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Adult depression affects millions of people in the United States alone each year. Whether it is acute or chronic depression, the symptoms often form a debilitating daily life that attributes to poor quality of life for those afflicted. SpeakUP and the Joint Commission offers a brochure on adult depression helping people learn what to look for in someone that is depressed. The brochure is not only a great way to raise awareness for adult depression, it also provides on the first page, useful links to various organizations that help those depressed, get help. One of the biggest ones is the suicide prevention lifeline phone number and website.

Just like kids and teens, adults battle depression too. Without the tools and information to understand and combat depression, adults may end up dealing with depression for years alone and isolated. The brochure is meant to show readers that there is hope for depression and people can get help. This review highlights the various bits of useful information the brochure contains along with how successfully or unsuccessfully the brochure displays the selected information.

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Aside from the first page that has the various links for mental health evaluation and information, the first page has an introduction talking about the seriousness of depression. It has warning signs listed that help people identify if they suffer from depression. These warning signs are low, energy, tiredness, eating more or less than usual, sleeping more or less, among others. These symptoms are often ignored and dismissed. The brochure highlighting such symptoms...


The first are the kind of people affected by depression and those are people with health issues, people experiencing or who have experienced trauma, those with family history, and so forth. Another main topic are treatment options. People can seek professional help and/or reach out to friends and family. A third topic is what people should know about medicines. Medicines that treat depression among other mental disorders have to be taken consistently and for long-term in order to take effect. These are known as SSRIS. Besides medicines, talk therapy, a fourth main topic, can be an effective way to treat someone's depression. The brochures makes a note to suggest speaking to someone else if one does not feel comfortable talking to one particular therapist.

Another important main topic is help from family members or friends. Friends and family member are meant to be there and show support. The brochure explains family and friends can get a loved one to appointments and keep the person motivated and focused towards his/her goals. A fifth main topic covers what people can do to feel better. Helpful suggestions like getting enough sleeping, eating healthy,…

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