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Securing Effective Employees

Company Competitive Advantage

Despite the fact that job seekers are the ones who predominantly try to make themselves attractive to the potential employer, there are numerous instances where the organization has to make itself look more attractive to the talented potential employee in order to get the best out f the available talent out there. Some of the ways that an organization can make itself more attractive and win the talented employees over the other organization is through displaying the positive organizational traits. The traits of an organization can make a talented employee to opt for them other the others and some of these traits are competence and innovativeness of the organization, sincerity, friendliness, trust, kindness and provision of a family like atmosphere. Familiarity is yet another way through which an organization can gain competitive advantage over other competitors when it comes to getting the best talent into the organization. The familiar firms are more liked since people remember and associate them with positive things and job seekers are more likely to get the necessary...


In this case in particular, I would choose Mary over Alice despite the fact that Alice had more years of experience in working within her docket. This choice is informed by the personal perspective that the two candidates have on the job requirements and satisfaction derived from it. The fact that Alice cannot work on commission is a first indicator that she fears challenges that may come with job and does not like to be placed in a competition kind of environment. The rigidity that Alice portrays by refusing to work over weekend makes it impossible to execute the needed jobs when it is absolutely necessary to have it done over the weekend, which means the company will have to yield to her needs even if it means hurting several other employees which is not right. As the years go by, the demands of the job on the employee becomes more particular and detailed hence absolute concentration is needed and distractions such as shown by Alice will mess things up. On the other hand, Mary exhibits an…

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