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applying psychology to leadership

Words: 1040 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: personal reflection Paper #: 54934881

This course provided me with the opportunity for a structured exploration of critical concepts of leadership, specifically what leaders can do to influence their followers in the workplace. The readings provided me with a strong grounding in the key material on workplace motivation, and from there I was able to apply my knowledge of research methods to determine the best way to solve a problem. I think that overall this was a highly valuable course for me, one that will give me the tools to be a better leader for a long time to come.
The capstone project ties together what I have learned about motivation, and how leaders can influence motivation, into a project that will add value to the overall study of workplace motivation. There are really two elements to this learning. The first is the understanding of fundamental principles that I acquired, and the second is the…… [Read More]