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Information Assurance Essays (Examples)

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Information Security
Words: 1440 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32625376
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Information Security

The discussion below provides answers to questions raised with regard to a case at Greenwood Company

A forensic plan of readiness comes with several advantages. If there arises a situation that forces a company to be engaged in litigation, and there is need for digital evidence, e-discovery is of central importance. The laws and rules that govern the e-discovery, such as the Federal ules of Civil Procedure or the Practice 31B Direction of the UK call for the presentation of electronic evidence fast; and that such evidence must be in sound state, forensically (Sule). The Electronic Discovery eference Model is reputed as the standard model for processing e-discovery, and is compliant with FCP.10 Information management procedures require that electronic evidence should be collected and stored appropriately. Such evidence should be readily available when it is needed. E-discovery information management procedures include incident response, data retention, and discovery of…


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Assurance Program Why How to Create an Information
Words: 6861 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 61079765
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Assurance Program

Why/How to create an Information Assurance

Just as paramount as the availability and access to information is significant in every company or business outfit, certain concerns always come to the fore: the kind of information is to be made. How the information is going to be organized? How will it be possible to ensure that the information released represents the judgment of the management of the company and gives assurance that the very information required is available?

This document contains the solutions to the concerns mentioned above; an Information Assurance Program is necessary in every organization. This project explains why information assurance program is needed in every viable company and also explores ways it can be affected, integrated into the organization and organized. The program encompasses different models which span through finding the reason why such program is needed to analyzing whether the finding is practicable. This takes…


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Information Technology IT Governance
Words: 1309 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18271053
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IT Governance lays special emphasis on the system of information technology, along with the performance and risk management of the IT infrastructure in an organizational context. The primitive focus of IT Governance is the assurance of the fact that investment in the Information technology infrastructure is contributing to generate business value and at the same time lessen the potential risks pertaining to the Information Technology. This objective is attained by adequate maintenance and implementation of an organizational configuration with properly allocated role of information technology governance. IT Governance is scrutinized in relation to how the IT model generates value that goes hands on with the overall corporate governance strategies in an organization.

IT Governance

Importance of IT Governance

IT Governance refers to a framework to enhance the efficiency of the managerial processes in an organization. It is generally regarded that the efficiency of the Information Technology in an organization is…

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Information Technology Aquarius Marketing Project
Words: 3970 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3202159
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Migrate off of any individualized content management systems and processes not integrated to a single portal platform for greater cost and time savings in administration. Olson (32) provides an excellent case study on how universities are making use of open source portal applications to alleviate redundant and often conflicting data in multiple portals on an IBM WebSphere platform

Define and build out a portal development plan that encompasses all shared processes across the project areas.

As Murphy and Columbus state, re-organize content by the context of each dominant workflow, and this could include larger, more complex projects as defined by Aquarius Marketing first, then align to the customer-facing processes to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and responsiveness.

Development of a portal roadmap that allows for eventual move to Web Services based on a Service Oriented Architecture, giving Aquarius Marketing greater scalability than if a single, stand-alone application was chosen.…


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Information Technology Project Life Cycle
Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27623524
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4. Control Phase: This phase is the one in which maintaining the project within the "scope, cost, and schedule" as well as "within acceptable quality" is addressed due to the possible variables. "Unknown or unproven technologies....make these projects difficult for the project manager to baseline the scope, schedules, and costs during the Planning Phase." (Systems Lifecycle Development, 2001) Key deliverables in this phase are the development, testing, implementation and documentation of the scope control, schedule control, cost and quality control as well as the contract administration and configuration management in the project.

5. Closeout Phase: the final phase is characterized by the project being brought to an end with the manager of the project holding responsibility for making sure that the processes in closeout are accomplished while the systems are transitioned to maintenance perspective. The main activities in this phase are administration of closure of the project as well as…


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Information Technology Project Lifecycle

Information Technology and Management of
Words: 1140 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9087188
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The potential of the Internet has been acknowledged by UPS and the company has made a commitment to enable global commerce via the Internet. This challenge and the changing needs in terms of customer due to the e-business evolution has UPS looking a variety of business solutions.


Present systems and services are as follows:

1. UPS e-Ventures: A "corporate incubator for UPS that "explores ideas and takes the great ones and makes them reality. UPS e-Ventures does the research and development, tests and launches ideas and places products as well as services into place. Finally UPS e-Ventures manages the supply chain from the warehouse to transit. The stated objectives of UPS e-Ventures are:

Helps companies put the "E" in their businesses

Identify and rapidly develop entirely new businesses related to supply chain management and e-commerce.

Provides complete, end-to-end business solutions for the rapid, low-cost launch of e-commerce startups.



Algahalith, Nabil (2005) led "Competing with it: The UPS Case" Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge in September 2005 Volume 7 Number 2,.

Technology and Management of United Parcel Service

Automating Compliance With Federal Information
Words: 2485 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 1378948
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The Act also demanded that agency heads to ensure that the process of implementation of information security plan in the various life cycles of each and every federal system.

The significant differences between FISMA and GISA are the fact that its provisions are stronger and more permanent. It also includes the minimum mandatory standards for information security (OIG, 2003).

The suitability of the eight FISMA requirements model for business information security programs

The suitability of FISMA requirements model and compliance is the fact that it helps in the identification of people, processes and systems that the agencies need in order to achieve the various business objectives as well as coming up with appropriate protective mechanisms. The next incentive is tied to the fact that compliance to the requirements leads to the bolstering of an agency's reputation both within the House Government eform as well as the improvement of citizen's perception…


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Information Systems and Its Effects on Business
Words: 2058 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75689548
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information systems and its effects on business processes. Moreover, I have explained the several business components and their effectiveness as information systems. In addition, I have provided information regarding the effects of information systems on various business careers.

Information systems have brought revolutions and innovations in today's business' setups and also have developed a close relationship with globalization. The responsibility of these information systems in an organization is not to support the tasks of the individuals but to support business functions as a whole. Nowadays, business operations are conducted by using e-mail, online conferences (video/audio) and cell phones which have turned out to be the most fundamental tools in business execution. Information systems, if truth be told, are the basis of accelerating supply chains. The businesses today have the advantage of using internet for purchasing, selling, advertising and imploring the feedbacks from consumers/customers online. It is now the purpose of…


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Assurance According to M Miller
Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 65292845
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According to Derek later, a further reason for a basic unwillingness to place a large amount of emphasis upon disaster recovery planning is because disastrous events are regarded as large unlikely. Business owners therefore tend to view such planning as less important than other business functions, such as new product promotion and investment. later however further emphasizes the importance of recognizing that businesses are not only affected by large-scale disasters, but also by smaller-scale problems such as malfunctioning computers or viruses. An adequate business continuity and disaster plan is therefore indeed important in order to ensure that the business can continue functioning regardless of whatever mishaps may occur.

Computer security issues as well as risk analysis and business continuity and disaster planning are integrated business issues in today's workplace environment. Most businesses today function on the basis of computers and programming. These machines and programs form the lifeblood of the…


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Information Systems Engineering
Words: 5085 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19750986
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PINCE2 vs. DSDM compares and contrasts the two methodologies used in the development of projects. This paper explicitly defines each methodology and outlines its general characteristics and important features. It also explains all the phases involved within each methodology. In the end, the writer's perspective and viewpoint about each approach is given and a conclusion is reached which specifies whether PINCE2 or DSDM is a suitable solution for the development of projects.


Today's business world requires that products along with their provided services be marketed in the shortest possible time span. Nowadays, projects are often inaugurated on a collective basis and institute without having an enumerated understanding of the requirements. There is no doubt that in this fast paced environment, Dynamic System Development Method or DSDM is considered to be the best available publicly practiced method of the apid Application Development or AD model and is exhibiting…


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Development Method Ltd. 2004. Available on the address Accessed on 22 Mar. 2004.

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Information Protection Law and Privacy
Words: 4525 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55556194
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protect the privacy of the individual via EU Directive for Protection of Personal Data

The internet revolutionized the human life as we know it. It established a culture of liberty aided by not just ingenuousness but also standardized protocols. This was achieved by transmitting the essential products for business-related growth, adopting a model of governance with no formal existence of regulations along with free availability of abundant software packages. This internet revolution can't be underestimated as it has its pros and cons, which also comes under discussion in this paper. With the surging popularity of internet, there happen to be a plethora of new dilemmas knocking at the door. There are tons of merits of Internet for that matter while its demerits have been ignored and hidden along the sidelines. These issues have materialized in the preceding decade and the demand is urgent to solidify a legislation which is tasked…


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Information Technology IT Fraud
Words: 1473 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47544592
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IT Fraud

Evaluate the factors that add to corporate fraud

The business fraud can be credited to conditions emerging from deceptive monetary reporting and misappropriation of possessions. These conditions are 3 and all 3 features of the fraud triangle have to exist for fraud to take place. Management or staff members have to have the reward or pressure to dedicate fraud, see the opportunity emerge and have the ability to justify the occasion.


Management or perhaps others in the workforce will have benefits or conditions of pressure to carry out fraud. If the choice is made by management to publish illegal monetary statements, the most typical reason for this will be threat by financial, market or entity operating conditions to the monetary security and productivity of the business. Extreme pressure is put on management to satisfy the projection made by industry experts, internal company projections or to pay back…


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Information Technology IT Project Management Sustainability and Whole Lifecycle Thinking
Words: 3448 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27902013
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Project Management, Sustainability and Whole Lifecycle Thinking

ITT Project Management - Sustainability and Whole Lifecycle Thinking

Although the sustainability movement has been advocated predominately in response to the irresponsible expansion of inefficient infrastructure by industrialized nations, with the United States and Japan now making significant efforts to embrace "green" growth practices, a growing movement has emerged that promoting sustainability throughout developing nations presents the most productive path. Even as the most modernized nations continue to update their consumption patterns to better suit the technological age, seeking efficiency and effectiveness that is sustainable for the foreseeable future, rising powers like China, India, and Brazil are expanding their spheres of influence at the expense of the natural environment. To address the threats posed by developing nations repeating the mistakes of prior generations, mistakes which run the gamut from China's reckless damming of its nation's natural waterways to India's inability to address its…


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Ill Effects of Information
Words: 1302 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25575097
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Information Age and Society's Safety

The information age is the third era that human race has entered. It is referred to as an age as it has affected every society on the globe and has turned out to be global phenomena. Information Age flows the preceding the agricultural and industrial Age. By the term information age we generally refer to the easy means of sharing information through the internet and other modern communication means.

One often confuses information with information society. Information society is limited to certain societies in the world while information age is a global phenomenon (Kizza).

It is also a fact that information is power. Initially it could be difficult to understand how information can be considered as power. But if we consider how everyday life is influenced by information, especially those that are derived from the internet, it would help understand the power that information possess.…


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Analyzing Information Systems Management
Words: 1619 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 39026815
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Information Systems Management

What sorts of motivators, processes, and best practices should managers of virtual organizations adapt from the open source movement?

Open source movement is a far reaching and wide ranging movement of persons who offer support and backing to the utilization of open source licenses for all software or just a number of them. The open software is made accessible for any individual to make use of or undertake modifications, considering the fact that its source code is made accessible. Virtual organizations can be delineated as a network of autonomous companies that come together more often than not, for a temporary period of time, to create a product or service. There are motivators, processes, and best practices that managers of virtual organizations ought to espouse from the open source movement. To start with, the capacity of allowing members to not only use, but also to modify the data…


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Managing an Effective Quality Assurance
Words: 1092 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78384819
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eports from medical center services and committees concerning patient incidents are used to develop appropriate interventions.

Trended data of patient incidents can point to shift and date where most incidents occur.

Desired Outcome

A 50% reduction in the number medication errors of all types over the next 12 months.

Goals and Objectives to Facilitate Outcome

The overarching goal of this program would be to reduce the number of medication errors in general and among those wards/shifts with the highest numbers of medication errors over the past 12 months. The objectives in support of this goal include:

1. Developing awareness campaign materials such as locally prepared newsletter articles, posters and brochures concerning the goal to reduce medication errors.

2. Conduct a medication error theme seminar that provides basic guidelines for avoiding medication errors (the "5 Ps").

Translation of Goals and Objectives into Policies and Procedures

The above-described goals and objectives would…


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Australian Health Review, 33(3), 390-395.

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External Quality Assurance of Assessment Explain the
Words: 875 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34031660
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External Quality Assurance of Assessment

Explain the Functions of External Quality Assurance of Assessments in Learning and Development

The primary goal for conducting a visit for the purpose of providing a quality assurance assessment of learning and development, it is essential to determine that the learner needs have been identified. The assessor should exit the initial assessment visit with a clear idea of what the learner is expected to know and what gaps exist between those objectives and the present functioning of the leaner. Prior to visiting the actual site where the assessment will be conducted, the assessor can elect to review information about the vocation itself, the demands of the workplace, and the learner's development profile. The planning stage also provides opportunity for the assessor to articulate how both formative and summative assessment can occur. This is the point at which the assessor determines if simulation of work skills…

Customer Care Analysis Quality Assurance Means Developing
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10420927
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Customer Care Analysis

Quality assurance means developing operational controls that will ensure that the results match the desired outcomes. Quality Assurance in customer service refers to the process of monitoring and grading representative interactions that will ensure a customer experience that is quality. Customer service operations are designed to keep customers satisfied while at the same time protecting the organization. The main goal of customer service is to help customers solve problems.

Therefore for this function to be carried out effectively, customer service has to be accessible, knowledgeable and reliable and deliver results. To ensure that customer service achieves it set goal quality assurance should be carried out as they apply to how the customers will be served best. Therefore quality assurance identifies the requirements and measures how well customer service is performing with respect to each other. In a nutshell quality assurance in customer service can be defined as…

NVQ code of practice sets out responsibilities for the NVQ awarding bodies and their approved centers for the administration, assessment and verification. The NVQ code of practice therefore supplements, where applicable the requirements of statutory regulations of external qualifications in UK. This it achieves by specifying the additional quality assurance and control requirements that apply and reflect the distinctive character of NVQ. Therefore when external quality assurance is done it has to be in line with the qualifications accredited against these standards in customer service as meeting the assessor and verifier qualification requirements that are set out in the NVQ code of practice.

There are various functions of the external quality assurance for an institution and that if the quality assurance is appropriately applied, it will benefit the institution in a great manner. One of the significant function is the use of the plan to measure quality of education within the organization and as compared to the external institutions. It can also be used to control quality to the desired standards. The plan can as well be utilized in elimination of the bad programs or even departments within the institution. This is also a well structured way of ensuring accountability within the institution. With the proper implementation of the external quality assurance, there is also the assurance of having improvements in general for the institution and the administration (International Institute for Educational Planning (UNESCO), 2011).

The procedures are documented and there is utmost security when sending and receiving details of the results. There is also staff, resources and equipment that in support of assessment of the organization. There are also arrangements in place to obtain a unique learner number and record if and when they are required to do so hence documents are in place to ensure the

Release of Information
Words: 1993 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22341552
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Release of Information

A Quality Assurance Indicator and Process for Measuring the Accuracy of Release of Information Requests

According to James F. Keenan (1993), questions about the accuracy of releases of information have assumed increasing prominence in several areas recently, such as the Persian Gulf war, the physical- and mental-health histories of public individuals, the identification of rape victims, and the threat of AIDS. The debates that have resulted have largely been guided by an important insight: the responsibilities that have been entrusted to particular professions contribute to the determination of whether release of information is considered right and proper. Ensuring such "right and proper" releases of information means having in place a system whereby quantifiable aspects of the underlying processes can be periodically reviewed to determine how well it is working. hile the function goes by many names such as quality control, total quality management, and others, the healthcare…

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Quality and Quality Assurance Significantly
Words: 1742 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20321496
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Literature from past researches also brings the ease of finding relevant information to the study. If the research takes advantage at the recommendations made by past researchers regarding the quality of education within institutions, it paves way for creation of reliably viable recommendations (oss & Onwuegbuzie, 2010).


Alemu, D.S. (2010). Expansion vs. Quality: Emerging Issues of for-Profit Private Higher

Education Institutions in Ethiopia. International eview of Education / Internationale

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Strategic Information Systems' A Strategic Information System
Words: 5960 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12835532
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Strategic Information Systems'?

A strategic information system is a system that enables an organisation to alter the structure of its business strategy so that it can achieve a competitive advantage over others. This system also helps organisations in fastening the time it takes to react and adapt to several environmental changes that take place and makes the overall business structure more efficient. Within a strategic information system there exists a decision support system that helps align business goals and strategies with information systems and technologies.

Write down the various business models of internet.

The various business models of the internet include:

Advertising, Blogging, Affiliate, Community, Utility, Subscription, Brokerage, Merchant, Manufacturer.

Question 3: What is 'Network Bandwidth'?

The amount or volume of data which is being transmitted through a particular network at a given point in time is referred to as a network bandwidth. Network bandwidth's can be affected by software…

Unauthorized Information Systems Access
Words: 1175 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37005463
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Unauthorized Information Systems Access

Scan the Internet for articles or evidence of Bank of America being a victim of hacking. Based on the results of your search, if the bank has been hacked, assess the circumstances around the hacking and the resulting impact to the bank's customers and operations. If the bank has not reported hacking incidents, assess the most likely security measures that the bank has implemented to protect the business from hackers.

Bank of America has experienced many data breaches in the past, yet the most troublesome are the ones where customers' data is stolen and immediately resold on the black market by employees. There are also those instances where employees and subcontractors gain unauthorized access to ATMs and steal money. These are two of the recent incidences of how the Bank of America security systems and processes have been hacked by employees and those operating in the…


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Homeland Security and Information Technology Security and
Words: 2061 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58722985
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Homeland Security and Information Technology

Security and Technology



Geospatial Information System

The 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center raised the awareness of the American public relative to the need for increased national security. The agency that is in the forefront of providing this security is the Department of Homeland Security. This agency is responsible for a broad range of security issues and, as a result, is confronted with a wide range of technological needs. The agency is forced to confront individuals and organizations who have availability to the latest technological innovations available on the market and the Department of Homeland Security must not only be prepared to confront the latest technology it must also anticipate future innovations.

Security and Technology

In today's world dominated by technology possessing information is even more important than it once was. The old adage is that information is power and the adage…


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ERP and Information Security
Words: 8373 Length: 26 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74211420
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EP and Information Security

Introduction to EP

Even though the plans of information security include the prevention of outsiders to gain access of internal network still the risk from the outsiders still exists. The outsiders can also represent themselves as authorized users in order to cause damage to the transactions of the business systems. Therefore, strict prevention measures should be taken to avoid such situations.

The threats of both the hackers have been increased with the software of the enterprise resource planning (EP) (Holsbeck and Johnson, 2004). By performing acts of deception, the system privileges are neglected by them and take old of the assets which are mainly the cash. Its continuous integration has not succeeded in eliminating the threat of hackers who are either the insiders or enter through the perimeter security.

Considering the financial losses caused from the system-based frauds, errors and abuse by business transactions, new ways…


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Governance of Information Security Metrics Do Not Necessarily Improve Security
Words: 2440 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 2084265
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Security Metrics

Governance of Information Security: Why Metrics Do Not Necessarily Improve Security

The objective of this study is to examine the concept that the use of various Metrics has tended to improve security however, Metrics alone may not necessarily improve security. This study will focus on two well-known metrics.

The work of arabanov, Kowalski and Yngstrom (2011) states that the greatest driver for information security development in the majority of organizations "is the recently amplified regulatory environment, demanding greater transparency and accountability. However, organizations are also driven by internal factors, such as the needs to better justify and prioritize security investments, ensure good alignment between securities and the overall organizational mission, goals, and objectives, and fine-tune effectiveness and efficiency of the security programs." (p.1)

It is reported that a survey conducted by Frost and Sullivan demonstrated "that the degree of interest in security metrics among many companies (sample consisted…


Barabanov, R.; Kowalski, S.; and Yngstrom, L. (20111) Information Security Metrics: State of the Art. Retrieved from: 

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Pronto, JP (2008) Developing Metrics for Effective Information Security Governance. Getronics. Retrieved from:

Care Information Systems and Medical Records
Words: 1454 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50831582
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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems Physician's Office Operation

Filling in the hole of health care information technology will endorse safe, capable, patient-centered, and patient care that is fruitful in a timely way. In this essay, the theme is to look into two modern health

care organizations and then compare and contrast many characteristics that will involve the kind of evidence systems are using at the moment, investigate the transmission of information 20 years ago and how the substitute of data today. Furthermore, this essay will cover two major events and technology developments that have inclined present Health Care Informational Services practices.

Compare and Contrast Doctor's Workplace Operation

These day's doctor's office operation is familiarizing to the health care reform that was sanctioned in 2010 by the Obama organization. During sometime in October of 2013, the exchanges in health insurance was available on the market for customers on order to…


Burke, D., Wang, B., & Wan T.T.H. & Diana, M. (2009). Exploring Hospitals' Adoptionof IT. Journal of Medical Systems, 21(9), 349 -- 355.

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Finchman, R., & Kohli, R. & . (2011). Editorial Overview -- The role of IS inHealthcare. Information Systems Research, 22(3), 419-428.

Analyzing University Quality Assurance in the UK
Words: 677 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 27282608
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Role of Defining and Measuring Quality of Teachers in Setting Standards

As the course of higher education is continuously changing, quality teaching has become an important topic. With the geographical and social diversification and expansion of the student body, several new methods of teaching are called on by the students with modifications in interactions between the professors and the students. The fund providers, the employers, the student and families and the government now demand value for their spending and also desire teaching efficiencies. The definition of quality teaching is still not clear with some scholars regarding it as property and some as an outcome; some also considers it a continuous process of decreasing negatives; so, quality teaching cannot be completely appraised or grasped (Henard & Ringuet, n.d.).

The initiatives for quality teaching are extremely diverse in terms of both function and nature. They are taken at different levels, which aim…


Fredriksson, U. (n.d.). Quality Education: the teachers' key role . Education International, 9.

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Power, M. (2002) The Audit Society: Rituals of Verification. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Chief Medical Information Officer Cmio
Words: 2034 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54960335
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The theory has three factors:




Equity Theory -- Stated that a person compares their outcomes and inputs with others. Sarah has a meeting to discuss the salary of the whole entire organization. They realized that women were low paid in comparison to the men. Sarah started comparing herself with one of her colleagues saying that she worked harder than him and she has been there longer than him.

Satisfaction performance theory -- Porter and Lawler (1968a) state that it is not a motivational model that had dealt with the relationship between satisfaction and performance. Sometimes any reward that an employee may get is not related and how well he/she performs their job. Although this case does not tell us what type of reward Sarah was getting for her job we can see that her level of satisfaction she had when doing her job. She perceived that a…

Automative Industry and Computers Management Information How
Words: 1948 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83262302
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Automative Industry and Computers

Management Information

How computers (over the years) have affected and changed automotive industry and auto sales.

How computers (over the years) have affected and changed automotive industry and auto sales.

History of Automotive Industry

Time Line of Developing Technologies

Emergence of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)


The ole of Computers in Sale and Marketing

How computers (over the years) have affected and changed automotive industry and auto sales.

Current essay is a discussion of the role and impact of computer on manufacturing and sales of autos. To better understand how and why the automotive industry is where it is today, a brief historical background of the automotive industry is offered. The development of the automobile can be tracked back to 1769 when Nicolas Joseph Cugnot of France built the first vehicle, (Olsen 2002). Cugnot is recognized by the British Automobile Club and the Automobile Club de…


Banham, R.(2002). The Ford century, Ford motor company and the innovations that shaped the world. New York: Artisan.

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Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Inc.

Geographic Information System GIS and Client Server System and the US Government
Words: 3197 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 64769544
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Client server systems are a group of inter-related subsystems which collaborate together to provide a specific solution or service. This computing model structures diverse and distributed applications, which separates tasks between the providers (servers) and service seekers (clients). Keeping the purpose of this paper in view, the provider-server is the Geographical Informative System and the client is the U.S. government. This paper analyzes Geographical Informative System (GIS) as its client server system. GIS are quite pricey with respect to installation. The primary concern while setting up GIS is:

Attaining the data

Performing quality assurance tests

Quality checks on data

Syncing hardware and software

This case study will go through many GIS projects implemented over the years by various U.S. government agencies. It has tremendous benefits to U.S. organizations, which have gone ahead and implemented them successfully. There are tons of benefits can attained from GIS, by both public and private…


Freeman, M. (2008). Government Technology, available from 

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Apple Inc Information Systems Overall
Words: 3214 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96731670
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Operational implications iPod and iTunes downloads iPod must be an internet-based application. When the customer is online, the iTunes software is automatically tied to the iTunes store in such a way as to ensure that the user is up-to-date. The cover page of the iTunes site is the "store," which assures that any special promotions are immediately visible to the user.

From an operational standpoint, that means that iTunes and Apple need back-end intelligent customer recognition software -- similar to that pioneered by (Moser 2007). The customer's choices, demographics and other elements are gathered and used in order to help suggest additional purchases that the customer will enjoy.

A iPod purchase

Steve Jobs insists that the entire customer experience be stylish, easy and transparent. This extends to the packaging used by iPod: simple, elegant, and ready to use. While there is an instruction manual, everything is done on the…


Best, J. "Microsoft does DRM flaw u-turn.", January 21, 2005: n.p.

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Engadget. "Apple drops "Computer" from name." Engadget. September 1, 2007.  / (Accessed November 12, 2007).

Business Entities Laws and Regulations Information
Words: 2499 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85770249
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Transaction Under Each of the Five Ethical Theories

Ethical fundamentalism:

Juanita's behavior is clearly in contravention of a normative code of ethics since each of the world's religions proscribe bribery. The Bible, for instance, as does the Koran goes on in depth about the severity of perverting justice and bring officials or any one involved in the jurisprudence sector.


Utilitarianism is somewhat stickier in application. If Juanita's behavior provides the greatest amount of people in her environment with pleasure, she can, consequently, proceed. Utilitarianism is, however, not so clear in this situation for how do you define and set the limits to providing happiness t o the greatest amount of people. Who are the majority in this case? Are they the employees in Giantcorp and the bribed official (as well as recipients who profit from the bribe)? Are they competitors to the company? Are they the specific country? Or…

References How to start a construction LLC

Employment Law Guide. Safety and Health Standards: Occupational Safety and Health. U.S. Department of Labor. 

Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Control and the Accounting Information System
Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60807665
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Control and the AIS

Control and the Accounting Information System

This paper discusses the process of integrating controls into the accounting information system (AIS) using enterprise risk management (EM) components. EM is defined as "a process, effected by an entity's board of directors, management and other personnel, applied in strategy setting and across the enterprise, designed to identify potential events that may affect the entity, and manage risk to be within its risk appetite, to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of entity objectives." (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission, COSO, 2004, p.2).

According to COSO, EM encompasses:

Aligning risk appetite and strategy

Enhancing risk response decisions

educing operational surprises and losses

Identifying and managing multiple and cross-enterprise risks

Seizing opportunities

Improving deployment of capital (COSO, 2004, p. 7).

EM integrates concepts of internal control and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Internal controls of accounting systems are intended to protect…

Reference List

Enterprise Risk Management Framework. (2010). Retrieved on April 6, 2011 from 

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Sarbanes-Oxley Essential Information. (2006). SOX-Online.

Healthcare Information Systems
Words: 563 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92488553
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Healthcare Delivery Systems Annotated


Parnaby, J., & Towill, D.R. (2008). Seamless healthcare delivery systems. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 21(3), 249-73.

Towill, D.R., & Christopher, M. (2005). An evolutionary approach to the architecture of effective healthcare delivery systems. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 19(2), 130-47.

intelligent information'systems for cars and highways
Words: 1783 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69713567
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Various smart vehicle and smart highway technologies and systems offer tremendous potential for improving road and vehicular safety. Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS) have already been developed in the United States and Japan, also called Road Transport Informatics (RTI) in Europe (Collier and Weiland, 1994, p. 27). Smart highways are also referred to as Automated Vehicle Highway Systems (AVHS) or Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The lack of global consensus on what to call smart driving and smart highways reflects the burgeoning nature and broad gamut of technologies that need to be further developed and integrated into standardized systems. The most important of the IVHS systems involve both vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technologies. Both V2V and V2I technologies capitalize on software and hardware systems that have already been integrated into many newer automobiles, such as GPS and WiFi. Some systems also require Dedicated Short Range Communication…

Quality Assurance at Acme
Words: 2871 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24574820
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ACME QA eview

The author of this report has been asked to submit a nine-page report on the quality assurance situation at Acme Corporation. While the business is doing some things right, there are some obviously flaws that will be identified and brought out. Along with the identification of the issues, there will also be a pointing to scholarly literature that buttresses the points and assertions being made by the author of this report. While some people over-analyze and obsesses about quality assurance, it is something that matters a great deal and should be taken seriously.

The way in which the analysis will go below is that each point that Acme should pay attention to will be mentioned as its own bullet point. After the flaw or concern is mentioned, there will be a scholarly source that will be used to explain and justify why that particular item was brought…


Automated QA Testing at Electronic Arts. (2014). Communications of the ACM, 57(7),

50-57. doi:10.1145/2617754

Peters, G.F., & Romi, A.M. (2015). The Association between Sustainability

Governance Characteristics and the Assurance of Corporate Sustainability

Understanding Information Security Investigations
Words: 642 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83727317
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Lessons From Target Data Breach

There are several lessons learnt from this case. First, I have learnt that the experience of Target on its data breach continues to jeopardize the confidentiality of stored information and the market value of the firm. Therefore, the company deserves to invest much attention, especially in research. Worry of disclosure of credit card information, private details, and other IDs is often the reason why customers leave companies. After identification of breach, Target Company is compelled to pay court costs, charges and has to get into enhancing its data security. The traders lose assurance in the company and the eventual fall in market value. Many studies have been performed to assess the speculation as further explored in this study (Bayuk, 2010). The primary objective of this document is to evaluate the chance of forecast of a Target data violation and assess its effect on industry value…


Bayuk, J.L. (2010). CyberForensics: Understanding information security investigations. New York: Humana Press.

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Security Implementation of
Words: 3464 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 4428986
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Information System Security Plan

The information security system is required to ensure the security of the business process and make the confidential data of the organization secure. The organization's management is required to analyze the appropriate system to be implemented and evaluate the service provided on the basis of their required needs. The implementation of the system requires the compliance of organizational policies with the service provider to ensure the maximum efficiency of the system. The continuous update and maintenance of the system is required to ensure the invulnerability of the system towards the potential internal and external threats.

Data Security Manager and Coordinator

Develop Plan

Implement Plan

Employees Training

Test Safeguards

Evaluate Service Providers

Internal isks

Change Passwords Periodically

estricted access to personal information

Safeguard paper records

eport unauthorized use of customer information

Terminated Employees 1

3. External isks 1

3.1 Firewall Protection 1

3.2 Data Encryption 1



Baskerville, R., & Siponen, M. (2002).An information security meta-policy for emergent organizations.Logistics Information Management, 15(5/6), 337-346.

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Policy for Accessing a System
Words: 1148 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34954172
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This is very important in the securing of communication taking place over the open systems like the internet. This is done by embedding hidden information in data packets that are being conveyed over the TCP/IP link. The information is embedded in audio, video or even in pictures that are being sent over the link.

Digital watermarking

Digital watermarking involves the use of steganographic techniques to effectively embed information into various documents. This is important for copywriting reasons by corporations. Digital watermarking is then used in embedding a company's copyright into the property of a company. This is then used in prosecuting pirates as well as digital thieves. The copyright or trademark information is embedded in the copyrighted image, audio or video files.

4. Name at least two different Information Assurance (IA) standards, each from a different standards organization. Summarize the standards and explain why they are important.

ETF FC 2246.…


Blyth, a ., Koyacic., G (2006).Information assurance: security in the information environment. Springer Science & Business,

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IAS and DF
Words: 9242 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 56431796
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Assurance and Security (IAS) Digital forensics (DF)

In this work, we take a look at three laboratory-based training structures that afford practical and basic knowledge needed for forensic evaluation making use of the latest digital devices, software, hardware and firmware. Each lesson has three parts. The duration of the first section of the three labs will be one month. These labs would be the largest labs. The Second section would consist of smaller labs. The training period duration in these labs would also generally be one month. The third section would consist of smallest labs. The duration of training period in these labs would be one week. The training will be provided in the field of software, programming concepts, flowcharting and algorithms and logical reasoning- both linear and iterative.

Part 1 Larger Labs:

Lab 1(Timeline Analysis)

Purposes and goals of the Lab (Lab VI):

Use MAC (Media Access Control, internet…


[1] Lab VI: Timeline Analysis. Available at

[2] LAB IV: File Recovery: Meta Data Layer. Available at

[3] Lab V: File Recovery: Data Layer Revisited. Available at

[4] Windows Client Configuration. Available at

Security Breaches Can Occur Either
Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82577020
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Both types -- qualitative and quantitative -- have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the most well-known of the quantitative risk metrics is that that deals with calculation of annual loss expectancy (ALE) (Bojanc & Jerman-Blazoc, 2008). ALE calculation determines the monetary loss associated form a single occurrence of the risk (popularly known as the single loss exposure (SLE)). The SLE is a monetary amount that is assigned to a single event that represents the amount that the organizations will potentiality lose when threatened. For intangible assets, this amount can be quite difficult to assess.

The SLE is calculated by multiplying the monetary value of the asset (AV) with the exposure factor (EF). The EF represents the percentage of loss that a threat can have on a particular asset. The equation, therefore, is thus: SLE=AV*EF. Applying this practically, if the AV of an e-commerce web server is $50,000 and a…


Bojanc, R. & Jerman-Blazoc, B. (2008), An economic modelling approach to information security risk management. International Journal of Information Management 28 (2008) 413 -- 422

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Risk Management the Video Game Industry Forms
Words: 1408 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74808003
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isk Management

The video game industry forms a significant part of the leading companies worldwide currently. The huge diffusion of the internet and associated information technologies over the recent years has raised the need of increased security. Advancement in technology consequently leads to the advancement of video games as well as associated security risks. Some of the common threats and vulnerabilities involving this industry include: misuse by human, hacking, fraud, virus attacks, among others. Such factors can facilitate adversities such as information loss and alteration, and unauthorized access. This paper identifies and assesses potential threats, malicious attacks, and vulnerabilities expected by the organization. It also gives the control procedures to mitigate the mentioned risks and vulnerabilities.

The Threats and Vulnerabilities

There are a number of dominant security threats involving technology and information that affect the organization. Such threats poise a serious disruption to the business continuity planning (BCP) cycle of…


Syed, R and Morh, S. (2011). IT Security Issues within the Video Game Industry. The International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology. Vol. 3, No. 5.

Security Has Become Critical in Almost All
Words: 678 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90480438
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security has become critical in almost all business functions since it can ensure that organizations conduct their businesses and deliver services to the public without any fear of threats or sabotage. The push towards securing organizational information has resulted in the need for developing better metrics for comprehending the actual state of a given organization's security infrastructure (Seddigh et al.,2004).The work of Vaugh, Henning and Siraj (2009,p.9) noted that the adoption of metrics or measures for reliable depiction of the information assurance level that is associated with a given software and hardware system is one of the unresolved problems in the field of security engineering.. In this paper, we evaluate whether devising metrics can really work for Information Assurance programs. We also find out if there is a need for taking additional steps in making sure that the metrics we are using are really measuring our IA programs and strategy.…


Chew, E., Clay, A., Hash, J., Bartol, N., & Brown, A. (2006). Guide for developing performance metrics for information security: Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Gaithersburg, MD: U.S. Dept. Of Commerce, Technology Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Retrieved October 23rd, 2012 from 

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Vaughn, RB., Henning, R., Siraj.,A (2003).Information Assurance Measures and Metrics- State of Practice and Proposed Taxonomy. Proceedings of the 36th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences -- 2003

Combat Supply Support Communications and
Words: 3763 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49506156
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In the 1999 report of William Cohen to the U.S. President and U.S. Congress reveals that the strategic vision sets out what the United States has on its agenda to accomplish in relation to technological and logistical strategies. Included in these strategies are modernization of intelligence processes as well as security, information operations, information assurance, and critical infrastructure protection. In a 2004 Department of Defense Submission - Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Inquiry into Australian-United States Defense Relations' report, it is stated that the alliance, now ongoing for approximately fifty-three years between the United States and Australia "has never been closer." (2004) it is stated that the ANZUS Treaty provides "shape, depth and weight to the Australia-U.S. alliance and remains today the foundation of a relationship that is one of our greatest national assets." (Cohen, 2004) the continued commitment of the United States to the Asia…


Transatlantic Interoperability in Defense Industries: How the U.S. And Europe Could Better Cooperate in Coalition Military Operations, September 2002.:

Engler, Alan; Glodowski, Al; and Lee, Rocky (2004) Coalition Operations: Politically Necessary Yet Operationally Challenging. 8 Mar 2008. Online available at

Cohen, William S. (1999) Annual Report to the President and the Congress. Secretary of Defense DOD report 1999. Online available at 

Statement of Admiral Dennis C. Blair, U.S. Navy Commander in Chief U.S. Pacific Command Before the House International Relations Committee Subcommittee on East Asia and the Pacific and Subcommittee on Middle East and South Asia on U.S. Pacific Command Posture (2002) 27 February 2002 Online available at

Security Balance Control Performance and
Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 28158174
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S. Department of Energy).

Q3. Discuss the internet of things and its likely consequences for developing an enforceable information assurance (IA) policy and implementing robust security architecture.

The internet of things refers to the inevitable connectedness of all things in all regions of the world through the internet. "The fact that there will be a global system of interconnected computer networks, sensors, actuators, and devices all using the internet protocol holds so much potential to change our lives that it is often referred to as the internet's next generation" (Ferber 2013). Although the internet feels ubiquitous today, the internet of things refers to an even more complete merger of the virtual and the real world. "In many and diverse sectors of the global economy, new web-based business models being hatched for the internet of things are bringing together market players who previously had no business dealings with each other. Through…


Ferber, Stephen. (2013). How the internet of things changes everything. HBR Blog. Retrieved: 

Heath, Nick. (2012). What the internet of things means for you. Tech Republic. Retrieved:

Film Review of the Movie the Breach
Words: 1356 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 31436172
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For a criminal investigator, analyzing key evidence is an important part in being able to establish a pattern of behavior for the suspect. The film the Breach, is discussing the obert Hanssen case and its long-term impacts on U.S. national security. To fully understand how criminal investigators were able to catch him requires carefully examining the film. This will be accomplished by focusing on: the facts of the case, the parties involved, the victim's information, the suspects, the evidence, investigative mistakes, procedural errors, interview mistakes and the life of obert Hanssen. Together, these different elements will highlight how a series of critical blunders led to one of the largest national security breaches in U.S. history.

The Facts of the Case

In the film, Eric O'Neal is assigned to work undercover as a clerk for obert Hanssen. Set in the late 1990s, O'Neal's job is to keep an eye on…


Breach. (2010). IMDB. Retrieved from: 

Barkin, S. (2011). Fundamentals of Criminal Justice. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Auditing Intrusion Prevention Detection and Penetration Testing
Words: 3042 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29987577
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Auditing, Monitoring, Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Penetration Testing

The network vulnerability is a major security weakness that allows an attacker reducing computer information assurance. Vulnerability intersects three elements: a system flaw, the attacker is having access to the flaw, and ability to exploit the flaw. Thus, a security risk is classified as a vulnerability that is tied to a great significant loss. The vulnerability can erode data confidential, system integrity and availability of data.

The objective of this study is to carry out analysis of two research articles that discusses the network vulnerabilities in the IT environment. (Jackson, et al.2008, Sommer, et al. 2003). Both articles believe that attackers exploit the network vulnerabilities to inflict damages in the information systems. Moreover, the two articles agree that the traditional securities such as network IDS (intrusion detection system) (Sommer, et al. 2003) and DNS pinning (Jackson, et al.2008) are no more effective…


Debar, H. & Morin, B.(2002). Evaluation of the Diagnostic Capabilities of Commercial Intrusion Detection Systems. RAID'02 Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Recent advances in intrusion detection:177-198.

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Lam, V.T, Antonatos, S. Akritidis, P. et al. (2007). Puppetnets: Misusing web browsers as a distributed attack infrastructure. ACM Transactions on Information and System Security 12(2).

Smart Homes Inc Case Study
Words: 1177 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 2018048
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Database Distribution Strategy

Smart Homes, Inc. required a database distribution strategy for its exciting new home thermostat product. As part of initiatives to develop and establish this database, the firm has created its own Web-based system for registering, evaluation, and controlling a user's thermostat through a mobile computing device. The database design must support a smart thermostat registration system that would support some customer service processes. For instance, when a customer installs and powers on the smart thermostat, the device links to his/her home network and sends distinctive device and environment information to the Smart Home, Inc. system. Moreover, the database must support the collection of smart thermostat data like current temperature, energy usage, humidity, thermostat location, and user-programmed temperature schedule.

Distributed Database Infrastructure

This project is geared toward the development and implementation of a thermostat system that will facilitate many functions provided by Smart Homes, Inc. As part of…


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Polymorphic Malware the Threat Presented
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Therefore it has been suggested that it always preferable to not only pay a subscription to update software currently installed on the system, but to also install the latest software wherever a new version is released (Andrew, 2005).

All programs which are employed should be regularly updated to ensure that they are kept current, and should be run as often as possible to ensure that any threat present within the network does not embed itself too deeply, making it more difficult to detect and remove. If available, all possible auto-protect features should be enabled within the network, allowing the system to update itself automatically on a regular basis, and reducing the risk of malware infiltrating the network.

It is also recommended that frequent checks are performed for security patches and updates which are offered by Microsoft for Windows users, or by the manufacturers of other operating systems. Although enabling auto-protect…


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IT Services of Buildingdna® I Am an
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IT ervices of BuildingDNA®

I am an IT consultant with the objectives of providing recommendations for BuildingDNA Inc. To assist the company increasing its output and the productivity in the competitive business environment. I am also to provide recommendations for the BuildingDNA on the strategy to employ in implementing IT infrastructure design to achieve a leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The design packages are to assist the company to achieve a leading position in IT infrastructures that include: oftware Engineering, ystems Engineering, IT Management and Information Assurance.

More importantly, the goal of the project is to use the IT infrastructures to assist the BuildingDNA, Inc. To fuel very rapid growth by delivering 10-20 maps monthly and reach between 3,000 and 7,000 per month within 3 years. The project also identifies scalable, systematic process and procedure that BuildingDNA will employ in organizing, planning, tracking as well as evaluating the production of…


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An indepth analysis of Risk Management Strategies and Benefits in Cloud Computing
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isk, isk Management Strategies, and Benefits in Cloud Computing











Physical Security

Legal Compliance



Vendor Evaluation

Centralized Information Governance

Other Organization-Level Measures

Individual-Level Security Measures

Cloud computing model

Cloud computing service and deployment models

ISO/IEC broad categories

The emergence of cloud computing has tremendously transformed the world of computing. Today, individuals, organizations, and government agencies can access computing resources provided by a vendor on an on-demand basis. This provides convenience, flexibility, and substantial cost savings. It also provides a more efficient way of planning disaster recovery and overcoming fluctuations in the demand for computing resources. In spite of the benefits it offers, cloud computing presents significant security concerns, which users must clearly understand and put strong measures in place to address them. Users are particularly…


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Presence of Social Media at Linkedin
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Social Media Presence at LinkedIn

Professional Picture Here

Ibrahim Swaray

Cyber Security Graduate/Cyber Security Officer at University of Maryland

idgewood Area, Baltimore, Maryland -- Information and Cyber Security

Current: University of Maryland University of College

Previous: Northrop Tech, CPCI,

Education: University of Maryland

Send Ibrahim InMail

Connect Contact Info

Innovative cyber security graduate seeking position as an IT and Cyber Security Analyst to provide cyber, technical and information security advice for your organizations to protect your information assets.

A broad knowledge of cyber and information security with a good understanding of practical application of various security technologies and their theoretical frameworks.

My Values and Experience

I am a graduate from University of Maryland University College with Bachelor of Science and Master Degree in Cyber Security. My university education and practical knowledge during my industrial experience have assisted me to gain practical knowledge in cyber security that enhanced my greater…


Ford, B. & Risler, J. (2010). Entry-level Cyber Cyber Security Analyst Skill

Development. Cisco.

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Access Control Types of Access
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These certificates are issued by the certification authorities (CAs) and they contain the name, expiration dates as well as serial numbers of the certificates.

OS Hardening

Operating system hardening is the process of addressing the various security issues and vulnerabilities in a given operating system via the implementation of the latest Operating system patches, updates, hotfixes as well procedures and policies that are necessary for reducing the number of attacks as well as system downtime.

Application hardening

Application hardening is the process of addressing the various security issues and vulnerabilities in a given operating system via the implementation of the latest application patches, updates, hotfixes as well procedures and policies that are necessary for reducing the number of attacks as well as system downtime.

Transmission / emote access protection protocols

The transmission protocols that are necessary for the information assurance include the used of https as well as FTP. Https…

Cyber Terrorism
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Cyber Terrorism

The Internet that we know today and use in our everyday lives was founded in the early 1970s. But all through the Cold War, the apprehension of data theft led to the Internet becoming a decentralized system. But it was not until the late 1980s when the Internet, after years and years of research was made available to public. This was a big change because now anyone in the public could gain access of huge amount of data from anywhere in the world. The following list tells us how Internet can be used to spread evil, and assist terrorist organizations to apply more danger and fear to the world. According to Weimann (2004), the Internet has:

- easily approachable

- no single controller or regulator to control or censor information

- the makings for widespread spectators all round the globe

- the power for the user to remain…


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Enterprise Architecture in an Organization
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Enterprise Architecture

Barratt, C.C., Acheson, P., & Luken, E. (2010). eference models in the electronic library: The Miller Learning Center at the University of Georgia. eference Services eview 8(1), 44

The authors of this article provide the most effective ways of providing support to the patrons of the large university to ease the undertaking of activities within its electronic library. The authors conducted research to evaluate the effectiveness of different models of providing research services for the students in a large research university, hence, its strength. The study is important for the study as it provides information about the different models that can be used in providing a better architecture for a research library for the universities involved in research.

Author Note: the authors have vast experiences as librarians and researchers in different universities. Barratt works with the Miller Learning Center as an instruction librarian. Acheson works with Public library…


Kasmaee, F.K., Nassiri, R., & Shabgahi, G.L. (2010). Achieving CMMI Maturity Level 3 by Implementing FEAF Reference Models. International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology, 2(4), 115-122.

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Web Marketing Analysis of Nflshop com
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Read Full Paper  ❯ is designed for the impulse buy of the loyal fan, and strives to capitalize on team loyalty over its own website's loyalty. This is where the site could improve. It is too focused on team loyalty at the expense of its own website loyalty. This is evident in the very small font and graphics navigation for signing up for the site and for requesting a catalog. As a result, the site must do the majority of its sales purely on impulse purchases.

Despite this shortcoming, the site delivers on the critical success factor of delivering trustworthy content and information assurance (Kim, Sivasailam, ao, 344). This aspect of the site is what makes it succeed; it makes the site trusted with loyal NFL fans. This catalyst of trust compensates for weaknesses in navigation and the lack of loyalty it is generating for the site itself.


The critical success factors…


Chang, H., and S. Chen. "Consumer perception of interface quality, security, and loyalty in electronic commerce. " Information & Management 46.7 (2009): 411.

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Idses Best Practices the Dependence
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HIDS are not deployed in the network but rather within the machine or system needed protection. Thus, configuration of HIDS is dependent on the device they are installed on and different devices require different configurations and rulesets. Hybrid IDSes are a combination of two or more IDS components and provides one of the highest levels of protection ion information systems assets and resources. However, this kind of deployment mean more resources need to be allocated to ensure optimum functioning of hybrid IDSes.

From the various IDS components available, IDSes can also be differentiated by their detection types. These detection types can be signature-based, anomaly-based and stateful protocol inspection. The following are the differences in the detection types of IDSes (Scarfone & Mell, 2007):

A signature is a pattern that corresponds to a known threat. Signature-based detection is the process of comparing signatures against observed events to identify possible incidents.



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