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LIVE CHAT ASSIGNMENT 1 page 138: A new grocery store is being erected, which will demolish a neighborhood basketball court. Who would be some internal stakeholders? Who would be some external stakeholders?

The internal stakeholders would include individuals such as the project manager, the administrators, the employees, the construction workers, the subcontractors. The external stakeholders would include the community in general, the people that used the basketball court, and the people that would benefit from shopping at the new grocery store.

LIVE CHAT ASSIGNMENT 2-page 166: Give an example of scope creep from one of your own projects or from a project that has made the news in recent years

Scope creep is a really common problem in a project. I can think of a personal example in...


We started with a project that was fairly simple -- basically new appliances and new countertops. However, as the project progressed, we added many more things to the project's scope. For example, we went ahead and replaced the cabinets too, painted the entire room, added some extra appliances (wine chiller), and refinished the floors. The resulting expenses were about double that of the original project budget.

Unit 4

Live Chat Assignment 1: Page 201 - Describe how a WBS and a schedule work together.

The work break down structure (WBS) can be one of the most vital assets to generating a schedule. The WBS will outline each and every task that is included in the project and how they related to each other. For example, once all the tasks and activities are determined, these can begin to be arranged in a logical order to begin to form a comprehensive schedule. The schedule can also influence the WBS on occasions as well. For example, if the schedule is tight and inflexible, things that are non-essential to the project could be taken out of the WBS or be "crashed" to meet the demands of the schedule.

Live Chat Assignment 2: Page 237 - Why is it important to involve workers in the planning phase of a project when possible?

There are many reasons that workers…

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