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Creating an effective library social networking platform needs to start with a view of how to create a content management system (CMS) first (Dickson, Holley, 2010). The CMS serves as the system of record of all catalog and collection items, providing valuable statistics on how each book, content and collection item is being used (Shapira, Zabar, 2011). This is extremely valuable information for each department in the library to better plan how they are using the content and managing collections. In front of the CMS, there are a variety of user interfaces available that resemble Facebook and also have messaging capabilities similar to Twitter. An excellent CMS will also have the ability scale to each of the core technologies included in Appendix A, providing a solid foundation for communication and collaboration both between the library and its patrons and between departments as well (Dickson, Holley, 2010). From a departmental perspective, the use of a CMS will also ensure that each department in the library also can stay coordinated and in tight collaboration with each other. The CMS will also ensure that workflows that had been used separately can now be integrated together in a single platform that can also be selectively added to as the library adds content and new collections. A state-of-the-art CMS will also ensure that the library has control over the taxonomies and approaches used for continually updating and managing the catalog and associated content (Rutherford, 2008). Having a social networking-based front-end will drive up adoption rates with both patrons and library staff. Analysis of the Benefits and Costs of Social Networking Upgrade

The benefits of implanting social networking applications on a CMS platform include the following:...


There are also the costs of continual maintenance and support, and the costs of training to keep the system up and running over the long-term.

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