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¶ … Team motivation

The motivation that a team receives from the leadership will determine if the things that are to be done will be done by the team members and willingly so. Often there have been confusion of motivation to be equal to monetary reward or compensation, yet studies have shown that this is a very insignificant part and majority of the motivation is tagged on aspect like recognition, extra provisions like health cover, appreciation of effort made and delegation of duties. The project leadership needs to remove any obstacles or constraints that hinder their working, they need to have psychological safety and be treated fairly (Brown K.A. & Hyer N.L., 2010: Pp49).

A motivated team will ensure that there is synergy within the team hence have a common purpose and vision and the effect will be a faster achievement of results and higher performance in terms of quality. The factors that have been implemented are the recognition through giving badges and titles as well as appreciation that the project managers make towards the project team members. The effect of this is that the project team member feels part of the team and hence contributing more positively. The team members will also ensure that they give full cooperation with the management and also feel free to give any noble idea or contribution in the process of implementing the project, as opposed to strictly following the rules and guidelines given.

2. Conflicts within a project

In the process...


The most common sources of conflicts in a project as follows;

The schedule conflict- this is considered to be one of the most common source of conflict in a project. Placing an appointment with leaders of a project or the team members or even managers related to the project. In order to solve this, there is need for the team manager to have a meeting before the commencement of the project and allocate one day a week where each person has an open schedule.

The project priorities - there will be conflict when not all projects are given the attention they deserve and this is common when there are short deadlines since each individual will have a different perspective of what is of greater priority hence inevitable conflicts will come up. In this case, the project manager needs to liaise with the team members and help them set priorities on projects and the related assignment to avoid conflicts.

Manpower resources - this is yet a common source of conflict in project management. This comes up when there are few people to work on the large amount of work in a project with a short deadline. There will be overwhelming of the manpower and people turning to each other and even the manager hence precipitating a conflict. To avoid this, the project manager needs to higher qualified member of the team and especially at the administrative level, so that the other team members are free to work on their technical sections.

Personality conflict -- this is yet another common source f conflict where people have divergent personalities and still have to work under the same manager handling the same project. Here, there…

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