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IT Project Management


Objective of this project is to upgrade the new computer system for the ACME Incorporation. The company has decided to launch the 200 desktop computers to enhance organization efficiencies. The company will also take the advantage of the new system to integrated effective security systems, which will include:

Account lockout policy (SANS CSC 16-9),

Password policy (SANS CSC 16-8), and Screen Lock Policy (SANS CSC 16-6).

Integrated of effective security system will enhance efficiencies of all employees across all departments within the organization. The estimated costs to complete the project are $300,000, which will cover the computer upgrade and integration of the security systems. The time frame to complete the project will be 3 months, and the project team will consist of the Vice President of IT department, the project manager, and project team members. The standard required for the project is that the new system should be able to enhance efficiency of all ACME departments. Moreover, the new system should be able to save costs of the company business operations. Moreover, the new project should be able to enhance the IT security against internal and external threats.

However, the project is subjected to the following risks and constraints:

Inflation may increase the cost of materials used to complete the project.

Communication breakdown,

Incomplete design.

Inaccurate cost estimates.

Outsourcing delays

Inaccurate time-frame to complete the project.

Authorized by CME vice IT President John Wall Date: 30 March, 2014

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