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6. When would you suggest using negative match for keywords? Please give a specific example of a keyword and a related negative match.

The intent of using negative keywords is to trim back the number of items returned in a search, making the results delivered more relevant. The example shown below illustrates how a search of the New York Yankees could be made more relevant by removing the local New York football teams.

Negative keywords: New York Giants, New York Jets

7. Using the information provided in the attached Excel spreadsheet, please answer the following questions:

a. What is the clickthrough rate (CTR) for the keyword, Rock Band 2? Please illustrate the formula used to derive your answer.

CTR = (Clicks/Impressions) x 100

.15 = (16,797/110547) x 100

b. What is the CTR for the overall campaign?

.046 = (575,082/12,282,679) x 100

c. What is the CPC for the keyword, Xbox 360? Please illustrate the formula used to derive your answer.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

(Clicks/Cost) = CPC

28,564/$9,850.36 = $2.89

d. How many sales would it take to drive an $8 cost per acquisition (CPA) for the keyword, Rock Band 2, at the given spend level?

It would take 80 sales a day to drive an $8 cost per acquisition.

i. If the CPA increases to $11.00, what is your new max CPC?


ii. What is the ROI based on a $5,402 profit?


e. Given the attached campaign results, write an email to your client that highlights at least three insights or optimization recommendations for the account.

To: Client

Subject: SEM Optimization Recommendations

Based on an analysis of the current strategies and keywords in place, the following three recommendations are made for increasing SEM performance.

1. It is highly recommended that the existing keyword advertisements be re-written for a more optimized set of keywords. Existing keyword advertisements are not performing at a profitable level today as a result.

2. The entire Q4 Shopping Campaign is inefficient and needs to be revamped with more effective use of keywords and better use of cost-per-click bidding. This would drive up the CTR for the entire campaign, which is exceptionally low today.

3. Consider using negative keywords to more effectively guide keyword…

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