goods and services to consumers. This would enable organizations working under this industry to uphold high standards hence economic growth and development. Consumers would associate with these organizations because of the treatment and services they obtain from the entities. It is necessary to improve the quality of services and products to enable the company or business entity to enjoy maximum profits and revenues as well as minimization of the total cost of production. The second example of the process improvement opportunity within the fast food industry is an enhancement of communication systems. This would promote interactions within each organization or across the market. Consumers would learn on the benefits and items available at their disposal from different business entities operating under this industry (Madison, 2007).

Identify 2 or 3 process improvement opportunities in your selected organization

One of the process improvement opportunities for McDonalds is the elimination of the manual system for handling of information. This should undergo extensive replacement with automation that can offer effective and efficient definition of activities within the organization. The activities of the organization would be faster with minimal errors in comparison to the manual system of handling information. There is the definition of activities that undergo sufficient repetition hence standardization of the production and distribution systems. The quantity of the company would be less expensive after the implementation of automation system of production or information handling. The other process improvement opportunity is the elimination of obstructions limiting the performance of the company or organization. Obstructions are activities that slow down or paralyze the production system in the form information transfer. Some of the sources for obstructions include overdependence on information from other sources, exploitation of available resources in the process of seeking information, pending of the actions because of human inability to process the information effectively, and much time in relation to researching or correcting error concerning workforce (Mulholland, 2006).

Show the process improvement opportunities identified in your selected organization.

Goals of McDonalds

Improved Customer Service

Enhanced Quality of products and services

Increase in the level of efficiency

Significant team decision-making and commitment

Increase in the profit and revenue levels

You support our Company towards development by practicing

Throughput Improvement:

The rate at…

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