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Residential Construction Project Version description/reason for updating the document

Initial version

The company will provide project management services to the client for all stages of the residential home construction. Our process consists of the following phases, which are greatly simplified here: Initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

Project scope:

This project is being undertaken in order to build a new residence for the Jones family. The construction project is for a single-family swelling on a half-acre lot located at 100 Blue Spruce Lane, in Waterstown, New York. The project will commence on January 4, 2015 and be completed by Monday, December 22, 2015. The construction will emphasize use of the energy-saving technologies and will be compliant with all relevant building codes. The company will oversee the construction of the home, however, bonded subcontractors may be engaged to complete certain aspects of the construction.

The contract is fixed-price, with the contractor estimate at approximately U.S. $450,000. The scope of the completed construction project as detailed in the specifications of this document and in the construction blueprint includes the following:

Basic landscaping

Poured concrete slab foundation (passive solar / radiant heating system)

Driveway -- 500 feet, concrete

Main home -- 3500 square feet, brick/stucco

Deck / Patio / Passive Solar Room

Garage -- 900 square feet, single story

8 Project Purpose:

The project is a good fit for the company's core competencies and line of business. The profit margin is sufficient to warrant undertaking the construction project, and the timeline to completion will not jeopardize any existing...


Accordingly, the following milestones for project deliverables are provided. Architectural drawings complete and approved

Building permit approved

Lot preparation and clearing complete

Foundation poured, radiant heating installed, foundation set

Home and garage exterior closed to weather

Driveway and landscape complete

Interior wiring complete

Exterior wiring complete

HVAC complete

Interior plumbing complete

Exterior plumbing complete

Interior finish complete

Exterior finish complete

Walkthrough complete

Certificate of Occupancy granted

Interior and exterior punch list completed

Interior and exterior punch list approved

Acceptance review and key turnover complete

11 Assumptions:

Prime contractor will maintain all project documents and schedule.

Prime contractor will perform work with contractor's own employees or subcontractors who are bonded and hold the appropriate trade licenses and credentials.

Prime contractor will be responsible for all subcontract oversight, deliverables and management.

12 Constraints

No constraints have been imposed on the…

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