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As mentioned in the Market Needs topic, many people are heading for restaurants that offer fast food at a slightly higher price, but at a much higher quality, and delivered by employees who do not feel degraded or otherwise fatalistic about their role at work. While the latter issue may be debated by intellectuals in management school courses or readers of the current bestselling book, "Fast Food Nation," the fact remains that American society will continue to want more for less.


The meals range from $4.50 to $11.00 and can be served with extra carbs if ordered by the customer.


The promotion of the company will occur primarily on the internet to compliment the word of mouth marketing campaign. This will allow us to focus on our specific benefits that are sought by our base. For example, personalized portion control, custom meal plans, and the ability to gain lean muscle or lose excess body fat. Additionally we will promote the fact that we have the capacity to stabilize blood sugar levels and increase energy levels and metabolism. We plan on purchasing both radio and TV advertisement to promote our healthy lifestyle dining. Additionally, we will pay for a celebrity endorsement on all of the print media that is distributed, specifically coming from a bodybuilder. Moreover, by having street teams that offer sampling, we will be able to extend the awareness of the company. With the sampling, the street teams will hand out flyers. This makes it so that the intimate person to person interaction allows the brand representatives to interact with consumers and give them information that they will remember the next day. Flyers are efficient at delivering the telephone number and address. Moreover, the information delivered by a street team member on a flyer makes the message extremely sticky. Meaning that the consumer is likely to remember the information. Moreover, in terms of the celebrity endorsement, it is possible for the company to purchase billboards with the celebrity's face on it. The billboard will be successful at branding the company but the message that is on the billboard has to be brief. Additionally, the billboard lacks target-ability so selecting a location must take certain geographic concerns into account. Moreover, the company can offer discounts for higher volume purchases. This will attract clients who want to spend more money with the company but spend money elsewhere because of bargain shopping. Moreover, this strategy helps the company increase the average cost per order. A final promotional tactic that can be implemented by the company is sponsoring bodybuilders for their competitions. This allows the company to get their names in the head of the key demographic.


Based in Denver Colorado, our company serves a portion of the target demographic that we seek. Our goals are to expand into sit and dine locations as well as to create more pickup and delivery centers. This way we will be able to more efficiently reach the client base.


In terms of the people working for the organization, the company requires individuals that are knowledgeable about nutrition and health guidelines. This allows the works to function as consultants for the consumers. Additionally, this adds another layer for brand activity where employees are able to educate customers on nutritional facts.


Customers can gain access to the companies products in a number of ways, either they can call in an order and come and pick it up, or visit the restaurant and dine in. This provides a level of convenience for the costumer.

-Physical evidence

The methods used in this research were surveys and online data journals. In the Primary data gathered from surveys, I surveyed 40 individuals age 25+ in order to collect data that was specific to the maturing demographics. There were 2 different surveys for a total of 12 questions. The analysis was the concluded and used to define the target demographic of the company. Moreover, the use of search engines allowed me to identify specific data concerning the market environment.

The data collection used in this project was questionnaires. This allowed me to generate primary data from individuals within the market. This means that we were able to determine and interpret the consumer attitudes within the market as well as their overall opinion of the healthy foods market. The data actually indicates the consumers actually care about their health and are willing to eat healthy at least once a week.

9. Budget

Assuming that the average consumer is worth 22.50 to the company based on the average purchase, we have concluded that each week, our goal is to increase revenue by $225.00 over the previous week. This means that the company would have to appreciate by 10 new orders each week. There are two ways to accomplish this goal. Either the company can increase the average per customer, or attract new customers. 10% of the profits after operations cost should be dedicated to maintaining the marketing campaign. In 3 years the company should continue to reach the projected goals. This means that the company should accumulate $10,800 in new revenue each year. Over 3 years this means that the company should have added $32,400 in new revenue.

10. Organization

This company will be organized around its existing staff and is not capable of spreading beyond the capacity until the revenue stream permits it. By staying small at the onset, the company will be able to establish an important group of loyal individuals who are apart of the day-to-day operations and can grow the company to be a success.

11. Control

According to the primary data that was collected users feel as if McDonalds is the leading unhealthy restaurant on the market. They were followed closely by Taco Bell and Burger King. Moreover, users indicated that they would be interested in a healthier alternative if they were able to afford the food. This means that the market is responsive to the pricing which indicates that competition from a major supplier would hurt our company. But the fact that the users view some of the major competitors as unhealthy in the status quo means that rebranding the organizations would be expensive.


J Health Care Mark. 1993 Fall;13(3):18-25.Identifying the health conscious consumer. Kraft FB, Goodell PW.W. Frank Barton School of Business, Wichita State University, KS.

Annexure 1: Questionnaire for Cluster Analysis

1. What criteria do you have for food that you eat?

2. What criteria do use to determine what restaurant you should eat at?

3. In terms of health concerns, what restaurant are you likely to eat at?

4. What is the unhealthiest restaurant in your opinion?

5. Are you on a diet program?

6. Would you be interested in being on a diet program?

7. How likely are you to participate in events that concern health issues?

Annexure 2: Questionnaire for Multi-Dimensional Scaling (Positioning Map)

1. Which restaurants do you consider to be unhealthy?


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