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Case Study: Teen Depression

Teen depression needs serious attention since it occurs at that phase of life when young adults start to explore life and its adventures. If the starting of their life is negative, then there is a negative impression on their minds for the rest of their lives. This paper explores the symptoms of teen depression and it impacts adolescents in terms of physical and mental health. As expressed in the case, the clinical manifestations of teen depression are obesity, poor physical hygiene, being socially isolated, and having suicidal thoughts. These symptoms are in line with those of adolescent depression that include suicidality, issues in proper functioning in the society, and low physical and mental health (Maughan, Collishaw & Stringaris, 2013).

According to the case, Thomas might have shown initial signs of depression due to his mother's death, moving to another place, and having problems in adjustment, especially in the new school where other students did not accept him wholeheartedly. They started to bully him, which he could not tackle and could not tell his sister about it. He thought he was of no use to the world and should be better off if he died. Teen depression cannot be quickly overcome since it has severe implications that could be life-long. It needs long-term treatment and psychological counseling (Mayo Clinic, 2018). Hence, the above mentioned were all clear indications of prehypertension that also stemmed from his obesity.

As Thomas remained absent from school, his sister was unaware that he was suffering from severe bullying and resulting depression. Nurse interventions could help eliminate the problem as adolescent depression is majorly seen in over two-thirds of school districts (Puskar et al., 2006). Nurses could do health education in schools since counseling is already provided at most schools. School nurses could identify risky behaviors that might lead to hurting oneself and should be stopped before time.

The contact with all the students would allow the nurse to scrutinize his intentions, and assessment of mental health needs would be timely done. The nurse would conduct constant encouragement through mentoring by the nurses and a therapy session. The holistic approach provides a means for screening…he is a threat to himself or the others. A further decision was also based on this survey that whether he should be recommended for a psychiatry institute and its relevant therapies for bringing positive improvements in his behavior. The results showed that he should be admitted to the mental health unit under patient safety precautions. The safety precautions were necessary to be watched for possible suicidal attempts that the survey disclosed he had already thought about and tried.

Suicide affects almost all age groups, but the age group, under its greater effect, is between 10 to 34 years (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020). It is the tenth key death-cause in the United States and has caused negative economic impacts. It is not about the individual himself only; it is about the community he is associated with. If Thomas commits suicide, then his sister and her son, who was the only close person to Thomas, would be in shock and depressed. The statistics also showed that nation is affected by the costs of suicides up to $70 billion per year as there…

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