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Gay Marriage be permitted in the United States

Over the last several years, the issue of gay marriage has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because there has been a shift in social attitudes and beliefs about homosexuality within society. As, more people are supporting the idea that these individuals are entitled to the same constitutional protections as the rest of the general public. At the heart of this debate, is the controversy surrounding gay marriage. Where, both sides have made compelling arguments that are in support and against making this practice legal. For many individuals, the issue has become clouded with heated emotions that are not based on logic. Instead, the two sides are busy saying how bad the situation will be if the opposition is to prevail. These kinds of scare tactics have caused many middle of the road Christians, to oppose gay marriage because of these viewpoints. At which point, an individual will more than likely become entrenched in the negative beliefs they have about gay marriage. To have true understanding of this idea requires: comparing historical biblical traditions with what many opponents are saying. Once this occurs, it will offer specific insights about how this is not just a constitutional right. But, it is an inalienable one that is given to us from God. This is when we can see how gay marriage is about: issues of morality and equality that are combined together.

What is the Bible saying about Gay Marriage?

Contrary to what many Christians believe, the Bible does not specifically condone the practice of gay marriage. One of the theories why, is that the authors of the different texts were not concerned about homosexuality. Instead, they were focused on helping to spread the word of God and the various ideas that Christianity represented. Evidence of this can be seen in the book Genesis 19. As the men of Sodom, tells the angles to send them all male visitors so that they may know them better. The man that they are working with prior to these events (named Lot), bargains with these individuals and offers them his virgin daughter in place of the men. This is important, because the fact that they want all male visitors is an indication of how common homosexuality was. (Jefferson) (Sullivan)

As a result, the Bible is filled with countless examples illustrating how homosexuality was a common practice. Yet, it is not openly talked about because most people did not view these activities as morally wrong. Some good examples of this can be seen with the fact that these kinds of behaviors were not specifically forbidden anywhere in the Bible (i.e. The Ten Commandments or the teachings of Christ). This is significant, because it is highlighting how the practice of homosexuality is not prohibited by God. (Jefferson) (Sullivan)

Then, there is also the fact that the institution of marriage is more social than secular. As, history will show that this practice dates back as far as the ancient Romans, to establish some kind of social and financial support structures. Once the church began to increase in size, is when they created a number of different rules surrounding what practices were considered to be acceptable. Over the course of time, this meant that a series of guidelines evolved that specifically told everyone what was acceptable under social standards determined by the church. This meant, that religious leaders decided that the institution of marriage is based upon a man and a woman being legally united together. For those individuals who were gay, this was the beginning of centuries of persecution based on sexual orientation. As the church determined that those who were of this particular persuasion were seen as in defiance of the laws of God. Over the course of time, this led to views that homosexuality and gay marriage were immoral. When in reality, they are considered to be acceptable practices, as they are not specifically forbidden anywhere in the Bible. (Jefferson) (Sullivan)

These different elements are important, because they are showing…

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