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Meeting Agenda Essays (Examples)

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Meetings Are an Important Part of the
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Meetings are an important part of the operational routine of any sort of organization. To put it in simple words, a meeting basically refers to the gathering of relevant people at a certain place and at a certain time to discuss and/or decide on a certain matter. Usually a meeting has an agenda, however it is not necessary that it always has a pre-decided agenda.

In an organizational setting meetings have an important role to play in the decision making process and therefore it is highly important that they are run in a successful manner. As simple as it might seem, running successful meetings can be a fairly complicated task for many organizations. The successful running of the meeting is a key decisive factor in the fact whether the employers and/or the owner have been able to get their message across successfully. While meetings may differ in their nature slightly…


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Meeting Facilitation Instilling Information and
Words: 1410 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20076268
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When an area is discussed or new assignments handed out, there is more attention. If any questions are asked or comments made, it is very apparent that the supervisor is barely listening to the feedback. She has a message to send, and that is the agenda. However, the sharing of information between individuals is at minimum, and the "any questions," at the end of the meeting is greeted with silence. The way the people walk away from the meeting shows negative body language, as well: Slow moving, heads down, or "looks" at other people.


As can be surmised by the above description, there is very little participation from those who assemble. Give-and-take between individuals is at a minimum. When a change or concern about a specific procedure is being discussed, then there is some two-way communication. However, the supervisor cuts it off after a few sentences and says for…

Meeting the Demand for Talent
Words: 3529 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94847804
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Attracting, developing and retaining leadership talent will define a new competitive battleground where the stakes include survival." (Petro and Petty, 2007)

It is important to note that the stated challenges for the Human Resources Executive are to "establish leadership development as a core competency." (Petro and Petty, 2007) These authors report that an interview process was conducted and information derived from over 1,000 responses include those as follows:

The identification and development of new, first-time leaders is often ad hoc with no formal structure or approach to improve success and weed out potentially poor choices. Additionally, early-career leaders often report a lack of mentoring and support during their start-up phase - a point in time where they clearly would benefit from appropriate support.

Formal career planning as a means of developing and retaining talent is not widely practiced.

The general perception of early career professionals is that leadership is a…


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Agenda-Setting Function Mass Media Work Current Presidential
Words: 1167 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71066103
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agenda-setting function mass media work current presidential election. Consider essay: a) What issue(s) highlighted media ( candidates ) effect voters year? b) There emphasis independent voters swing states Ohio.

The role of the media in today's society is considered of utmost importance. It shapes opinions, if creates opinions, but most importantly it influences the way in which perceptions are created and decisions taken. This is why the media is viewed in a democratic society to be the fourth power in the state, after the executive, legislative, and judicial ones. This role is most obvious perhaps during election years and periods, regardless of the type of voting action. This is largely due to the fact that the media usually influences the agenda of the elections to take place.

The importance of the presidential elections is without any doubt. These are the times when the media exercises its biggest influence. The Watergate…

References Third Parties in U.S. Elections. 2008 

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Meeting Learner's Needs
Words: 827 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 51477752
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Learners Needs

Instruction Adjustments in the Classroom

The theory of multiple intelligences (MI) was first proposed by Howard Gardner as he obtained certain insights into his field of research when he realized that some individuals had different exceptional skill sets and realized savants, prodigies, or even stroke victims that represent a high level of any one of the various intelligences (Gardner, 2006). There are roughly between seven and ten different types of intelligences depending on the source and include interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, and athletic among others. The Dunn and Dunn learning style model breaks down learning styles into stimuli and elements, these elements represent the environmental and transmission of the knowledge attempting to be transferred (ILSA, N.d.).

Flexible instructional grouping

Students can often learn more in a group format than in a traditional classroom structure. This provides the students a chance to learn from their peers as well as from…

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Virtual Meetings Planning a Face-To-Face or Virtual
Words: 1278 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2480243
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Virtual Meetings

Planning a face-to-face or Virtual Meeting


Suppose your firm will be holding a meeting of 7 people from all over the U.S.A. They will either set up a virtual meeting, where everyone stays home, or create a live event that brings everyone together. Compare and contrast virtual meetings with live events. Assume costs are not an issue.

Comparison of In-Person and Virtual Meetings

Comparison based on convenience

Virtual meetings has expanded the communication options

Virtual meetings are convenient and have unique advantages

Comparison based on effectiveness

Face-to-face is by far the most effective form of communication

Given the circumstance, face-to-face is the better option


If cost is not an option then face-to-face communication is by far the most effective form of meetings. Face-to-face communication and virtual meetings are two entirely different types of communication. While each one has its advantages, when and how they should or…

Planning a Meeting With Everyone
Words: 477 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19734877
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Make a list of specific questions to be covered.

Set the date of the meeting at a time that is best for most of the participants. There is no way to accommodate everyone, but check with them first and try to get a few dates that are open for the majority of people.

Find ways of getting everyone involved and participating. If there are individuals who like to control the meeting, it is best to say at the beginning there is only so much time for each person to express his or her thoughts. In small groups, you can go around the table and have each participant say something. In larger groups, try to draw out individuals you know who are usually quiet but have some valuable comments to make.

Keep a record of the comments. Record a larger meeting as well as taking notes. Send a review to the…

Supportive Documents -Day Workshop Agenda Answer Question
Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13113587
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supportive documents; -day workshop agenda answer question # 1. Also, provide answers listed questions. Also, include citations document references. 1. Discuss handle brainstorming aspect meeting.

Discuss how you will handle the brainstorming aspect of the meeting.

According to the listed schedule, the 'ground rules' of civil discourse will be posted for all to see at the beginning of the meeting (such as beginning on time, talking in turns, and being respectful). The ground rules of brainstorming should also be posted. Of course, based upon their experiences in grade school, most people are familiar with brainstorming techniques. However, it is important to refresh their minds. Brainstorming rules include not censoring yourself or others, setting a time limit for the brainstorming (or a limit on how many ideas must be generated before stopping), and not censoring others (Baumgartner 2006).

Before the meeting begins, it should be decided if the brainstorming should take…


Baumgartner, Jeffrey. (2006). Step-by-step guide to brainstorming. Retrieved:

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Town Meeting Extension
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38516182
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Town Meeting Experience

I never attended a town meeting before. But after this interesting experience, I realized what a town meeting is really about -- local self-government. As Alexis de Tocqueville tells us in his famous book, Democracy in America, it is in local government where American citizens can really affect the laws and policies that govern their daily lives. Though events like the conflict in Afghanistan and the slow global economic recovery affect and must concern us all, at the end of the day, it is local services -- or lack thereof -- that touch us most. For example, if a pothole suddenly appears in front of my driveway, is it realistic to call Washington DC (which may as well be half-a-world-away) and attempt to have a nameless bureaucrat try to fix my problem? Or is it better to go to the local town council or government and talk…

Running an Effective Team Meeting
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The Keller Williams ealty Agent Leadership Council Clinic says that in team meetings, all team members must be made aware of the following about the company, prior to launching into problem-solving or brain-storming: the mission (why the company is in business); the vision (what the world will look like after the company's mission has been accomplished); the values (principles the company operates under in order to reach its mission and vision); the beliefs (what is true, according to the company's honest appraisal); and the perspective (how the company sees itself).

POBLEM #4: Prior to the first meeting of the group, the selection process is flawed, and as a result, teams sometimes are poorly put together; just because 8 people from the creative department are brought together in a room, with coffee, bagels, and comfortable chairs around a nice table, doesn't mean there are a "team." Can they build relationships with…


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Work Why Are Meetings'so
Words: 636 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84381574
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This style runs counter to relations at many male-led law firms, where confrontation is a prized skill. Both approaches can work, although it should be noted that the fact that people do not seem to listen to one another, or use different cultural cues to indicate listening and attention, is perhaps the most articulated reason why workers of both genders loathe meetings. Tannen suggests that the stereotypically male workforce may have much to learn from women's ways of relating to others during meetings. Hearing all parties, repeating what the other person has said before openly confronting a potential opponent, and other methods of connection characterized as feminine may be the best way to deal with diversity, as this will allow more points-of-view to be aired.

New solutions and creativity may be fostered in a supportive, rather than a confrontational atmosphere during a meeting. A lack of hierarchy at meetings can…

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Guidelines for Communication in Meetings
Words: 655 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74353720
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Communication at Meetings

Effective communication is one of the most essential aspects during meetings, especially workplace meetings. Meetings are usually utilized in the workplace for various reasons including developing strategies, brainstorming ideas, and providing direction. However, the ability of these meetings to achieve these goals requires effective communication. The need for effective communication is increased by rapid technological advancements that have generated different kinds of communication channels. Meetings need to be planned in a suitable manner that helps in promoting and ensuring effective communication.

Since I have attended several meetings, there are some satisfying and dissatisfying components in relation to communication. I have felt most satisfied with a meeting I attended because of the focus on the established objective throughout all discussions. The organizers of the meeting identified the objective or agenda and communicated it to participants before the meeting commenced. They also focused on the meeting's agenda and avoided…


Mind Tools Editorial Team. (n.d.). Running Effective Meetings. Retrieved December 14, 2016, from

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Leading a Team Meeting With
Words: 902 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48547072
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Simply put, good meetings are based on good agendas. A good agenda includes a time, beginning and ending, and informing all attendees how long the meeting will last. This will also keep the subject moving forward on any given subject. e specific about the objective or purpose of the meeting as well as the intended outcome, this enables everyone on the team to focus on the same goal. These few preparations will increase the productivity of your team meeting and allow your company to be more efficient.

Imagine being in a meeting and nothing that is discussed pertains to you or your department directly. Too often these team meetings are so vague it's impossible to keep interest in something your unfamiliar with. This means the logistical subject matter should be passed out ahead of time to all attendees, giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves ahead of time. This problem…


All Business. (2005). How to Conduct an Effective Sales Meetings, Retrieved January

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Ecumenical Council Agenda for the
Words: 950 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97332380
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Their template deals with subjects such as what women found satisfying and frustrating about work. Also the committee heard show do they balance home and work responsibilities and fit in volunteer activities, how do they find time for spiritual activities. In addition, how does the spirituality affect work and vice versa (Bishop's Committee on omen in Society and in the Church).

ith regard to birth control, more a more liberally minded Pope could base relaxation of birth control based upon the results of the 1966 Papal Commission on Birth Control. This Commission voted 30-5 to relax the concerns on birth control (1966 Papal Commission on Birth Control).

ith regard to priestly marriage, it would be well for the Church to examine the Eastern Orthodox Rite where marriage for priests is allowed. ith regard to poverty, the Church could build upon Rerum Novarum and a pile of Church encyclicals that deal…

Works Cited:

"Catholic Church and Birth Control: History of Birth Control Ban." Catholic Church and Birth Control: History of Birth Control Ban. Papal Commission on Birth Control, 1966. Web. 20 Apr 2010.

Initial Contacts and Meetings
Words: 1068 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71339713
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America in East Coast and Russia about Initial contacts and meetings in Business

There are many similarities in the way that America and Russia conduct business and in their initial business contacts. There are also, however, differences. The main difference may be the fact that Russians are more relaxed than Americans which tends to have both positive and negative ramifications. The great cultural differences need to be taken into account in order for both parties to effectively conduct business with the other

For the Russian meeting the American for the first time, it can be a culture shock. Advice is to better be over-dressed than under-dressed, to be prompt for the appointment, to keep personal space, and to respond to e-mails within a 24-hour span. Americans are e punctual. Their time is precious. They dislike small talk unless it moves them along towards their business goal. They tend to start…


American Meetings 

e-diplomat. Russia 

Kwintessential USA - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette

Liberating Entrepreneurial Energy Continental
Words: 3066 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82001743
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Organizing research-development-engineering meetings

Such meetings were organized by Continental in order to focus around researchers and developers within the company and to grant them an entrepreneur value, in order to directly confront them with the demands expressed by the managers in charge of divisions that worked with the market and with customers. These meetings were in the favor of both the company and the researchers and developers. This is because the company benefitted from the ideas and brainstorming of these employees, while researchers and developers had the chance to express their knowledge and skills and to present their innovative ideas.

Developing the company into becoming a systems supplier for the automotive industry

This strategic direction can be explained through Grunberg's ambition and belief in Continental's capability of developing cutting-edge technology and therefore creating the competitive advantage needed by the company in order to become the leader in the market in…

Reference list:

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An indepth analysis of Adolescent Literacy Plan of Action
Words: 2925 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Journal Professional Paper #: 22054732
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Adolescent Literacy Plan of Action

Successful academic learning and student performance are founded on literacy (Meltzer & Ziemba, 2006). Listening, reading, observational, writing, presentation, speaking and critical thinking skills are used by literate students to learn, communicate what they have learned and even transfer the knowledge gained to other scenarios (Meltzer & Ziemba, 2006). A literacy leadership team and the school principal must lead continual improvement as a goal for students to develop literacy. When an entire school community collectively holds expertise in literacy, it becomes the most beneficial to students (Irvin, Meltzer & Dukes, 2007). In addition to expertise, schools must do what's necessary to enhance their ability to minimize the gap existing between practice and knowledge. All school aspects, like assessments, curriculum, resource allocation, policies and structures, professional development of teachers, instruction and culture of the school, are impacted by the existence of systemic literacy development efforts (Irvin,…


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Graves, Michael, and Lauren Liang. (2008). "Four facets of reading comprehension instruction in the middle grades," Middle school journal (March 2008).

HSMS Gap analysis Hazard identification and Risk assessments
Words: 14774 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45172476
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HSMS Gap Analysis and Hazard Identification Risk Assessments

Description of APM Terminals

Legal Environment

Review of the Health and Safety Management System


Gap Analysis

Hazard Identification

Physical Hazards

Health and Welfare Hazards

Risk Assessment

Physical Hazard -- Working at Height - Scaffolding

Health & Welfare Hazard -- Noise

Action Plans

Action Plan 1 - Management System

Action Plan 2 -- Hazards and Risks

Barbour Checklist: BS OHSAS 18001 Audit Checklist

Occupational health and safety management has numerous benefits for business, not only an employer's duty of care, a legal and moral obligation but also critical part of business equal in importance to other business functions like finance, marketing and production. When health and safety is embedded as part of business, results would be, good company image and reputation, better employee motivation and morale, improved efficiency and ultimately increased profitability.

The implementation of a sound health, safety and environment (HSE)…

New it System Management Briefing
Words: 1537 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 50936354
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Team members should communicate all relevant information to the Project Managers for the University of Arizona Medical Center and the CM vendor chosen for the project.

Issues and risks should be communicated in writing via the Issues/isk Log or email to the Project Manager. If the issue/risk is urgent, immediate verbal communication of the issue/risk to the Project Manager is recommended. Once the issue is stabilized, written documentation will be developed to communicate the issues. The Project Manager will report Project Issues/isks eports on a weekly basis.

The Project Manager will distribute a Contact List to each team member to ensure that members have the necessary information to stay in contact with each other.

Quality Management

Quality management is the process of providing the necessary tools and project reviews to help ensure the business goals are achieved, issues are promptly identified and resolved, and the process employed to achieve the…


Almunawari, M.N., & Anshari, M. (2011). Improving customer service in healthcare with CRM 2.0. GSTF Business Review (GBR), 1(2), 228-234.

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Black Church the Redemptive Role
Words: 16899 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 2523902
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It will use historical evidence to examine the role of the church is a spiritual entity. It will examine the role of the church as a political entity throughout changing political landscapes. It will explore the role of the church as a social service provider with regards to the importance of this role in helping black people to redeem themselves in light of historical cultural atrocities that they have faced.

esearch Questions

In order to examine that topics of interest un this research study the following research questions be addressed.

1. How has the black church served as redemptive force in helping the black people to heal?

2. What factors served as a redemptive force in helping the image of black people in the black church to improve?

3. How has a black church helped black communities to regain and maintain their self-sufficiency?

4. How has the black church served…


Primary Sources

Aaron. (1845), the Light and Truth of Slavery. Aaron's History: Electronic Edition. Retrieved June 19, 2010 from 

Adams, John Quincy. (1872). Narrative of the Life of John Quincy Adams. Retrieved June 19,

2010 from

City of Brooklyn Park Structure and Function
Words: 725 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 43096534
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City of Brooklyn Park

Structure and Function



Evolution Openness

Power Structure

The City of Brooklyn Park focuses on family. It's governmental style encourages community participation. It encourages a sense of community pride by funding many projects that originate in ideas from citizens. Brooklyn Park utilizes a Council/Mayor form of government with Council meetings divided into both open and closed sessions.

City of Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park is a great place to work and play. Brooklyn Park is the sixth largest city in Minnesota. It is located in Hennepin County. The median age is 27 years old, making it a family oriented community. The city lies on the Mississippi iver, just north of Minneapolis. Brooklyn Park is best known for its system of parks and trails, taking hikers through some of the most scenic routes in Minnesota. Let us now embark on a journey that will enlighten citizens as…


Brooklyn Park. (2012a). Government. Retrieved from 

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John Woo Ng Yu-Sum as
Words: 1609 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 88794878
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Hard Target, 1993 -- His first Hollywood movie.

Face-off, 1997 -- John Travolta and Nicholas Cage helped create Woo's first real Hollywood blockbuster on the third try.

Mission Impossible 2, 2000 -- Tom Cruise. Pure, unadulterated action and thrills in true Woo style.

Windtalkers, 2002 -- discussed earlier. Critically excellent. Not a big box-office hit.

Red Cliff, 2009 -- his first movie back in Hong Kong after a long stay in Hollywood. Critically, perhaps his best effort ever (Yahoo).

Impact on Asian Cinema

To say that John Woo has had massive influence on Asian filmmaking would be appropriate. His thought-provoking style of making action films with a lot of blood, and yet containing them in a movie that projects humanity, chivalry, and sensitivity was unknown.

He brought dramatic, yet "poetic" action to action films and moral expression to filmmaking in Asia. The meticulous and disciplined narrative style of a…


Ebiri, B. "John Woo on Red Cliff, on Returning to Asia, and Why He's Not a Hustler." 20 November 2009. 14 December 2009 . "John Woo and the Art of the Action Movie." n.d. 14 December 2009 . "John Woo: Biography." 2009. 14 December 2009 .

reporters, Tribune. "John Woo." 2009. Chicago Tribune. 14 December 2009 .

Strategic Issues in Large Business
Words: 1217 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34320028
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2011). Following the guidelines and supporting research provided in this article can help large enterprises avoid such pitfalls (Newman et al. 2011).

An article that recently appeared in the Sloan Management Review examines the internal rather than the external risks of an organization. This article divides these internal risks into three categories: risks created by the unwanted/unauthorized actions of employees, risks of not achieving strategic objectives that are inherent to any "interesting strategy," and risks caused by completely uncontrollable external events (Mangelsdorf 2011). It is only by understanding how each of these risks might affect the organization and by working to achieve a minimization of exposure to each type of risk -- often through the creation of contingency plans -- that organizational success can be assured (Mangelsdorf 2011).

In another article appearing in the summer issue of the Sloan Management Review, the ever-important issue of information is addressed. Information is…

Two-Day Training Program for a Group of Twenty
Words: 2149 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 12581259
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Training Program for a Group of Twenty

A Two-Day Training Program for a Group of Twenty

Performance appraisal occurs collectively when employees feel they are part of the larger group. This is based on the knowledge that a working environment may be challenging to an employee. In most cases, confidence levels often dwindle during various stages of human resource development and may result in poor employee performance. As a result, it is necessary to train employees regularly because this will communicate the company agenda to the employees' comprehensively. This proposal suggests a two-day face-to-face training program of the company totality of twenty employees. The proposal will adopt a Staff Self-Evaluation Program as a satellite initiative themed 'it is for your own good.' For this to be achieved, the proposal commences with a description on ethics guiding this program proposal. This section will also appoint the training needs, guiding the program.…


Knoch, U., Read, J., & Randow, J.V. (2007). Re-training writing raters online: How does it compare with face-to-face training?. Assessing Writing, 12(1), 26-43.

Greensberg, J., & Edwards, M. (2009). Voice and Silence in Organizations. Emarald Group Publishing.

Lee, S., S. (2008). Relationships among Leadership Empowerment, Job Satisfaction, and Employee Loyalty in University Dining Student Workers. New York: Pro-Quest

Mudie, P., Pirrie, A. (2012). Services Marketing Management. London: Routledge

Project Management of Provision Healthcare
Words: 1032 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29818421
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The scope is also made flexible to adapt to any incoming changes that may impact the company in near future.

A single line for management of communication must be established,

Dual management lines make communications more difficult to manage. When team members receive conflicting instructions from project and functional managers, time and effort are wasted clarifying the communication. The team might be unable to react fast enough to meet changing project requirements. (ichman, 2002)

The main communication plan involves the audiences that should be reached and the format used such as for the management, it is advised to chair a meeting twice every week to address about the current situations and also to get feedback and act accordingly. For the finance department, daily feedback (either directly through a representative or indirectly through email) required on the current status of the company's finances and how they are coping with the changes.…


Dinsmore, P. (2006). The AMA handbook of Project Management. New York: AMACOM

Richman, L. (2002). Project Management Step-by-Step.New York: AMACOM

Personal Thoughts Dear Sirs Attached
Words: 764 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37824746
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Positions such as Administrative Assistant and Front Office Manager for Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International consequently strengthened my job qualifications and established me as an effective communicator.

My main goal as a Front Office Manager and Customer Representative was to establish credibility. Due to my people-orientation skills I was able to effectively measure - with maturity - those circumstances surrounding my communications, including situational and cultural context. Through hard effort, patience, and serious consideration of the multi-national environment in which I was required to operate and engage, I consequently adopted an individual style of communicating.

My daily tasks included messages conveyed through channels; verbal face-to-face meetings, telephone, written letters, e-mails, memos, and reports were but a few of the communication opportunities encountered.

Clearly recognizing the actions or reactions influenced by my message, I worked to ensure that my communication was always unambiguous and clear. Keeping in mind that people…

Teaching Your Team to Be an Effective Team
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26855649
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Nursing Forum

Read the case study below and respond.

You are the evening charge nurse of a medical unit. The staff on your unit has voiced displeasure in how requests for days off are handled. Your manager has given you the task of forming a committee and reviewing your present policy regarding requests for days off on the unit. On your committee are four LPNs, three CNAs, and five RNs. All shifts are represented. There are three men among the group members, and there is a fairly broad range of ethnic and cultural groups.

Tomorrow will be your fourth meeting, and you are becoming a bit frustrated because the meetings do not seem to be accomplishing much to reach the objectives that the group was charged to meet. The objective was to develop a fair method to handle special requested days off that were not part of the normal rotation.…

Communication There Are a Number of Factors
Words: 952 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82439986
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There are a number of factors Nick needs to consider for the project to be a success. First, he needs to understand what the project is, and what the expectations for the project are. These need to be specific, so that they can be actionable and so that Nick can be evaluated properly. Nick will need to understand the industry and project management process well in order to translate the desired specs into a set of actions and resource allocations that will deliver positive results. Internal resources, external environmental conditions, time frames, specs, budgets -- there are an almost untold number of individual factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The planning meeting here is in incomprehensible debacle. There is no focus and no specificity. Now, this is done in media res so we'll assume that everybody knows each other and their roles, and that the project has…


Pavey, S. (2014). Cost-benefit analysis. Retrieved January 18, 2014 from

Osf Case Study Barriers to Qi Implementation
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barriers may interfere with implementing or revising the quality measures described in the study?

Barriers that can interfere with implementing or revising the quality measured described in the case study include natural resistance to change. Any change initiative, no matter how worthwhile or beneficial, will be met with resistance from people who are naturally reluctant to change. Beyond this fundamental barrier, though, was the need to change the organizational culture that was in place to one that placed a high premium on developing a "culture of safety" that embedded the need for safety throughout the organizational structure (Jinkerson & Vardiman, 2011).

Another potential barrier to implementation were the daily obligatory "safety visibility" briefings required of all staff members. Even those these meetings were intended to last just 5 to 10 minutes, it is reasonable to suggest that clinicians must plan and prepare for these meetings, travel to the meeting location…


Jinkerson, D.L. & Vardiman, P.D. (2011, Annual). Building a culture of safety. Journal of Critical Incidents, 4, 37.

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Hazards, 70(7), 19.

Global Changes in the Missiology
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" It caused missionaries to deal with peoples of other cultures and even Christian traditions -- including the Orthodox -- as inferior. God's mission was understood to have depended upon human efforts, and this is why we came to hold unrealistic universalistic assumptions. Christians became so optimistic that they believed to be able to correct all the ills of the world." (Vassiliadis, 2010)

Missiology has been undergoing changes in recent years and after much serious consideration Christians in the ecumenical era "are not only questioning all the above assumptions of the Enlightenment; they have also started developing a more profound theology of mission. One can count the following significant transitions:

(a) From the missio christianorum to the missio ecclesiae;

(b) the recognition later that subject of mission is not even the Church, either as an institution or through its members, but God, thus moving further from the missio ecclesiae to…


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WTO as the Worldwide Economic Crisis of
Words: 3752 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42783003
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As the worldwide economic crisis of 2008 demonstrated, the economies of governments the world over are highly interdependent. Within this context, the World Trade Organization is coming under closer scrutiny. Negotiations are repeatedly failing and governments continue to violate commitments under WTO agreements with a dispute resolution process many countries find unsatisfactory. This paper reviews both the theoretical and practical economic and political implications of the faltering -yet ongoing -DOHA Round trade liberalization negotiations.

Recent WTO Negotiations: Seattle, Cancun, and Doha

Difficulties during WTO negotiations over the last decade can be attributed to three primary factors: the sheer numbers of member countries who all want to actively participate, the divergent interests between developed and developing nations, and finally the bureaucratic and management complications which arise from the increasing scope of WTO regulations. The most recent round of trade negotiations in the WTO began in the winter of 2001 in…


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Leadership Strategies There Are a
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After presenting group members with the concrete, tangible evidence of the club's usefulness to the surrounding community, it would then behoove Mario to clarify his goal of the present meeting by broaching the subject that the Club should continue after graduation. The best way of formally presenting this idea (which had been previously alluded to in the meeting via the introductory phase and the power point presentation) would be to initially express it in the form of a question -- which would ideally get an affirmative response from group members after the comprehensive review of the club's accomplishments and the specific involvement of group members in those accomplishments -- which Mario should then write on a whiteboard to serve as the goal of the present meeting.

Lastly, Mario's agenda should include a couple of relatively low-maintenance projects that could yield a high degree of tangibility that would allow the club…


Northouse, G. (2007). Leadership Theory And Practice. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, Inc.

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IASB the International Accounting Standards Board IASB
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The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) currently has three types of active projects on their agenda. These include an agenda consultation project, financial crisis related projects, and memorandum of understanding projects. The following is a summary of these current active projects, their timetables established for the achievement of milestones, as well as the conceptual frameworks involved in the projects.

The first type of project currently active on the agenda of the IASB is an agenda consultation project in which the IASB initiated a formal public agenda consultation for the first time in July 2011. This consultation was focused on the future work plan of the IASB, and was aimed at obtaining input from the public regarding the work plan and its direction and balance. The agenda consultation was conducted with broad public participation, including awareness through conferences in Europe, North America, and South America, in which small group meetings…


IFRS. (2011) . Retrieved 8 November, 2011.

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Managing People Module 5 Managing Developing Teams
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Managing People. Module 5 Managing developing teams Module 6 Managing Performance. Develop a -page scenario a work team familiar. Describe work team organisational context operates. Include appendix.

Managing and developing teams and managing for performance when creating a new corporate software training manual

Team scenario

The Bruce Tuckman model of team development

Managing people:

Managing and developing teams and managing for performance when creating a new corporate software training manual

In my past place of employment (which will be known as company X), the members of the IT staff and members of other departments were forced to collaborate on a joint effort to create a corporate manual to explain the company's new computer operating system to all employees. Proper safety Internet 'hygiene;' dealing with the operating system on a daily basis, and orienting workers to the various new applications were all to be described. In other words, effective communication was…


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Success Factors in Group Development
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team I was welcomed to observe contains divorced women of varying ages, from 30 to 40. The team members also had varying ethnic backgrounds. All of these women had different experiences with one thing in common; they had all had divorced and now desired a new life very free from that stress. The environment was relaxed and welcoming. The team members were free to sit where they felt comfortable, and the whole atmosphere was relaxing and calm. There were sofas placed around the table. It almost had an atmosphere like a get-together for log time friends.

The vision of the team is to help women divorcees in any situation restore their lives and stand on their feet. Depending on this, the mission describes what the group wants to do and how. This team seems to work to allow women that have experienced divorce to learn from one another's experiences. The…


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Media's Coverage of Terrorism
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Media and Terrorism

The role of the media and its impact in reporting terrorist cases has attracted significant concern in the recent past given the increase in terrorist activities across the globe. The increased concern has contributed to controversy and debates on whether the media helps in advancing the agenda of terrorists. Actually, some scholars argue that too often the media assists in advancing terrorists' agenda while others disagree. However, the determination of whether the media promotes terrorists' agenda requires an evaluation of the intentions of terrorists and the goals of the media during coverage of terrorist attacks.

While terrorists carry out their activities for various reasons including ideological, religious and nationalist objectives, some terrorist groups and organizations utilize the media as a means of obtaining recognition or publicity for the causes and goals of their groups. In contrast, media's role in coverage of terror attacks is to providing information…


Anderson, T. (1993). Terrorism and Censorship: The Media in Chains. Journal of International

Affairs, 47(1), 127.

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Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Management and Decision Sciences From
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76). As automation increasingly assumes the more mundane and routine aspects of work of all types, Drucker was visionary in his assessment of how decisions would be made in the years to come. "In the future," said Drucker, "it was possible that all employment would be managerial in nature, and we would then have progressed from a society of labor to a society of management" (Witzel, p. 76). The first tasks of the manager, then, are to coordinate an organization's resources and provide a viable framework in which they can be used to produce goods and services effectively and efficiently. The second set of tasks concern guidance and control. In Drucker's view, this role is almost entirely proactive: "Economic forces set limits to what a manager can do. They create opportunities for management's action. But they do not by themselves dictate what a business is or what it does" (Drucker,…

No Child Left Behind -
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For Bush, the "formation and refining of policy proposals" (Kingdon's second process stream in policymaking) came to fruition when he got elected, and began talking to legislators about making educators and schools accountable. Bush gave a little, and pushed a little, and the Congress make its own changes and revisions, and the policy began to take shape. The third part of Kingdon's process stream for Bush (politics) was getting the necessary votes; Bush had his handlers buttonhole certain conservative politicians, and united them with Democrats, to get enough votes to pass the NCLB.

Meantime, it was truly "organized anarchy" as the debate in the House and Senate lasted seven weeks, and some members of Congress rejected the idea of having the NAEP double check state statistics that show whether test scores have gone up or not. Civil rights groups attacked the bill, saying it would be unfair to minorities.


Works Cited

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Reform." April 1983. Department of Education. Retrieved 10 Dec. 2007 at /pubs/natAtRisk/findings.html.

Union Labor Disputes Canada Wal-Mart
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But when it just recently occurred in 2004 at a store in Jonquiere, British Columbia, the reader must appreciate that a real battle had been won. The original efforts of that particular store for example had the local labor Commission reject certification by a margin of 74 to 65. When the union announced that it won the coveted certification at Quebec, it was quite a blow to the retailer. The Quebec Labour elations Commission issued the order certifying the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) as the bargaining agent of employees in Wal-Mart's store in Jonquiere. As noted, the reason a victory of this magnitude is huge is because of the policies and tactics used by Wal-Mart. The retailer works diligently to prevent its workforce from engaging in any collective action and they have consistently shown that they are willing to cross the line to guarantee their position.



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Global Communication Scenario the Scenario
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It is as if the India Country Manager built the slide deck to slam the French Quality Assurance team. Saying nothing, the French Country Manager glares at the Indian Country Manager and waits until he is through talking. At the end of the Indian Country Manager's presentation the French Country Manager tells him if he indeed did accomplish Six Sigma production levels there would be no need for French Q.A. To be so rigorous. However, he adds, the Indian subsidiary is performing way below acceptable quality levels on other products. The French manager, obviously angry, rattles off a series of statistics and the near-recall of another medical device. It is getting to the point of a full-on conflict and the VP of Products yells "Stop!" And the entire room falls silent. The VP goes back to the board, this time, banging on it with his hand right on the revenue…


Francesca Auch, & Hedley Smyth. (2010). The cultural heterogeny of project firms and project teams. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 3(3), 443-461.

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Dear Esteemed Member of Our
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Attendance at this meeting for you and members of your group will be
beneficial in both long-term and short-term ways. This ways are not
limited to but could include the portrayal by your group of its civic
responsibilities and how seriously they are taken by your group.
The agenda for the meeting will include a short introduction by our
Mayor concerning the details of the activities under question and a time
set aside for open discussion(s) by group leaders and members with the
attending officials. If time is available, committees can be designated to
coordinate any decided on actions. With the prominence attained by your
group in other official capacities, it is almost certain that you and your
members will be chosen to head several of these committees.
If any concerns or questions arise before the meeting that you feel
must be addressed, please feel free to call me or…

Interventionism From the Perspective of Realism vs
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interventionism from the perspective of realism vs. idealism. Realism is defined in relationship to states national interests whereas idealism is defined in relation to the UNs Responsibility to Protect doctrine -- a doctrine heavily influenced by Western rhetoric over the past decade. By addressing the question of interventionism from this standpoint, by way of a case study of Libya and Syria, a picture of the realistic implications of "humanitarian intervention" becomes clear. Idealistically, humanitarian interventionism is a process that stops atrocities and establishes peace and prosperity. Realistically, interventionism allows Western businesses to reap the spoils of destabilization -- as has been seen in Libya with the Libyan oil fields being claimed by Western oil companies -- and as is being seen in Syria, with the threat of invasion bound to have detrimental effects on the construction of a new pipeline that bypasses the Turkey-Israel pipeline. Syria also presents itself as…

'Violent chaos': Libya in deep crisis 2 years since rebels took over', 2013, RT, 26 Aug.

Available from . [24 Aug 2013].

Weiner, T 2008, Legacy of Ashes, Anchor Books, NY.

Budgetary Politics
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udgetary Politics

The United States of America has long grappled with the problem of drugs and has form time to time initiated measures to combat the usage and trafficking of drugs. It is common knowledge that the various wars that have been part of the combat program of several administrations have failed miserably despite the availability of a great deal of resources, added to the colossal funding process. This is in addition to the numerous governmental agencies that operate to curb the drug trade and trafficking. Though the threat of drug usage and illegal trade is looming large, the danger is not always as proportionate as it is painted.

A certain amount of exaggeration that goes along factual details so as to create a sense of grave emergency that would work out to political benefits. ut it cannot also be regarded that the threat of drugs and their usage is…


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Eclac the Economic Commission for
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5% unemployment figure, 7.6% inflation ratio, and $4.5 trillion in debt, Guatemala is forced to rely on external factors to survive.

National exports are coffee, sugar, bananas, fruits and vegetables, cardamom, meat, apparel, petroleum, electricity and the 9/11 events in the United States have severely impacted tourist trade.


Venezuela is a federal republic with over 24 million citizens, 67% of which live in poverty and 14% are unemployed.

The GDP is made up primarily of services with petroleum, bauxite and aluminum, steel, chemicals, and agricultural products composing the primary exports. Tourism is impacted negatively by the events of terrorism and the typical 587,000 visitors each year has dwindled considerably.

The Argument

ECLAC's annual calendar reflects multiple meetings, lectures, educational workshops, conferences, seminars, and training sessions. Nowhere is there found a work initiative, a concerted on-site initiative or focused fund raiser, or any effort of measurable practicality.

According to the…


Altimir, Oscar & Sourrouille, Juan. Measuring Levels of Living in Latin America -- an Overview of Main Problems. The World Bank -- Working Paper no. 3. World Bank. Washington, D.C. 1980. Benson Collection. HC 59.7 a 47, 1980 LAC. (6)

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Market Driven Management
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Pharmaceutical industries have to operate in an environment that is highly competitive and subject to a wide variety of internal and external constraints. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend to reduce the cost of operation while competing with other companies that manufacture products that treat similar afflictions and ailments. The complexities in drug research and development and regulations have created an industry that is subject to intense pressure to perform. The amount of capital investment investments required to get a drug from conception, through clinical trials and into the market is enormous. The already high-strung pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing greater amounts of resources in search of the next "blockbuster" drug that can help them gain market position and profits. Laws, regulations and patents are important to the industry while spending billions of dollars in ensuring the copyright of their products.

It is the intention of this…


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AMSN Promotional Flyer
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Nursing Flyer

The Benefits of Membership in the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN)

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) is one of the largest nursing organizations in the United States, with over 10,000 members (AMSN, 2012). Medical-surgical (MS) nurses practice in a variety of settings, including impatient, outpatient, and the homes of patients. The AMSN exists to help promote the professional development of MS nurses, improve patient care, and through collaboration influence healthcare policy impacting patient care. The mission of AMSN is to strive for excellence in MS nursing, while its vision is to work continuously toward patient care excellence.


All nursing professionals, whether AMSN members or not, can take advantage of the CMSN certification study aids, attend the annual convention, access the MEDSUG Nursing journal and newsletters, look for a job in the career center, study the MS standards of nursing, and network with other MS nurses (AMSN,…


AMSN. (2012). AMSN priority agenda (2012). Retrieved from .

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Alan Mulally Management Theorists of
Words: 1542 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 37902801
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The company was able to turn a profit of $2.7 billion in fiscal 2009, its first annual profit since 2005. The company has been profitable for the past five quarters (MSN Moneycentral, 2010). On that basis, Mulally appears to be meeting the company's goals. However, given its financial situation -- the company still has negative equity -- the transformation process cannot be considered complete. Thus, Mulally should retain his transformational style until Ford has completed its turnaround.

The move to a transactional style should wait until the company is more consistently profitable, has built a base of equity, seen its share price improve further, and has pared down its product line further. The company has received a boost from Mulally's leadership, but still needs help from a recovering economy to complete the transformation.

orks Cited:

Barsky, A. (2008). Understanding the ethical cost of organizational goal-setting: A review and theory development.…

Works Cited:

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Business Communications Over the Last Several Years
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usiness Communications

Over the last several years, teamwork and communication have been become an essential element for a business to be successful in the long-term. Part of the reason for this, is because globalization has created a shift in how organizations are able to effectively adapt to new competitors and changes inside the marketplace. This has caused a wide variety of firms to focus on how they can be able to increase their overall bottom line and improve productivity dramatically. At the heart of this basic strategy, has been to encourage different staff members to work together. This is because each individual can bring with them certain skill sets that can contribute to the project. Once this takes place, they can help to make the company more competitive by addressing the specific needs of customers. This will improve the products and services that are being delivered, which will allow an…


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European Union a state, or what else distinguishes it from other International Organizations

The primary question concerning global organizations as a medium of global governance relates towards the quantity and excellence of this governance within an era where we now have an overdeveloped global economy as well as an under-developed global polity (Ougaard and Higgott, 2002). There's a powerful disconnect amid governance, being an efficient and effective collective solution-seeking process within a given problem-area, and governance being the democratic legitimacy of policy formation. It has made possible the debate regarding 'legitimacy shortfalls' in main global organizations. Furthermore, governance has turned into a hosting analogy determining non-traditional performers (non-condition performers for example NGOs and their local and international associations) that participate as portable agents extending and expanding policy understanding, which is far more advanced and sophisticated than the traditional, elitist, government activities. The interest in global (as well as the regional)…


Andersen, S., Eliassen, K. ( 1996) Introduction: dilemmas, contradictions and the future of European democracy, in: Andersen, S., Eliassen, K. (eds.) The European Union: how democratic is it?, London: Sage, 1-11.

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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
Words: 5027 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12778445
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Additionally, it has been observed that whenever companies implement strategies of CS, they do this not out of individual choice and desire, but as a result of imposed legislations. "All of these decisions are made under the mandatory legal rules embodied in employment and labor law, workplace safety law, environmental law, consumer protection law, and pension law. Such rules, because they often apply to all businesses, are not susceptible to easy evasion through choice of form. As a result, those charged with governing a corporation find their decision tree considerably trimmed and their discretion decidedly diminished by mandatory legal rules enacted in the name of protecting stakeholders" (Winkler, 2005). In other words, the modern day evolutions of corporate social responsibility "caution against a rush to declare the ultimate triumph of shareholder primacy" (Winkler, 2005).

As a direct result of this changing legislation, more companies have commenced corporate social responsibility programs.…


Akerstrom, a., 2009, Corporate governance and social responsibility: Johnson & Johnson, GRIN Verlag, ISBN 364045605X

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Greenwald, R., 2005, Wal-Mart: the high costs of low price (documentary available on DVD)

Thomas Green the Rising Star at Dynamic
Words: 1005 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 7592042
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Thomas Green the rising star at Dynamic Displays, and Frank Davis, his boss at corporate headquarters certainly had convergent opinions about work styles while also having clashes in personalities and work expectations. Green's work style could be characterized as very "independent," even in his earliest work experience with washing cars and working in a warehouse while he earned his economics degree are telling of the type of work ethic that he has, a very much "to what needs to be done" to move forward mentality. That being said, when he started in his position at Dynamic Displays under Frank Davis, the foundation of his work ethic seemed to not concentrate on the minute details but rather the big picture, regardless of what his direct boss was telling him. The need to please his boss was lost on him as he believe that he was doing what needed to be done…

Staff Morale Is Low Employees
Words: 1433 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26360731
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takeholders I might seek input from takeholders are defined as "those key individuals (or groups of individuals) who have an influence over either decision-making or implementation (or both) either directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly" (Begun & Heatwole, p.25). They can be a wide array of individuals, groups, and/or organizations. These are usually individuals within the organization who are decision makers or who are associated with key issues and/or actions being considered.

takeholders may be both external and internal to the organization and with the community health care system -- as in this case -- they may certainly include state and local governments, as well as certain research and pharmaceutical agencies. If implemented wisely, the input of these stakeholders can assist with decision-making.

The concerns for each stakeholder

With stakeholder analysis, I would adopt a retrospective approach where my objective would be to uncover past experience, processes, and patterns (Brugha…


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Geography Copenhagen - Cop15-15th United
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A version of this is already in existence in the 17-nation Major Economies Forum. This has been a model of decorum and progress compared with what the world saw unfold at the climate talks (Sarwar and Chesterman, 2009).

One country in particular that did not come away from Copenhagen 15 with any warm and fuzzy feelings was that of Canada. Canada's once good reputation as an international leader has been seriously damaged because of its repeated failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). While many of the COP 15 countries have successfully managed to reduce emissions since 1990, Canada's GHG emissions have increased 26.2% over the same period (Elston, 2009). Canada has never before seen its international reputation sink so low, with environmental groups and officials from many countries accusing Canada of obstructing an urgently needed world treaty on climate change (Lalonde, 2009).

Most feel that Copenhagen 15 was a…


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Egan Model Counseling and the
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Sara expresses significant concern regarding finding a job, leaving her family and leaving her friends. While she enjoyed her studies in business she is not exactly sure how she can apply this to her daily life. She is also somewhat ambivalent about wanting to work in the business world, and wonders if she should try to find a position that she would find more emotionally and personally fulfilling. Sara is not involved in a romantic relationship at this time but does have a small but very close circle of friends, all of whom are moving to different places. Sara expresses sadness at the thought of leaving her friends, and concern that she will be able to keep up with them after college is over. She is also concerned that she will not be able to make friends in her new setting. Sara is an intelligent woman who appears to have…

Erik Peterson Case Part I What Problems
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Erik Peterson Case Part I

What problems are facing Erik Peterson?

Internal Factors

Organizational citizenship behavior (OCBs). One of the most significant problems that Peterson faced was the lack of communication throughout the CelluComm organization. A number of people were hired or placed in positions without the communication that would typically be expected. Peterson actually did not know who he reported to, so he was unclear on specific functions that he was responsible for as well as his relationship with other people in the CelluComm organization. Peterson initially made some mistaken assumptions about working directly with Jenkins when he joined CelluCom, and did not seek clarification that would have filled in some of these gaps.

Inadequate human capital. Peterson also lacked specific working knowledge of the cellular industry that was necessary for him to perform well, and Hardy also lacked similar experience. Hardy was therefore unable to mentor Peterson in…

Challenging the Beijing Consensus China Foreign Policy in the 21st Century
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Foreign Policy of China (Beijing consensus)

Structure of Chinese Foreign Policy

The "Chinese Model" of Investment

The "Beijing Consensus" as a Competing Framework

Operational Views

The U.S.-China (Beijing consensus) Trade Agreement and Beijing Consensus

Trading with the Enemy Act

Export Control Act.

Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act

Category B

Category C

The 1974 Trade Act.

The Operational Consequences of Chinese Foreign Policy

The World Views and China (Beijing consensus)


The Managerial Practices

Self Sufficiency of China (Beijing consensus)

China and western world: A comparison

The China (Beijing consensus)'s Policy of Trading Specialized Goods

Chapter 5

The versions of China (Beijing consensus)'s trade development

The China (Beijing consensus) Theory of Power Transition


Foreign Policy of China (Beijing consensus)

Chapter 1


ACD arms control and disarmament

ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ADB Asian Development Bank

ADF Asian Development Fund

APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

AF ASEAN [Association of Southeast…


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Business Communications Final Analysis Report in Order
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Business Communications Final Analysis Report

In order to apply the strategies and decisions formulated in the initial phases of the communication research, they are applied in the context of business communication, particularly in group decision-making processes. In the final analysis report, the case study on the Creative Media team conflict is discussed, addressing the prevalent issues that bring about miscommunication within the team.

The case study on the Creative Media team situation has the following specifics: Gap Jeans, Inc. is planning to launch a new advertising campaign for its new product, called the Gap Washed Jeans, which features a denim-wash (faded look) feature for women, which will be available in hipster and flared styles. Gap is looking for a creative ad agency that will conceptualize and produce the ad campaign, although specific information about the nature of the ad campaign is not yet formulated. Thus, the whole advertising and marketing…

Performance Plan the Accuvision Report
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I will also have the tutor critique the first drafts of documents I prepare and have them review my final versions. I would also like for my tutor/coach to observe me an a couple of meetings and have them offer suggestions for improvement.

Development Plan: Dealing with Operating Problems

I believe the collaborative approach I outlined above will help in identifying operational problems during the planning process and provide an early warning where handoff with in the implementation process may not go smoothly. As part of my discussions with cross-function partners will be the development of contingency plans in case any anticipated problem do arise. I will schedule a weekly meeting with all the cross-function leads, including any important suppliers and vendors, to access how things are going, early identification of any suspected problems, work to determine possible solutions and understand how the solution will impact all functional areas.


Schedule a meeting with tutor/coach for feedback and to determine future plans

Measurement Plan:

To measure my improvement, retake the AccuVision assessment at the end of the spring 2011 semester.

Nationalism Gender and the Nation
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ut help is on the way. A elgian theologian is cited as saying: 'It is important and healthy for women, for families, for societies, that we are dealing with the return of the human male, almost from the dead'." (2007) It is interesting to note that there appears to be great fear among the Polish majority mindset that the strong role of men in their society will somehow be diminished by women also entering into a role that is modified from the present role attributed to Polish womanhood and strengthened. The media in Poland has actively and imaginatively played with the Polish nationalist party and served to drive the country back into pre-E.U. accession mindset.

The cover of Wprost in May 2004 is stated to feature a man "placed well above the woman" who is looking "proudly and sternly ahead, into the future; the woman teeth bared in a submissive…


Abizadeh, Arash (2004) Liberal nationalist vs. postnational social integration: on the nation's ethno-cultural particularity and 'concreteness. Nations and Nationalism 10 (3), 2004, 231 -- 250. r ASEN 2004

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