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Alcohol Essays (Examples)

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Drinking a Love Story Knapp
Words: 351 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59294567
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For a recovering alcoholic, it may seem the temptation to drink is overwhelming and ubiquitous. Alcohol can even be considered normative to the point that people who abstain are considered deviant. As Knapp points out in Chapter 16 of Drinking: A Love Story, recovery is a daily, sometimes hourly struggle as she longs to drink even while she yearns for healing. Her healing process might seem easier with temptation kept at bay, but one of the most salient points of Drinking is that an addiction can migrate as a person shifts from one compulsion to another without resolving the underlying psychological trauma. If not alcohol, it could be something legal like prescription drugs or sniffing glue. Criminalization does not prevent addiction; it only pushes it underground and makes it much harder for people to heal, to be open with their problems, and to build resilience.
When Knapp goes so far…