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Among the great features of Gothenburg is the Gothenburg Opera House, the Liseberg amusement park and Universeum, a great place to take the family because kids will love the discovery and science center at Universeum.

Boat trips are available that take visitors out into the harbor and into the archipelago further north. Marstand in the archipelago and is well-known as a great place for yachting and yacht racing, and it is easily located from Gothenburg.

A couple of great Swedish traditions include "The Day of the Herring" (in June) during which Swedes make it a point to eat herring; many chefs have seminars teaching people how to make a "Midsummer herring dish." There is a floating hotel and restaurant (the Salt & Sill), and while on board a visitor can devour a three-course dinner and a night's stay in the Bed and Breakfast for 65 British pounds.

The Port of Gothenburg, the largest port in Scandinavia, sees over 11,000 vessels dock each year, and in fact nearly 30% of all foreign trade with Sweden comes calling at the Port of Gothenburg. There are rail shuttles, and ocean going cruise liners as well. Twenty-four rail shuttles leave the Port of Gothenburg daily, but the port is known more for the enormous amount of cargo that arrives. Of those rail shuttles, they are bound for -- or arriving from -- inland terminals in Sweden and Norway.

Having a rail link to islands means that companies don't have to use highways and 18-wheelers to transport goods between Norway and Sweden. In fact because highways aren't needed for this transportation dynamic, Sweden is able to save 50,000 tons of carbon emissions are saved each year.

As for the Port of Gothenburg, some 887,000 containers, 227,000 new cars, 1.7 million passengers, 20.4 million tons of oil and 41.8 tons of freight arrives at the Port of Gothenburg annually.

Stockholm and the East Coast of Sweden

The capitol of Sweden is not like a typically overgrown American city with cookie cutter houses sprawling out for miles beyond the suburbs. In fact Stockholm is a watery venue, spreading out beautifully over 14 island in Lake Malaren, and looking out to the Baltic Sea. The country of Sweden has a population of over 9 million and a beautiful coastline of 1,999 miles. The highest point in Sweden is almost 7,000 feet and for fans of Steig Larsson's Millennium Trilogy books in Stockholm the place to visit is Sodermalam.

Stockholm is 700 years old and its old town is truly a throwback to earlier days in Europe. There are cobblestone streets, old churches with tall steeples and gothic architecture, classy bars and restaurants and unlimited cafes with strong coffee and sweet baked goods.

When visiting is it suggested the tourist buy a Stockholm Card which offers unlimited rides in the busses, the trains and the metro; in addition, the Stockholm Card gives visitors free admission to museums and other public venues that offer entertainment and culture.

The east coast of Sweden, the Archipelago, has many fishing villages and marine activities in gorgeous surroundings. Arkosund, in the Archipelago, is a launching place for those folks who wish to visit the many beautiful, pristine islands in the bay of Braviken. The amenities in Arkosund include guest harbors, fuel for the boats, a community that is spirited and a jetty that can be seen and enjoyed from a hotel veranda. There are a multitude of activities including swimming, fishing, and simply strolling along the water.

Another venue on the east coast of Sweden is St. Anna, which lies in the middle of the Ostgota Archipelago and is known for an amazing number of stunningly beautiful and unspoiled islands. Visitors can rent a kayak or a boat (rowboats are popular) or take a tour boat out to any of the islands. Also in St. Anna, the local historical association offers a museum with the history of this gloriously natural place.

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