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Moreover, to make certain that occupants on one of the level are being conscious of a fire on the other side the smoke alarms shall be linked so as to make the activation of one smoke alarm to echo a similar signal in the other smoke alarm; perceptible through the entire level they are situated on; and enlisted for application in an interlinked institution. Moreover, emergency lighting which have an average illumination of at the minimum 10m 1x at floor level or 1 watt/m2 of floor space shall be entailed in corridors, in situations sanctioned by the fire department and could be chalked out to offer illumination for a time period of 30 minutes; supplied by an element of energy isolated from the elementary electrical supply for the condominium; and planned to be automatically activated when the power to the condominium is cut-off. (Fire Safety Commission Decision Summary: Decision No. 2002A006-137 (2002A007-138; 2003A001-139))

The Building code sound insulation norms are health determinants aimed at safeguarding people from the concerns of excessive noise. The minimum values with regard to Field Sound Transmission Loss -- FSTC as also the Field Impact Insulation Class -FIIC are to be applied to rate noise insulation among the nearby condominiums. The present American Society for Testing and Materials -- ASTM field tests standards indicate a minimum level of room quantification for each of the sixteen one-third of the frequencies of the octave band test. ASTM E. 1007 prescribes a minimum volume of 2100 ft3 for the rooms for effective measurement in the 100 Hz band with regard to field impact insulation class ratings -- FIIC. In relation to the air-borne sound transmission class ratings -- FSTC, ASTM 336 states a minimum volumes of 1400 ft3 for the rooms suitable for valid measuring in the range of 125-Hz band. While the upper bound on the FIIC or FSTC decreases below the code necessities one might rationally wrap up that the code necessity is infringed under the prevailing standards. Therefore, these health requirements are necessitated to bring about the well being of the residents. (Lubman 2374)

All enduring mechanical tools like pumps, motors, compressors, as well as compactors in respect of vibration transmission that is revealed by the chief building executive to be a factor of vibration or borne noise in the structural aspect shall be vibration-avoided with the help of inertia blocks or that of bases or isolator springs which control vibration. The structure shall be in consonance with all interior as well as exterior sound transmission norms of the building code. Wherein the current norms are not in a position to be reasonably adhered to, the City Council might necessitate the applicant to notify the prospective buyers of the noise deficiency presently inside the unit. The external renovation and restitution has to be conducted. Each of the main "building, sidewalk, fence, structure, landscaped area, accessory building, carport, driveway, patio enclosure, amenities," and the supplementary component as necessitated shall be renovated and restored as essential to attain a high magnitude of quality, appearance, as well as safety. The renovation as well as restoration is governed by evaluation and sanction by the Director. (Fire Safety Commission Decision Summary: Decision No. 2002A006-137 (2002A007-138; 2003A001-139))


To conclude it may be said that structure of condominium public arenas is required moving in a direction which promotes a homely setting which is both private and specific and most of all promotes high significance to issues of health and safety.


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