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Relative to Hartman Industries, the elements which should be taken into consideration in the creation of a new quality management system refer primarily to the global spreading of the organizational plants, which must all deliver high quality items, integrated within the same umbrella of organizational values, philosophies and customer expectations. Given this context, a model of centralized quality management is proposed. With its aid, the company's management would centralize all quality information within its headquarters and would continually train and delegate managers to the global plants and ensure that the quality standards adopted by the parent company are continually implemented and respected. In terms of the chart, the modification would occur in the sense of higher levels of integration of control across...


ross organizational plants and departments.

The plan for the centralized quality control would be implemented throughout four gradual stages, as follows:

Stage 1: Analysis of quality control needs within each foreign plant

Stage 2: Creation of a strong quality control team to promote the organizational commitments

Stage 3: Delegation of quality control team members in foreign plants

Stage 4: Training of the managers and employees in foreign plant regarding the new quality control system

Stage 5: Ongoing control and assessment of the quality control process; it is in this sense necessary for the processes to be verified and adjusted when they do not manage to retrieve the pre-established goals.


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