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Training & Development There are several steps in the employee training design process. A training design process takes the company from the initial step of identifying whether training needs to be done and what training needs to be done, through to the final stages of evaluating the training and making adjustments to the training program to make it more effective (Noe, 2012).

A precursor step in the training design process is to recognize that there is a deficiency in the organization, wherein some training can help to resolve this deficiency. This is a necessary step, because without it the training design process will never occur. But for example, if a company recognizes that its employees lack the skills with social media needed to maintain a positive company image, then all it really knows is that there is a need to improve the knowledge and skill level of employees with respect to social media. That is too vague to be considered useful for training purposes, and this is the point where the training design process begins.

The first step in the employee...


At this point, the company has a sense of where it is, so what it needs to know is where it is going. If it knows where it wants to end up, in terms of the employee knowledge and training, then it is in a much better position to set out an effective course of action. The next step is to acquire the training resources and create a schedule. Experience with training is usually needed in order to do a good job of understanding the resources required. The company must understand how much money is required, how much employee time is required, and how much trainer time is required, and whether or not it has these resources in house or not. A training course can be developed in-house, or it can often be purchased off the shelf. There are limitations to the latter approach, in that an off-the-shelf solution tends to lack customization. The schedule can be developed concurrently, so that the company's estimates for time can be affirmed. The schedule sets out the timetable, and the timetable should have already been understood in the context of the goals for the training, which should have had a time dimension to them.

The training course should involve effective…

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