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Euthanasia, Should Terminally Ill Patients Be Allowed to End Their Lives Via Assisted Suicide


Euthanasia, notably called assisted killing or mercy killing, is perhaps one of the medical prescriptions that have always raised varied and multifaceted arguments, most of which have never reached any solid conclusion. Clinicians are prone to take every necessary step necessary to keep the health of a patient at stable conditions. Nonetheless, there come a time when the patient knows, together with the clinician, that there is a lesser chance of survival. In such situations, health professionals are stuck between assisting the patient to die, notably by using an external means, or letting him or her to fight for life until death, something that might be painful, both to the clinicians, the patients, and even the loved ones. Assisting a patient to die, with or without his consent, is something that strikes so much debate, as whether this act is ethically and morally acceptable in the health profession and the world of life, among other sentiments.

Distinct Sides

Mercy killing can be analyzed from two fronts. The proponents of the same argue that euthanasia is a morally acceptable, legally acceptable, and ethically acceptable undertaking, based on the current situations. In


Many would argue for euthanasia on several grounds. The proponents consider that mercy killing is a necessary act that shows some compassion in life. These proponents also rely on the autonomous argument that those who call for mercy killing 'want it' and hence they should be served with the same. These people believe that every individual patient has a solemn right to choose when to die. Apart from the compassion that allowing people to die with dignity is likened to a continuous suffering, these believers hold that mercy killing is a controlled way of life. It is a 'public policy argument' it can take the efforts of the government and its legislation to regulate the use of euthanasia by the health professionals.

Pros & Cons of Issue

Euthanasia has some pros in that it marks an end of suffering of a patient. The thought is a preserved death with dignity. Others argue and see euthanasia as a way that frees up equipment and funds besides giving the patient the right to exercise the power to choose.…

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