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¶ … Alice's Adventures Wonderland popular children's books time, ( sequel, Through Looking-Glass What Alice Found There 1871) print. It considered beginning fantasy genre children adolescents. Lewis Caroll's 1865 novel "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is a timeless text, considering the way that many individuals throughout time have had the tendency to identify either themselves or some feelings they were experiencing with the book's protagonist. While it might seem that the story is about a girl coming across a series of silly episodes that are similar to most tales. In reality, upon further analysis someone might discover a multitude of instances involving satire and irony. The novel is also largely meant to relate to the experiences that a person goes through as he or she attempts to discover themselves.

Alice essentially goes through a process that makes it possible for her to mature and to gain a more complex understanding of the world. The fact that she is doing this while being away from home further contributes to the seriousness behind the story, considering that the writer seems to aim at having readers comprehend the significance of an experimenting in order for a person to...


Rowling's Harry Potter book "Prisoner of Azkaban" seem like they do not care about Harry or any of the other students at Hogwarts. When regarding things from a more general perspective however, one is likely to realize that they are actually determined to assist children as they experience a process during which they get a better understanding of the world and can eventually get actively involved in a society that is specially designed to fit their type of thinking.
To a certain degree, it would be safe to say that the adults in Rowling's book are employing a tough-love kind of attitude as they want to teach their students more about life and about the way they need to behave in order to succeed. The Ministry of Magic seems to have very exigent rules and it supports the idea that only those who are worthy need to succeed, regardless of their position or age. "Similar prejudice is applied to other beings who possess magical powers without being "pure" wizards, and whose valuable skills are shunned rather than celebrated by the wizard authorities." (Hall 148)


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