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However, those activities are not sports. They are exercises. Sports incorporate rules of play, forcing participants to follow the rules or be disqualified. Referees are essential for ensuring that rules are not broken and players are not cheating. The referees must be familiar with all rules of play, and also serve as judges. Many sports involve an apparatus such as a ball, but not all sports involve them. For instance, track and field events pit one athlete against another and the clock; no ball or disk is involved. Geography is essential to sports, as the players as well as their apparati (such as the ball) must stay within a designated play area. Time is used differently in different sports. Some sports depend on the clock, whereas in others, game play can go on indefinitely until some score or scoring situation is achieved.

Their rules of play may differ, but all sports are athletic competitions with clearly defined rules. Money is not essential to sports, although sports are played at the professional level. Competitiveness, athletic skill, and rules are the core components of sports.

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