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For example, Dr. Gutierrez took me around to the different departments and allowed me to meet and talk with Dustin Bowman, one of his patients. He is 23-year-old, was in the U.S. Air Force and just transferred to Haley Hospital about a week ago. He had a Cervical 1 injury, and his left lung was deflated, which completely affected his entire body. He needs a great deal of respiratory care. With this patient and others that Dr. Gutierrez told me about during my observations at the hospital, I clearly came to see how respiratory therapist must know the patient's entire medical condition to fully provide effective treatment.

Respiratory therapists have to be knowledgeable and skillful about cardiopulmonary therapy, but beyond this, they must have the necessary understanding about human physiology, anatomy, and body chemistry to best understand the holistic condition of their patients. For example, to evaluate patients, the respiratory therapists test lung capacity and analyze oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration. They also measure the patient's potential of hydrogen (pH), which indicates the acidity and alkalinity level of the blood. They are also often relied on to teach the patients how to use their ventilator equipment at home and families how to use ventilators and life support systems.

My observations at Haley Hospital clearly showed me the critical role that the respiratory therapist plays in the health care system and the important. As this role increases its vital position in the hospital setting, respiratory therapists will be called on to perform additional tasks that are outside of their traditional role in the areas of other cardiopulmonary procedures such as electrocardiograms and stress testing. I truly look forward to obtaining my degree in this field and pursing the challenges and opportunities it offers and greatly appreciate the time I spent…

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