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The various e-businesses therefore depend upon various ISP's as well as the internet infrastructure in order to achieve an improved level of convenience as well as unparalleled availability. The merits associated with e-commerce has therefore resulted to rapid adoption of the concept with a heavy reliance on various encryption techniques such as SLL as well as username and password based authentication techniques that rely on authentication files contained within the file named .htaccess.

The simplicity of adopting and implementing both methods is therefore a merit as both can be achieved through the use of various components that are readily available to be used on the various web browsers. Their availability is however marked with cases of attacks fuelled majorly by the very nature of the common protocol used (TCP/IP). The availability of numerous points of attacks in terms of ports presents an excellent opportunity for would-be attackers to plan as well as to execute their attacks unabated. In order to achieve maximally secured e-business framework all the communication ports which run in the thousands must be watched every millisecond of their use.

All enterprises on the face of this earth have come to learn that is utterly impossible to eliminate all the risks associated with business. The best that can be done however is to manage the level of damage that can possible occur as a result of a risk affecting the operation of any business. The appropriate technologies must therefore be adopted in order to ensure that the processes that occur at then various e-business portals are secured to the acceptable standards. This is achieved through the installation of various technologies such as firewalls, encryption techniques, use of key card as well as the rolling out of properly managed Virtual Private Networks. These technologies are however no match for the current rate of attacks which exploit the fact that the technologies can only be implemented on certain parts of the network only. The use of obvious passwords as well as improperly configured network terminals is a recipe for unauthorized e-business portal control and data breach. The fact that the data being transmitted can be easily intercepted and even corrupted is a major blow to the e-business data integrity.

Ensuring e-business success through the reduction of online risks and cost

The concept of e-business is mainly faced with two types of risks in its implementation through both the open systems as well as networks ( Lasheng and Placide, 2009). The initial risk is associated with the opportunity cost related with the lack of implementing an overall connection which links a particular e-business with the rest of the world. There is also a great number of success statistics regarding the operations of various business-to-business (B2B) commerce activities in the online context. This is because the various B2B networks help in reducing the cost of sales as less staff is required in order to take care of the various business activities in the organizations.

Various firms therefore require the security and reliability that comes with the implementation of the various e-business platforms. The whole idea of e-business should be crowned and presented in a model which is encompasses the various functions of manufacturing, warehousing as well as enhancing the customer experience and relationship. Apart from the common lack of trust among the various persons who use the e-commerce platforms on the reliability and security of the technology, there is also the risk associated with the lack of flexibility that is necessary to offset the impending challenges that dog this form of doing business. There is therefore a need for an efficient risk management technique that is necessary to ensure that the key parameters of an e-business platform are properly taken care...


The availability of proper and secure e-business platforms is crucial for winning the trust of the clients. In order to design a system that can appropriately meet the demand of the clients, it is crucial to properly identify the key factors that customers are concerned about in order to mend them as an effort to winning their trust in engaging with the e-commerce system it has been pointed out by Lasheng and Placide (2009) that a secured e-business environment helps firms in learning about their existence as well as their operations. They also gain a perspective regarding their potential and current client base.

There are various metrics that constitute a secure e-business environment. These metrics are essential to the achievement of success by the firms that adopt them because of the following reasons. The successful adoption and implementation of a secure e-business environment must meet the following conditions.

Must ensure that the data being exchanged is available with the highest level of both integrity and confidentiality (Information Assurance key factors)

Must allow for the ease of identification of various vulnerabilities that exist in the e-business system itself. The vulnerabilities are the ones that are responsible for the cases of network interruptions that affect the quality of service that can be derived from the system and hence reducing the level of confidence of the customers on the entire framework.

Must allow for the creation of secure and confidential channels of communications to be utilized for the transfer of corporation data.

There are therefore certain doctrines that must be adopted in order to ensure that a particular e-business model is secure. These are;

1. The ability of the designers of the model and the system to comprehend all the key corporation networks as well as the various objectives to be achieved by the systems in question. Not all parts of the e0business infrastructure should be accorded equal level of security. This is because certain areas are more at risk of breaches and should therefore be accorded a higher level of attention and hence higher level of precaution.

2. It is paramount that a comprehensive policy be drafted in order to achieve the required goals and levels of data integrity, availability as well as confidentiality. The available policy must be subjected to periodical amendments. The process can also help in streamlining and automating the business processes.

3. It is essential that the e-business platform is implemented using industry standards security techniques which involve the use of firewalls as well as encryption and authentication techniques. This aids in improving the efficiency of the e-business platform ( Lasheng and Placide, 2009).

4. Every organization that engages in e-business must ensure that they purchase the best products as well as assessment tools from known vendors in a multiple fashion. This is because such a move would ensure that independent and dependable solutions are derived from the evaluation process of gauging the performance of a given corporation's e-business security strategy.

5. It is important to ensure that some of the operations geared towards the management of the security of the e-business platform are outsourced in orde to minimize costs and maximize the ROI. This also gives the organization extra time to concentrate on its key activities.

In order to ensure that an organization's e-business' security infrastructure is properly managed and orchestrated, it is important to identify the main functions that drive each and every aspect of the e-business security. The level of trust can therefore be increased through the adoption of the following techniques.

The formulation of proper policies that must be complied with and the setting up of structures to assist in the process of managing the various vulnerabilities in the e-business platforms.

The ability of the e-business system to initiate actions of intrusion detection as well as the necessary response

The e-business platform must have a comprehensive risk assessment, risk management as well as a well outlined e-business insurance policy

The e-business platform should be able to provide facilities that can be outsourced to third parties. The main intension of this is to improve the efficiency of the firm by allowing it to concentrate on its major competencies while reducing cost at the same time.

The system should be adorned with a proper decision support as well as a dependable security management system.

Literature review

Extant literature has been dedicated to the study of various e-business strategies in regard to the improvement of security and trust on these Information Technology dependant services. Oliver (1980) postulated a theory he referred to as Expectation-confirmation theory (ECT) is very much in action whenever a consumer of a certain product wants to purchase or use a certain product. This form of behavior emerges from the basic logic that from the point of initial expectation before a certain purchase is made, a general percept in formed which judges the overall performance of a certain product. The perception is usually made stronger after the initial of use the product. This theory can be used or rather transposed to operate in the e-business security models. The reasoning is that once a user of a certain e-business system experiences its convenience and…

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