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¶ … Oprah Winfrey

Profile Planning Sheet

Defining Topic, Angle, Purpose

A profile of Oprah Winfrey

What personal angle can you present on this topic? (Consider what is new about the topic or what unique perspective can be shared about this topic.)

Very few media personalities, especially in the 1980s, were capable of connecting with an audience as much as Oprah Winfrey did. Using her phenomenal gift, she warmed her way into the hearts of millions of viewers, and once she was welcomed into their homes, she entertained, informed and changed millions of lives. She was the only media personality who identified what Americans needed most; an opportunity to change their lifestyles and reinvent themselves (Harris and Watson, 2007). It is amazing how this simple discovery has impacted people's lives not only in America but all over the world, in the process making her a very successful actress and entrepreneur. This discovery has also enabled her to produce her own shows and movies and made her one of the most famous philanthropists of the 21st century.

3. What is your purpose for writing? (What do you hope to accomplish? Why are you writing?)

The main purpose of the text is to examine how Oprah Winfrey managed to beat the challenges she encountered in her early life, and turn her circumstances into opportunities to change people's lives. What does she stand for? Life growing up back in Mississippi was characterized by weekly baths due to poor plumbing, clothes that were made out of sacks and a corn cob for her favorite doll (Jones, 2011). It would be prudent to looks at how she would grow up working hard to achieve her dreams and, being an African-American, choosing her opportunities wisely to avoid instant fame, something media personalities were after in those days.


Analyzing your Readers

You will be writing your Profile essay to your local community. Imagine you might submit the Profile to your local newspaper or have it shared in a community newsletter; the readers of those publications make up your target audience. In two to three paragraphs, define your local community and describe what makes it unique. What are the needs, expectations, motivations, backgrounds, demographics, and experiences of community members? How will those influences impact your word choice, level of formality, and overall message?

Coming from a small local community, it is imperative to instill the spirit of giving and caring for others in the minds of the locals. As evidenced by Oprah's story growing up, the fact that people who are not as capable as we are need our help should never leave our minds. She was also raised in a small community of farmers but had a dream to conquer the entire world, although at the time the idea seemed impossible (Jones, 2011). Our community is characterized by hardworking individuals, and the spirit of caring for one's neighbors is alive and well. Education is prioritized as the youth nurture their dreams of working in some of the country's biggest organizations.

The uniqueness of the people is defined by close individual relations and their laid back attitude. Social intercourse between families breeds long tern friendships that make life easier. With a population of about 3 million, characterized by people of different races, locals expect each individual to treat the other as family and law breakers are alienated and made to feel unwelcome. Our community is considered one of the most religious states in America, which emphasizes the fact that majority of the people are morally upright and guided by strict codes of conduct. Visitors always feel at home and enjoy the…

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