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United States from Nigeria in order to add to my life and career experience. I began my venture by joining the United States Navy. My main motivation for this was to raise the necessary funds to enroll in a college. After one year I was honorably discharged as a result of glaucoma, and I could not raise the funds that I needed. This however did not deter me from my plans and I enrolled in a local community college instead. Here I made the Dean's list after one semester, and received a scholarship. It is also here that I continued to develop my interest in finance and banking.

One of the reasons I want to continue with graduate work in this field then is the fact that my work and studies so far have unlocked the world of finance for me, and I find the pursuit of the field extremely satisfying and fulfilling. I also feel that my motivation and ability to work hard both in
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a professional and college environment specifically qualify me to move ahead in the field of finance.

In terms of experience, I obtained an associate degree in business and a Bachelor's degree in economics. During my years at college, I taught economics at the college learning center. This is supplemented with work experience such as beginning as a security officer at Marriott Hotel in Boston, where I am now the front desk manager on duty and overnight account auditor. The latter gives me the opportunity to work with the field I am interested in - economics and accounting. In total I have been with the company for four years.

In addition, I also trade stocks on a nearly daily basis. This experience has provided me with an impressive portfolio and further experience in the financial field. One of my main reasons for deciding to obtain an MBA then is that, while my work at Marriott has been extremely fulfilling, it is more managerially oriented than the financial field, where my interest lies.

During my studies I have…

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