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Project Management

Balanced scorecard

This is a strategic planning and management system that is widely used in the industrial sector, the nonprofit organizations, in the business world and even the government in order to put the activities of the business to the strategy and the vision of the business. It is used to check whether the management and their visions and decisions are in line with the goals of the organizations and whether these visions are implemented by the employees. The balanced scorecard helps in improving the external as well as the internal communications of the organization. This also helps in monitoring the performance of the organization against the strategic goals that the organization set. The balanced scorecard also helps in increase in quality of service in the service oriented organizations and observance of procedure. These set procedures under the balanced scorecard will ensure the reduction of blame games within the organization.

The "do no harm" principle is the observance and ensuring that the particular project is not only implemented within the criteria fro effectiveness but done ins a socially responsible manner. A project cannot be considered to successful if at all it harms the employees, the public library. Bundled together, this effort to run a number of projects is what would be referred to as project portfolio (Brown K.A. & Hyer N.L., 2010: Pp2-3).

3. Challenges of a project

The project that I have been involved in is the deliberate effort to ensure that the schools within the region I lived in are maintained in terms of cleanliness through collection, transportation and recycling of the…

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