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¶ … program would be assessed.

The project will be accessed using a balanced scorecard approach at periodic intervals throughout the project. The balanced scorecard will be used to help mitigate employee conflicts while simultaneously aligning all stakeholder groups. A balanced scorecard aligns are stakeholder groups because objectives are clearly delineated at each phase of the project. Each objective is weighted in order of importance so all stakeholders understand what is expected. The scorecard is particularly helpful for tracking progress against these objectives. If, and objective is incomplete, corrective action can immediately be taken as oppose to waiting near the projects conclusion. In addition, assessment will not be as subjective. Project assessment based on the balanced scorecard will be clear and precise, minimizing human subjectivity and error. This is warranted, particularly within oral health projects that are both demanding and time intensive. Government projects that need a governor's approval often have strict timelines. For one, political affiliations often change. A governor's term is not limitless. During an election season, power and control can easily change. As positions, change, so too do priorities. A change in leadership could derail the completion of this project and the benefit to all stakeholders. Therefore, time is a constraint due to the projects political affiliation. By using a balanced scorecard to properly assess, maintain, and evaluate a project, we can insure timely completion of the overall project.

Demonstrate how the program should be monitored and how project risks should be controlled using various resolution strategies.

With any oral health project,


Risks can come from a litany of factors both expected and unexpected. Risks can also be subjective and difficult to quantify, such as reputation. To mitigate and control risks we plan to list all risk delineated by probability of occurrence and costs associated with an occurrence. Our complete risk mitigation strategy includes establishing the context of the risk; identifying, evaluating and treating the risk and tracking and reporting the risk plans. This strategy will also help to identify other opportunities such as cost saving and other actionable measures.

Discuss how project progress would be documented.

Documentation for high-risk projects should provide all of the information required to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and complete the project in a timely and cost-effective manner. As mentioned earlier, the balanced scorecard will be an integral aspect of the overall documentation process. In addition, the documentation should follow the guidelines of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) of the Project Management Institute. These guidelines form a basis or framework to use for all projects irrespective of risk. By using these standards, the project manager can insure that projects can be consistently and reliably be compared to one another. Without consistency in documentation, it will be difficult to properly ascertain and compare outcomes from varying projects.

According to the PMBOK guidelines, a detailed Scope Document should be included that clearly describes the project objectives and the project deliverables. This was discussed in more detail above, however, clearly delineating objectives is very important in regards to documentation. Plans for scope management should be provided and include procedures for change control.

The Resource and Staffing Plan should explain what resources and what quantities of each should be used to perform project activities. In addition, this…

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