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¶ … Moving from Beginner to Intermediate Web Designer Once one has the foundation for web design, there are steps one can take in order to further one's path to becoming an expert in the field. At this stage, the introduction into web design has already been made and so it is important to take on more responsibilities and challenges in order to fine tune one's skills and advance to an intermediate level. Focusing on broadening one's knowledge and capabilities helps tremendously, as does actual hands on work in the field. By working on increasing the scope of one's skills, more advanced capabilities are possible.

One of the best tips for advancing to an intermediate level is to increase one's familiarity with different techniques. Ultimately, this means learning different languages and dabbling with coding in different styles than one learned in the more basic beginning processes. Beginners tend to favor one language in particular, but that is not feasible in the real world as a professional working in the field. Different clients and projects will require knowledge and use of a variety of languages, depending on the unique elements of the project design. Thus, as one is continuing to build skills, it is crucial to expand knowledge of various languages. This often means stepping out...


If you are more comfortable with HTML or MySQL, begin to digest new languages that are much different. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, both independently or under the guidance of professional supervision. Having a mentor and teacher is optimal, but not always practical. After the beginning stages of web design, it is possible to expand your knowledge independently, as you are already familiar with some of the core concepts. Use the knowledge of other languages to help assist in the learning and use of new ones. The real world is not limited to a single coding language, and neither should your knowledge if you hope to move beyond that of a beginning level. Still, having someone to lean on is a huge way to improve one's skills. Thus, finding a teacher, mentor, or even professional to collaborate with is a huge aid to moving beyond the beginning stages of web design. This could be someone you just shadow as they conduct their own coding on their own projects. Simply observing their techniques can help fine tune your own and give you new ideas for searching for and correcting errors that would otherwise be impossible to trump in the beginning stages of coding. It is also helpful to work collaboratively with someone at a higher level of web design than yourself. Look for someone working in the language style you want to improve in and ask to collaborate on a project together. This challenges you,…

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James, Justin. (2009). 10 tips to go from a beginner to an intermediate developer. TechRepublic. Web.

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