Trip: Pack And Re-Pack Your Goals And Term Paper


¶ … trip: Pack and re-Pack your goals and dreams Isn't it everybody's dream to be rich, talented and world famous? Well you better prepare for the worst.

Unless you get a grip on reality before it's too late, the road to superstardom is an unfulfilling and pitiful path that dead-ends in a tragic nightmare, according to the storyline of three modern films.

The main characters of the films "Nashville," "The Rose" and "Citizen Kane," all worked hard to make it to the top but hit the downhill slide as their original goals were lost in the quagmire of excessive behavior that followed meteoric success. The characters of these films illustrate that fame, wealth and superstardom without direction can blind us and isolate us from the very real people with whom we share the world. Where did they go wrong?

Let's take a look to avoid the pitfalls.

In all three pictures, the...


Rather than continually celebrating their celebrity with partying, debauchery and nonsensical activities with foolish hangers-on, the would-be superstar needs to aim for the future to give the present any meaning.
If the main characters of the films re-adjusted their value systems and changed their goals to focus on new aspirations, they may have survived their success.

Living life in the public eye is a contributing factor to the would-be superstar's demise. It becomes, as it did to the Janis Joplin-like Rose, that being recognized is a handicap. For example, could you imagine that every time you had a drink it could be written up in The National Enquirer or STAR that you're a drunkard?

To live with that kind of worry is enough…

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