Smoking From the Beginning of Thesis

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Thus, he is presenting it as it would presumably be ok for children to smoke. Along with Eckhart, the movie presents an alcohol merchandiser and a gun trafficker and the three of them as a team fighting about who sells the most dangerous article. Eckhart proves to be scruples and able to use almost any method to create a good image for tobacco in the U.S.

The film leaves the audience with a better understanding of how easily people can be influenced by mass-media and crafty spokesmen. Americans are known for their reluctance from accepting T.V. broadcasts as being true, but films as "Thank you for smoking" often prove suppositions of being wrong.

Eckhart, as almost any demagogue is shown as having trouble in his personal life because of the lies that he tells. Moreover, in reality, he seems to have a different opinion when concerning the consequences of tobacco use.

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