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A good example of some of the different texts that were utilized to insight anger and violence can be seen with one that was sent to number Anglo Saxons in the commonwealth. Where, it would encourage all youth in Western Australia to show up at Cronuella Beach, in an effort to protect the beach and women. This is significant, because it shows how the use of heated SMS messages could help to enrage both groups. As this form of written communication would increase the overall amounts of rage that the two side were feeling towards each other.

Visual languages were used to help increase the overall negative opinions that many Australians would feel towards the Arabs. Where, the women and men would dress differently in public (with many women covering themselves). This is problematic, because it would cause a number of groups in society to view Arabs as untrustworthy, based upon the fact that they cannot uncover themselves in public (which highlights a lack of transparency). Over the course of time, these differences would underscore subtle indications that Arabs were not willing to embrace Australian culture (despite living in their country). At which point, these views would help to manifest a sense of anger among many Australians, as they believed that Arabs were disrespecting their country and traditions. The assault on the lifesavers would be the catalyst that would bring all of these negative emotions to the forefront. As they would be used, to help fuel the anger and resentment that many people would have about what is occurring. When you compare this; against the backdrop of: the Anglo Saxon community and the Arab community being in close proximity with one another. This highlights how these views would lead to the riots. As both communities would become more isolated from one another, which would help increase the amount of misunderstandings. A good example of this can be seen with observations that were written in the Sydney Morning Herald a day after the incident. Where it would say, "The shire is a white, Anglo-Celtic, Christian heartland. But, ominously, this white sanctuary is hemmed in by the great Middle Eastern melting pots of Sydney." (Perera) This is significant, because it shows how the underlying visual languages were used to create differences between both groups. As they lived in close proximity to one another, yet neither side would have contact with other (because of these differences). Over the course of time, these views would lead to the increase in misunderstandings that would eventually erupt in violence on December 5th. In this case, the fact that both sides did not attempt to reach out to the other, would mean that the underlying negative emotions that they were feeling would...


At which point, the odds increased dramatically that some kind of physical confrontation would occur, taking on a life of its own. To address this issue, you could use the banner ad that says, "Which of these two men is Aboriginal." This will help to tackle the underlying issues facing the government, as they want to increase cultural understanding between the two communities. If you can show that both groups are the same, this will help to prevent Arabs from not being viewed as outsiders. While the Anglo Saxons, would not be seen as racists who are trying to discriminate against Arabs. In either case, the ad would address these warped views, by showing that everyone is the same. This is the key to diffusing the negative emotions and feelings that the two sides would have about each other, surrounding the issues that took place at Cronuella Beach. ("Responsible Gambling and Reconciliation Australia Campaigns and Link to Celebrity Gambling Story")

Clearly, the riots that occurred at Cronuella Beach in December 2005, highlights a number of misunderstandings as well as differences that would take place between the Anglo Saxons and the Arabs. As two sides would have conflicting views on: ideology, culture and written / visual language. These different elements are important, because they highlight the explosive combination that they can fuel. As it can take an ordinary dispute and turn into a race riot. Where, the difference in ideologies and cultures would fuel the misunderstandings that the two sides would have for each other. At the same time, the use of various written and visual languages would add to the heated atmosphere. This is because, written communities (SMS texting) would be used to enrage both groups and as call for action. At the same time, the differences in the way many Arabs would dress, highlights how this would create a sense of contention. As the two sides would become more withdrawn into their communities, causing tensions to increase (based upon isolated incidents). To prevent this situation, the government needs to use a banner ad that will address these issues. The most logical would be the one under the title, "Which of these two men is Aboriginal?" This will help to reshape the views of both groups, by subtly highlighting their similarities. If these different elements can be addressed, then the use of this ad would help to achieve the desired objectives. At which point, the odds decrease, that there would be a repeat of the incidents from December 2005.


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