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maintain global growth and assure "Premier Global

Company status?

Streamline management and oversight-eliminate organizational complexity.

Improve coordination of research and development-acquire technology from outside sources.

Improve coordination among subsideraries.

How should Canon combat closing markets?

Increase manufacturing in unhospitable countries

How should Canon integrate new technology?

Canon dealer training

Parts/Manufacturing, piecemeal introduction of new technology.

Key Issue Justification

Since its formation, Canon has been a very successful company, growing every year. The company wants to become a "Premier Global Company." That is, they want company profits to make up at least 15% of revenues. In order to achieve this goal, the company must streamline its management, get rid of micromanagement and superfluous superstructure. In addition to that, the company must focus research and development more tightly on profitable technology as well as coordinating R&D spread out in a variety of places. Canon lacks communication between its manufacturing facilities.

3.Key Issue Resolution Options

3.1 Separate manufacturing/distribution worldwide.

3.1.1 This option will require that the manufacturers and the distributors worldwide.

This would entail each operating company build its own management and planning organization. The setup would be similar to that of a franchise, where the Canon holding company would manage and advertise the Canon brand name, much like McDonalds does for the franchises. This may be the best option to avoid…

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