Religion For Those Facing Medical Illness Research Paper

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Spiritual Needs Assessment

Interview Transcript

How important is your spirituality to you?

Very important. I understand not everyone sees things the way I do but it matters greatly to me when I'm facing my mortality and questions about life in general.

Do you feel your healthcare provider should cater to your spiritual needs?

It's not a "must" because I'm more than capable of handling my own affairs and thoughts. However, if I have died or I'm about to die, I would want a Catholic priest there for last rites and final words if at all possible.

Would you prefer that your healthcare provider cater to your needs as a Catholic while doing your healthcare?

If possible ... but I don't want to be a burden. I understand the staff they have on hand is who they have available. If they can involve my faith, that's great ... but it's not a necessity. They have no burden to meet those needs ... I'll make those arrangements my own.

Question: Would you be averse to someone outside your precise sect or denomination helping you spiritually?

Answer: No ... not at all....


Generally, Catholics, Lutherans and such all follow the same God ... we just do so a bit differently. As long as they're not trying to cram their version of the faith down my throat, I'm completely open-minded about hearing a kind word from a fellow Christian ... even if not a Catholic.

Question: Do you feel that healthcare and religion are symbiotic and that faith can help healing or treatment?

Answer: It won't work miracles in the proverbial sense. Medical care is what is needed when you're sick. However, using faith as a means of self-support and support for others is certainly helpful.


The overall interview went quite well. The respondent was very candid and honest and was not afraid to speak his mind. At the same time, the author of this report was careful to ask questions that were not pushing, threatening or otherwise potentially incendiary. The author would really not change anything other than perhaps dive a little deeper on the preferences and the answers. However, the questions asked got the answers that were wanted and the answers themselves were very informative. However, not everyone would be so open so perhaps a different approach or more protracted approach would be needed with a different person. The author found that this particular patient was quite open-minded about his spiritual needs and what others could do to help with those needs. However, the author of this report knows full…

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