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com (2004), the author focuses specifically on Florida. In this state, prisoners are indeed incorporated in labor programs. However, these programs are targeted only towards the advantage of those benefiting from cheap labor. There is not rehabilitative function. The lack of rehabilitation programs, as mentioned above, simply perpetuates the situation that created overcrowding in prisons in the first place. Rehabilitation programs can give convicts a sense of humanity and society again.

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This is also the case in terms of convicted felons and the possibility of their return as productive members of society. Such return would be to the advantage of both the society making use of goods and services rather than paying taxes for prison maintenance, and to the felon who feels like more than a criminal and changes for the better.

Source (2001-2004). Prison Industry vs. Prisoner Rehabilitation in Florida.

Rehabilitation of Felony Offenders

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Source (2001-2004). Prison Industry vs. Prisoner Rehabilitation in Florida.

Rehabilitation of Felony Offenders

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