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Modernizing Monolithic Domes

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Borrowed elements from works of ancient art have played a crucial role in contemporary structural engineering development. As has been observed even in earlier times, a compilation of diverse artworks from ancient times may be assimilated using advanced technology to create a few of the best artworks across the globe (Snell 198).
Domed dwellings constructed by utilizing locally- found material can be traced back to prehistoric times. Such edifices can be seen even in the contemporary age. While the precise time and place of construction of the earliest dome is unknown, the occasional primitive dome can be seen in ancient art history. One will come across references to brick domes in ancient Near Eastern art as well as corbelled stone domes across West Europe and the Middle East. The above examples, utilizing various materials like fabric, wood and mud bricks, suggest a shared source or several independent traditions. In the present age, indigenous…… [Read More]

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