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Two hours to the south, Australia's highest mountain range provide slopes for ski enthusiasts; while two hours to the east, locals and visitors may bask in the sun shining on miles and miles of untainted Pacific Coast beaches ("Where Is Canberra?" 2008).

Either direction you decide to go in life, why not make a point to slow down and to explore and consider Canberra as the place for the change you need in life. Sure beats speeding down the wrong way.

TAPE - Estimated time: 30 seconds

Fact to Factor

The following "Fast Fact," could be included in each component of campaign, contingent on client's approval.


Cost of living

Whether you are buying a house, parking the car or sipping a coffee, you'll find it's cheaper in Canberra. Here's how some of the costs stack up, in $AUD:

All day parking in the city: $5.00 - $7.50

Cappuccino: $3.00

Movie ticket: $15.50

Bus ticket: $3.00 (weekly Faresaver $22.00)

Entry to Australian War Memorial, National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Australia, Canberra Glassworks: Free

Pool admission: $4.50

Entry to National Zoo and Aquarium: Adults - $23.50, Children 0-3 - Gold coins, Children 4-15 - $12.50

Floriade entry: Free

Median weekly rent: $343 per week

Median house price: $403,000


Someone once said, 'Canberra is just full of hot air' - and it is! Watching our colourful balloons dancing across Lake Burley Griffin in autumn truly is one of life's magic moments. And speaking of autumn, Canberra is one of the few places in Australia where you really can enjoy four distinct seasons with buckets of sunshine all year round.

You can expect warm to hot summers, clear, crisp winters, spectacular springs and balmy colourful autumns. Fact: Canberra enjoys more hours of sunshine than Sydney or the Gold Coast.

Average maximum temperatures

Summer (December-February) - 27 degrees

Autumn (March-May) - 20 degrees

Winter (June-August) - 12 degrees

Spring (September-November) - 19 degrees

ACT school holidays

In Australia, the school year begins in late January/early February, with short breaks in April, July and September. The school year finishes just before Christmas, with the long school holidays over the Australian summer in December and January.

Fast facts

Population: 336,000

Median age: 34 years

Average full time weekly income: $1,287

Average commute time to work: 15-20 minutes

Driving time to Sydney: 3 hours

Driving time to NSW coast: 2 hours

Driving time to NSW ski fields: 2.5 hours

Unemployment rate: 2.5% (4.3% nationally) ("Fast Facts" 2008)

Creative Rationale

This proposition satisfies the client brief and the Return on Investment R.O.I. test, as this proposition invested a myriad of research, creative energy and development to produce this Stop...Go...Stay...campaign.

As the following formula for literal investments in the financial realm notes, the gain the client will receive from the initial investment, after the cost of investment is subtracted, will outweigh the amount invested. (Return on Investment - ROI 2008)

To completely satisfy the client, however, this copywriter would have to better heed the message of the introductory quote:

If an American child misbehaves, his mother says 'be good'(which implies he's being bad).

The French mother corrects the child with, 'Be wise.'

The Scandinavian mother says, 'Be friendly.'

The German mother says, 'Be in line.'

But the Hopi Indian mother says, 'That is not the Hopi way' (Raphel 2008)."

To do this, the copywriter would have to invest time with the client, one on one, and learn more, particularly the audience to be targeted for this campaign.


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