The Problem With Sony What to Do When the Hackers Come

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hacking of Sony's network information systems last year that led to the pulling of a big-budget comedy from theaters and the resignation of head Amy Pascal remains a current problem for businesses and not just Sony. As The Wall Street Journal reports, this incident shines a light on the protection that businesses need against hackers -- but it also highlights the need for management to communicate with more self-awareness, always considering that someone somewhere might be listening. Words do come back to haunt us, as Amy Pascal has learned the hard way. Fritz (2015) of the Journal reports that "Ms. Pascal was outraged and upset at the way her emails were picked apart by the media and even found herself chased by paparazzi amid the controversy over whether Sony would release the Seth Rogen comedy "The Interview," which the hackers -- said to be connected to North Korea -- wanted to keep out of theaters." The hot button issue here is two-fold: first, cyber security; second, management not using derogatory terms or slurs in private communications.

The lesson here is that systems need to be tighter. Every business should be guarded against cyber attacks. The symptom -- the political fallout of exposure -- is not
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the real cause. The real cause is a lack of security -- and not just cyber security. Pascal acted without discretion when she used negative language in her correspondence. This was not the type of discretion that executives should show in leadership positions and when the public found out as a result of the hack, the root problem was revealed: poor leadership at Sony. The advantage to this problem is that it exposed a weakness in the system; the disadvantage of course was that it cost persons their jobs and their security.

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How secure are businesses and organizations from cyber attacks? Groups like Anonymous are now well-known for striking out at organizations that pose a threat to public safety. Fox News recently reported that Anonymous hacked into the Cincinnati Police Department's database and published a list of police addresses following a shooting that took the life of a black man in the city.

The problem here is two-fold: first, there is a lack of security infrastructure in businesses…

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The strengths and interests I have gained in the study of management/leadership during my journey are that I now understand the importance of a strong leadership theory and the value of organizational culture as well as the importance of security. I'd like to research these topics, therefore, in a case study like the one described.

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