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Collaboration, Cooperation, and Coordination in Strategic Planning

Organizations succeed by adopting rules and regulations that bring all the stakeholders together in such a way that they work in harmony without any contradictions. It is in this regard that the managers of any organization have to involve as many stakeholders as a way of centralizing operations. Even thou the various departments in an organization are supposed to be independent at all times, the work of each needs to be coordinated. In the event that all those who want to be considered handle specific operations, prioritization is needed from the onset of work that is done. In most instances, benefits do come from the enabling of an environment that seeks to be enjoined to the center of operations.

Strategic management is all about the work that touches on the benefit of all the stakeholders. It is the style of management that considers all the important interests of everyone in the organization that draws and justifies this kind of management. A manager is always required to be in touch with the relevant stakeholders concerning the importance of handling every kind of role that comes forth. In management,...


This has been the basis for handling work with the need of being in touch with the relevant stakes in the organization. In most cases, the leaders are required to be enjoined to the mainstream developments at work and be in touch with the relevant stakeholders who are mostly enjoined to the leadership.

The principle of collaboration dictates that all activities an organization must be handled with the concern they deserve. This will be achieved by having the different departments in an organization handle the work that meets the basis of integration. The basis of this is where the departments are merged to meet the basis of threshold where all that is done linked to each other (Advani, Chopra & Delhi, 2010). It is also good to have them understand a specific target that the management can consider it as a success. In this instance, it is noted that leaders have a role to unite for a common course. Unity of purpose is the rally call for collaboration. The acknowledgment that everyone is needed for the management of services to be done explains the importance of dealing as…

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