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Some of the tools and knowledge that ethical training can provide managers include the five main sources of ethical standards for their profession: (a) the utilitarian approach, (b) the rights approach, (c) the fairness or justice approach, (d) the common good approach, and (e) the virtue approach; when managers are confronted with ethical dilemmas, the integration of these analytical frameworks can facilitate ethical-decision making (Kanekar & Bitto, 2012). Likewise, the ethical approaches that are selected in response to ethical dilemmas can be categorized as follows (a) professional ethics (these are ethical principles and guidelines followed by a profession); (b) applied ethics (these are ethical conduct that are applied to real- world settings); (c) advocacy ethics (this is advocacy for social goals and health reforms); and (d) critical ethics (the final approach consists of community involvement in discussions related to ethics in public health policy decisions) (Kanekar & Bitto, 2012).

The researchers make a good case for continuing current ethical training offerings and expanding these to include other professions as well; however, their arguments would have been reinforced by the use of some salient vignettes that illustrated the types of ethical dilemmas that are typically encountered in the workplace. To their credit, Kanekar and Bitto do provide a comprehensive description of the research methodology they used for their meta-analytical approach, but they concede that a dearth of timely and relevant research restricted the results of their search to just 15 on-point studies. Notwithstanding these constraints, the authors present a compelling case in support of more ethical training for the workplace.


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