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Transformational Leadership Research Themes

Finance transformation and challenges of transformational leaders to deliver more effective and efficient services based on leveraging new technologies and business models.

Theme 1: Technology

Theme 2: Practical Application

Theme 3: Challenges

Theme 4: Theory

Sabatier et al. (2012) used the drug industry to highlight some issues with transformational leadership and their resultant models as they are practically applied. The major theme of this article revolves around Theme 2 and Theme 3 as the article is premised on the idea that the logical approach to a successful business model is dependent upon integrating technology into its overall business strategy. The article addressed Theme 1 within the premises of the article. They wrote "in high technology fields, technological discontinuities are not enough to disrupt an industry's dominant logic. Identifying the factors that might trigger change in that logic can help companies develop strategies to enable them to capture greater value from their innovations by disrupting that logic."

The article eventually concluded their argument by touching on all four of the aforementioned themes. The summary discussed the impact of new technologies and how they are rapidly affecting those theory merges with the idea that transformational leadership must successfully collaborate and blend resources in a technologically-dominant industry.

Article 2

Smith et al. (2012) used a paradox theory to help explain transformational leadership in a new and practical manner. The heart of this article addressed Theme 4 and the roots of theory as they may be applied to practical situations. The article was premised on the idea that leaders have a responsibility to both social and commercial interests. These challenges demonstrate the relationship to both Themes 2 and 3.

The root of the problems exposed in the research suggest that leaders in business are caught in between the paradox of creating money for the business yet also maintaining a balanced approach in dealing with the social issues that are associated with that effort. The article addressed Theme 1 of technology by suggesting that the speed and capability of business due to technology is at the source of much of the tensions that are being experienced in this dual faceted paradigm. The research offered a conclusion that suggested that the integration of these ideas, and resolving the paradox, can create a new model based on theory and experience.

Article 3


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