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Sears Holding Cooperation Business

The corporation Sears Holdings was formed in 2005 after several companies merged to form the conglomerate. The corporation is ranked tenth in the U.S. In terms of retail sales and it is widely spread in the nation through its 4000 outlets. The company's head quarter is located in Hoffman Estates. The big corporation serves a large client base thus the need to invest in an efficient customer service department. The organization uses it workers to ensure that the services dispensed to the customers are standard. Establishing a good relationship between the business and clients is one of the mechanisms used by the corporation to maintain high sales in the organization. The sales department falls under the human resource manager.

Efficient human resource department ensures that selection of personnel in the organization is done in the right way. Staff selection is important in the corporation where the department ensures that the workers enrolled into the company have the skills required to deliver quality services. The corporation undertakes training of new personnel to ensure that the services delivered to the customers are consistent with the organizations culture. Old staff is also taken through refresher courses to ensure that the organization maintains quality service delivery (Mathis & Jackson, 2010).

Performance evaluation is done on a regular basis by the human resource department to ensure that the organization performs as expected. Team analysis is done during performance evaluation to ensure that the workers are working as a team. Performance evaluation has enabled the organization to maintain control over the operations in the corporation. The management is able to make timely decision to control the performance of the organization. The organization also promotes personal development of its employees such that the workers are encouraged to work hard and grow through the ranks in the corporation. Human resource decision making ensures that the workplace environment is conducive for the workers to maximize their potential.

Human Resource Decision-Making

Human resource decisions are crucial to an organization. Different types of information are required by the human resource department to ensure that informed decisions are made in the corporation. The job specification is one of the information that is important in decision making. The human resource team should know the objectives of the workers in each job group and ensure that the job specifications are met by the workers. The organization should ensure that all the jobs in the organization are advertised to ensure that many people have access to the post. The management should interview the applicants for the vacant post to ensure that the most qualified applicant gets the job (Werner, Schuler & Jackson, 2012).

The human resource team answers to the finance department with regards to the remuneration paid to the workers. The information about a workers qualification, the job group and statutory pay is crucial to the human resource department. The organization operates under a budget and should ensure that the company is able to remunerate all its workers. This information is useful when the organization is recruiting new workers into the organization. This information is also useful in worker promotion and determining the amount of money the organization will spend on training.

Human resource decisions are largely influenced by the culture of the organization. Sears Holdings are an equal employment employer providing a balanced working environment for all its workers. The organization should consider gender and ethnic diversity in the organization to ensure that the working environment is conducive. Maintaining a balanced working environment also enables the organization to serve a diverse community thus increase its client base. Information about religion, race and sexual orientation would thus be useful to the human resource department. This information can be used in decision making to ensure that a diverse workforce is hired by the organization (Desimone, 2011).

Information transfer in the organization is important to the growth of the organization. Information on labor relation is used by the human resource department to interact with the workers and evaluate the challenges they face. Communication with the worker representative enables the organization to make informed decision which can be used to avoid labor crisis in the organization. This information includes the workers rights and practices in other organizations that influence productivity in the organization. Competitive working environment in organizations that compete with Sears would cause loss of workers that are assets to the company. The human resource team has to evaluate the working environment to ensure that they maintain a qualified workforce (Werner, Schuler & Jackson, 2012).

Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting and selection process are used to ensure that the best candidate for the job is selected by the management. This required a specialized human resource team to ensure that the laws governing the workers are not bleached by the company. Sears Holding uses some of the practices considered ethical in the field of recruiting and selecting its staff. From developing criteria to select workers to employing the suitable worker, the company uses several steps that are considered best practices. The first step when a position becomes vacant in the organization is to develop a selection criterion for the post. This is done by ensuring that the job specifications are updated and determining how criteria will be accessed.

The organization then advertises the job using the relevant media. For internal post, the organization may advertise the post to the workers in the organization through the use of internal memos or through direct communication to the workers. For job positions that need to be advertised to the public, the company's website and print media are some of the reliable media used to advertise the posts. The advertisement should show the job specifications and other important information that the candidate may be interested.

The candidates have to apply for the post through application forms that can be filled using the methods specified by the company. The company uses forms on the company's website to evaluate the candidates. Once the preferred candidates are identified, they are shortlisted so as to participate in an interview. Short listing is a way to cull out the candidates that lack the required qualification and make the recruiters work easier. The candidates are then tested to further thin out the unqualified candidates. The human resource team should ensure that the tests are standard and updated on a regular basis (Desimone, 2011).

Interviews then follow after short listing to narrow the options for the company. After the interview the organization makes a decision on the workers to be recruited in the organization. The candidates are ranked and the team selects the highly ranking candidates to take up posts in the organization. Medical examinations are important to ensure that the worker would not cause health concerns in the outlets.

I would recommend a mentorship program as part of the recruitment program in the organization. Sear Holding should have a mentorship program to ensure that the organization maintains a consistent organizational culture. Consistency is important in ensuring that the organization has a loyal client base. Mentorship is where the old worker mentors the new workers on how services are dispensed in the organization.

Human resource policies

Organizations competitiveness is influenced by the human resource policies it implements. The human resource policies communicate a lot to the customers visiting the organization and the workforce in the company. On of the influential policies that affect the way Sears Holding conducts its operation is its policy on any protected form of discrimination. The organization ensures that it is an equal opportunity employer providing its candidates with equal working opportunities in the company. The company also ensures that it caters for disabled workers. The provision for disabled workers is to ensure that the company does not suffer any hardships when catering for these workers.

The company has a diversification…

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