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Nigeria Essays (Examples)

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Reasons EbonyLife and University of Lagos Should Partner
Words: 921 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 23849794
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Proposal to Build Cinemas on the University of Lagos Campus
To the University of Lagos,
EbonyLife is at the cusp of a groundbreaking new era of entertainment in Nigeria. It offers a rich, diverse, engaging and award-winning array of fine films, comedies, dramas, talk shows and much more for today’s Nigerian audiences. EbonyLife has partnered with numerous entities over the years to bring culture, enlightenment and entertainment to people in a number of venues. Today, we at EbonyLife want to grow our cinematic presence and partner with the University of Lagos in the development of a 3-screened cinema of 500 sq. meters on the University’s campus.
The purpose of this project is to provide students and employees at the University with the opportunity to be part of the next stage of evolution that is happening at EbonyLife and throughout all Nigeria in the arts and entertainment industry. Being at the…

Positive Stories of Lagos
Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 17492030
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It is an unfortunate truth that much of what puts Lagos and the wider country of Nigeria in the spotlight is commonly negative and skewed against both geographical areas. However, the emergence of the movie “The Royal Hibiscus Hotel at the Toronto International Film Festival is going to change that for the better. Indeed, that title is the only Nigerian film that will be shown at the festival. Even with that movie only being one of many that will be shown at the same, it is still a ripe and perfect opportunity to show the progress that Lagos has made. It can be said that much of what has happened in the past of Lagos is not positive. However, there is a litany of stories that show a number of important facts about Lagos and Nigeria that people should know.
First, Lagos and the wider country of Nigeria is the…

Non-Governmental Organization Placement
Words: 5902 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51627492
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Nigeria Orphanage

Non-Governmental Organization Placement: Examination of the Experience of Students In NGO Placement

The objective of this work is to examine the experience of students on the NGO placement in Nigeria. The NGO at focus is that of St. Joseph Orphanage and Women Development Center. The writer of this work was provided with an excellent opportunity to exam the organization chart and policy of the non-governmental and non-profit organization. In addition, the writer of this work was provided with insight on how the organization raises money to finance and sustain its diverse projects in Nigeria. During the course of job placement of this researcher with this NGO organization, and specifically St. Joseph Women Development and orphanage center it was amazing to realize that Media and Communication organizations play a significant role in the promotion and creation of community awareness and awareness on the national level. Consideration of the barriers…


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Elections Pale Against Boko Haram Threat
Words: 1059 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 84719397
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Nigeria Election and Media Coverage

The Nigerian elections committee has postponed the national election until March 28, 2015. The election was scheduled to take place on February 14, but growing concerns about violence and security issues have triggered this cautionary response. Yet, there are some who believe that postponement will not substantially result in improved security, and instead will worsen conditions. Nigeria's security chiefs are not confident that they can keep voters in the northeastern region of the country safe from the extremist militant group Boko Haram. Hundreds of schoolgirls were abducted in the northeast Nigeria last spring, and Boko Haram fighters attacked a village in neighboring Chad in February.

President Goodluck Johnathan's decision to postpone the election until security improves does not align with his position for most of 2014 in which he attempted to diminish the militant threat. As Boko Haram's attacks have become more blatantly daring, the…


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Adler vs The Federal Republic
Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 20789399
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11 million. He was asking the court to order the Nigerian government to return the total amount of money that was sent to them during this time. The reason why, is because there was a number of government institutions that were utilized as a part of the fraud. The court sided with Adler, based upon the fact that officials did not act in good faith. However, Adler was forbidden from receiving the money because he has dirty hands from activities such as: paying bribes and large kickbacks. ("Adler vs. Federal Republic of Nigeria," n.d.)

Do you agree with the decision of the court? Why or why not?

I agree with the decision of the court. The reason why, is because anyone who is engaged in illegal activities cannot come back to the courts and demand that they need compensation when they have been wronged. As, they knowingly broke the law…


Adler vs. Federal Republic of Nigeria. (n.d.).

Niger Delta Oil Disaster A
Words: 1000 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10586220
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Anyanwu and Obire (2009) note that oil spills like those seen in the Niger Delta leave soil barren for years, devastating not only the resources that were present at the time of the spill, but eliminating any resources that could be reaped from the area in future years (Anyanwu and Obire 211). This notion was mirrored by a 2009 agricultural study conducted in the area of the Niger Delta, which found that the negative impact of the oil spills on agricultural production was found to, reduce crop yield, pollute the rivers for fishing, and reduce land productivity and farm income, along with the standard of living of the Nigerian people (Aviomoh, Okoh and Ojogwu 62).

The future state of the affected area continues to look bleak, especially from the outside world who is largely incapable of understanding Nigerian motivations to continue serving the oil industry in a manner that sacrifices…


Akpomuie, Orhioghene. "Tragedy of Commons: Analysis of Oil Spillage in the Niger Delta." Journal of Sustainable Development, 4.2. (2011): 200-211. Web.

Retrieved from: ProQuest Database.

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International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 6.2. (2011) 211-221. Web. Retrieved from: ProQuest Database.

Justification for the Research the
Words: 1101 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 57738505
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H3: Credit historical data is prevalent in the available IB systems for SMEs.

Additionally, we find that the primary concern for banks is the trend of SME's short-term lines of credit.

H4: Among the SME credit history, the usage level of their short-term lines of credit represents their main determinant.

The financial structure as well as its effects is never the only determinants of the default probability as measured by rating systems. The profitability performances plays a relevant role in the credit evaluation process of a given (Edmister, 1972, Pagliacci,2006). This statement is then verified by the 5th hypothesis:

H5: An increase in profitability of an SME improves its rating.

The variables that plays a role in the failure prediction

The failure prediction models are based on a standard set of variables/indicators. Extant literature indicates that these variables can be divided into there main categories (Altman,1968; Caouette et al., 1998;…


Altman, E.I. (1968). Financial ratios, discriminant analysis and the prediction of corporate bankruptcy. Journal of Finance 23, 589-609.

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Berry, a., & Robertson, J. (2006). Overseas bankers in the UK and their use of information for making lending decisions: Changes from 1985. The British Accounting Review 38, 175-191.

Three Corporate Governance Theories
Words: 686 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34980421
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Africa in general, and igeria specifically, are both going through turmoil and change on a daily basis. Companies and firms and even government entities are being forced to make changes in the way the govern and are governed. Current literature is ripe with examples such as the review that determined that "though high dispersed, both within and between firms, corporate in the selected countries are relatively not independent" (Kyerboah-Coleman, 2007, p. 350). Failures abound in many industries and corporate governance affects almost every area of business. There have even been "major failures in corporate governance at banks" (ew African, 2010, p. 63). Along with corporate governance, other factors are present such as the lack of technology. Once recent study determined that "except for the introduction of online registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in igeria, no serious integrative reform has been undertaken" (Bolodeoku, 2007, p. 107). Of course problems…

New African (2010) Banking revolution continues, Issue 494, pp. 62 -- 64

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Candix Firm Candix Represents a Company That
Words: 1988 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25553287
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Candix Firm

Candix represents a company that came into existence after extinction for various economical and organizational issues. In order to revive the organization, the transaction system in 2000 was mainly on the provision of procurement services to the oil and gas market and industry in Nigeria. To supplement this development, the company also executes engineering projects to oil and gas industry and the government of Nigeria. The company operates on the organization of six members constituting the board of directors. The business transactions have not been notable for the company hence realization of numerous challenges. The task is to enable the company develop effective and efficient transaction system to meet the needs and satisfaction of clients or consumers in the market. The company operates on three main activities or categories in order to enhance the total revenue hence expansion of production levels. The three activities are procurement of goods…


Teplicka, K, & ulkova, K 2011, 'Kaizen and Its Applying during Cost Decreasing In Process Of

Production Firm Maintenance', Annals of the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara

International Journal of Engineering, 9, 3, pp. 315-318, Academic Search Complete,

EBSCOhost, viewed 26 July 2012.

Competitiveness of Sustenance Lithographic Printing Industry With
Words: 8843 Length: 31 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 16155101
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Competitiveness of Sustenance Lithographic Printing Industry with the Digital Printing Industry: A Case Study of the Lithographic Printing Industry in Nigeria

Major Constraints Affecting the Lithographic Printing Industry

The Effect of the Total Quality Management System on Lithographic

Industry and Compliance with a Changing World

Comparison of Lithographic Printing and Digital Printing to Develop

Avenues to Increase the Sale of Lithography

Stakeholder Opinions of the Proficiency of the Lithographic Printing


Although facing obsolescence from innovations in digital printing technologies, the lithographic industry is faced with several constraints to its competitiveness that form the focus of this study. The overarching aim of this study is to investigate and explore the future of the lithographic printing industry and develop ways on how lithographic printing can be sustained in the changing world of emerging technologies in the printing industry today. In support of this main aim, the study's objectives were to: provide…


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Wicked Problem Royal Dutch Shell and Its
Words: 5672 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1285730
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Wicked Problem: oyal Dutch Shell and Its esponse to the Nigerian Oil Spill

Major oil companies such as oyal Dutch Shell are responsible for hundreds of oil spills every year that cumulatively involve millions of barrels of oil. The harmful effects of such oil spills on the environment is well documented of course, but less well documented are the different types and levels of responses that are used in response to oil spills in developing nations and those used in affluent nations. While oil spills such as British Petroleum's recent rupture of its Macondo well offshore United States are the focus of a massive and expensive coordinated response, far less attention is paid to oil spills that affect emerging nations such as Nigeria. This is not to say, of course, that all major oil companies -- including oyal Dutch Shell -- are completely abrogating their corporate responsibilities for oil spill…


Cocks, T. (2011, December 27). 'Shell says Nigeria oil spill contained.' Thomson Reuters.

[online] available: -


Duncan, H. & Duke, S. (2010, October 13). 'Royal Dutch Shell Wades in with Attack on BP

Market Analysis Arik Air Based
Words: 3615 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 97373357
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(Dunn, 2009)

Arumemi-Ikhide believes that Arik can succeed due to a combination of the opportunity -- helped by economic and air transport reforms in Nigeria -- and the capability to deliver a high quality product." (Dunn, 2009) Also stated by Arumemi-Ikhide is that this "will be a key in differentiating it in the international market and providing feeder traffic. That will be the lifeline for the international network. That's what sets up apart from our rivals." (Dunn, 2009)

Martin Russell states in the report entitled: "Arik Air: The Future of African Aviation" that both the "internal opinion of African air travel and that of onlookers overseas was bleak before the arrival of Nigeria's newest treasure, Arik Air." (2008) Russell states that the aviation industry is African is "hampered by somewhat less predictable weather and frequent storms" resulting in aviation in African being "far from predictable with temperamental skies that readily…


Nigeria's air traffic grows by 31% during 2008; defies global slump (2009) TradeInvest Nigeria Thu, 05 Mar 2009. Online available at: 

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Dunn, Graham (2009) Arik Air: Pressing Ahead with International Plans. 3 June 2009. Airline Business. Online available at:

Clean Development Mechanism Created Power
Words: 4741 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27607717
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Criteria of buyer/investor on project type and location

A huge variety of CDM project locations, types and sizes exists and these are open to potential CDM investors. The national investment climate plus factors at the national level influence decisions on where, what type of projects to undertake as well as whether they ought to be developed as CDM projects. The investor's role in CDM project influences the physical spread of the CDM market. For instance, a technology provider who is offered payment partly via CE revenues may have a broad list of options of potential areas where to locate the project but a smaller choice of project type to engage in. Some funds set aside and intended for CDM funding have been decided upon as intended for specific project types and specific geographical areas. For example, the Spanish Carbon Fund directs its energies towards establishment of CDM projects in North…


Austin, D. And Faeth, P (2000). Financing Sustainable Development with the Clean

Development Mechanism. World Resource Institute, Washington, D.C.

Banuri, T., Gupta, S., (2000). The Clean Development Mechanism and Sustainable

Development: An Economic Analysis. Asian Development Bank, Manila.

International Human Resources
Words: 3739 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92099512
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International Human Resources

Culture, Political, Economic and ocial Contexts of Nigeria Under the ubject of International Human Resource Management.

This paper is solely related to the International human resources practices, the uses of international human resources aspects as well as implementation within Nigeria. The paper has been explored several positive and negative aspects of Nigeria related to IHRM and whether it is feasible for global companies to operate and use the labor of Nigeria for making higher profits over there.

International HRM growth and significance

After attaining global scale, any company may be bound to utilize numerous resources and opportunities like global scale, scope, local differences adaptation and tap into best resources and locations associated with global presence in Nigeria and other countries. These are important opportunities in Nigeria because after exploiting such opportunities, the global image can be transformed into top global image (Hollinshead 2010, pp.233-262).

The opportunities can…

Schuler, R., Dowling, P., & De Cieri, H. 1993, 'An integrative framework of strategic international human resource management', deciding An IHRM Approach 449 International Journal of Human Resourc Management, Vol.1, pp.717 -- 764.

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Tomkins, R. Battered 1997, PepsiCo licks its wounds. The Financial Times, vol.26.

Putting Tourism Markerting to Good
Words: 1306 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16438464
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The services will take the form of "recreational experiences and hospitality." They will be generally focused on providing customers with the highest standards of accommodation and meal preparation and serving, but will also include other additional services. The services will be structured onto two categories: activities within the hotel and activities outside the hotel. The first category will include dinner parties and movie projections.

The second category of additional services will be structured based on customer needs and preferences. For instance, for those consumers who prefer to relax in the sun, the hotel will prepare beach activities. On the other hand, for the quests who prefer an active vacation, the hotels will prepare trips to natural reservations, parks and hiking in the mountains, accompanied by a local guide. And for the customers who prefer the cultural side of Nigeria, the hotels will organize excursions to cultural destinations.


The location…


Tourism in Nigeria, Online Nigeria, , last accessed on October 17, 2007

70 Exciting Tourist Destinations in Nigeria, Nigeria Online,,last  accessed on October 17, 2007

Why Nigerian tourism should get on the web, ODILI Net, October 14, 2007, , last accessed on October 17, 2007

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African States Have Been Embroiled
Words: 1490 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 85975706
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eligious Conflict -- Nigeria has a variety of regionally oriented religions, often based on tribal structure and culture. However, the two largest religions are Islam at 50% to a 48% Christian semi-minority. The northern areas tend to be Muslim, a mix in the Middle political region, and Christian in the oil rich south. eligious conflicts come into play in that most of the Muslims are quite conservative but most of the monetary power lies in the Christian regions. The minority religions are tolerated, but have no real political or social power. It is when the religious conflict aligns with the tribal conflict that more serious issues occur. This is especially true in the Delta region -- already a hot bed of ethnic issues, but when those ethnic issues also include serious religious conflicts, even more conflict appears. We should note, though, that without the ethnic and minority disagreements, it would…


"2008 Human Rights Report: Nigeria." (February 25, 2009). United States Department of State.

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Cited in: /stories/200804140655.html' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Communications Ethics Organizational Communications and
Words: 1594 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17772094
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China, India, and Nigeria have all had difficult relations with the est. But the examples of Bank of America and al-Mart show that a nation can put the past behind, if there are sufficient economic incentives to do so, and if the existing organization capitalizes on local strengths, such as a need for jobs, profitable wages for both the local population and the outside organization, and the desire for foreign capital. In the case of India, India has benefited from the influx of foreign money and technical knowledge, while the foreign company benefited from local technological know-how, a common language, and new technology to make outsourcing of it jobs profitable. China created cheaper goods for American consumers and generated a new base of consumers in China. But Halliburton failed to show respect for Nigerian environmental regulations, and paid the price in profits.

orks Cited

Agencies. (23 Nov 2004) "al-Mart concedes…

Works Cited

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Jingjing, Jian. (29 Nov 2004) "Wal-Mart's China inventory to hit U.S.$18b this year." China Daily.

Regional Development
Words: 3041 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59924753
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Regional Development

The differences in the level of development in the world regions emanates from the regional disparities in the individual country economies. This result in regional inequality within that country; therefore, regional inequality with respect to a country is the eminent disparity between the living standards that apply in that country. It is a hard task to quantify the level of development, prosperity or poverty in a country or region. However, some indicators show the level of development. Across the world, every nation has a challenge in achieving regional development equality, the difference coming in through the degrees of underdevelopment. The most affected nations by the inequality balance rank are the developing third world nations, Nigeria being among them. Nigeria has a rich endowment of natural resources, minerals and able population. However, the country faces a challenge in establishing itself as an economic superpower in Africa and the world…

Overarching Goal of This Study
Words: 18833 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98616754
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Good researchers tend to pull methods out of a tool kit as they are needed" (2006, p. 54). Notwithstanding these criticisms and constraints, though, most social researchers seem to agree that classification by some type of research paradigm is a useful approach based on the need to determine which approach is best suited for a given research enterprise. In this regard, Corby concludes that, "The contested nature of research makes it impossible and unhelpful to ignore the different aims and purposes of various research projects and the methods and approaches being used to carry them out" (2006, p. 54). Therefore, the different aims and purposes of the positivist research paradigm, the constructivist research paradigm and the pragmatic research paradigm are discussed further below.

Positivist Research Paradigm

The positivist research paradigm is a quantitative-based approach that generally seeks to identify trends and patterns that can be used to formulate predictions concerning…


Ames, S.L., Gallaher, P.E., Sun, P. & Pearce, S. (2005). A Web-based program for coding open-ended response protocols. Behavior Research Methods, 37(3), 470-471.

Authors provide a description of a Web-based application that provides researchers with the ability to analyze participant-generated and open-ended data. Authors note that the application was developed in order to take advantage of online surveying based on its ease of use and flexibility. Authors note that this application may be of particular value to researchers who are employing large sample sizes that are frequently needed for projects in which frequency analyses are required. The application uses a grid-based set of criteria to establish codes for participant-generated and open-ended data collected from online surveys and can be applied for scoring results from stem completion,-word or picture associations, and comparable purposes in which such participant-generated responses require categorization and coding. Authors advise that they use this application for their professional online surveying purpose in experimental psychology to examine substance abuse patterns derived from participant-generated responses to various verbal and nonverbal associative memory problems, but that the application is also appropriate for other research areas as well. Authors also note that the application helps improve survey reliability by providing a systematic approach to coding participant-generated responses as well as evaluating the quality of coding and interjudge reliability by researchers with little or no specific training for the purposes. Authors conclude that the coding application is helpful for survey research that uses open-ended responses in virtually any research area of interest.

Austin, T.M., Richter, R.R. & Reinking, M.F. (2008). A primer on Web surveys. Journal of Allied Health, 37(3), 180-181.

Authors report that survey research has become a widely accepted research methodology that has been facilitated through the introduction of computer-based and online survey methods. Authors also emphasize that although electronic survey methods are useful in a wide range of settings for a variety of purposes, they are not appropriate in every situation. Online surveys involve various technologies that have not been available (or required) for paper-and-pencil surveys and require special considerations involving their design, pilot testing, and response rates. Authors present the results of their empirical observations and professional experience in using Web-based surveys to illustrate some of the advantages and disadvantages of the approach, including security and confidentiality issues (they make the point that electronic surveys are particularly vulnerable to compromise and that survey data must be protected as the research progresses) as well as the special considerations that must be taken into account as they apply to this surveying approach. Authors also discuss issues such as sampling error, a "how-to" guide to writing survey questions for online media, and how to order questions to ensure that respondents answer accurately and faithfully. All in all, this was a very timely guide for researchers for identifying when Web-based surveys are most appropriate and what factors should be taken into account in the design, posting and analysis of online surveys.

Strategic Studies Outline the Evolution
Words: 721 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88691799
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Nigeria has defined its policy by a 'concentric circle' model. The core is "the economic viability and full mobilization of the resources of the country [of Nigeria], in which the internal security forms the foundation for a realistic diplomacy" (Agreen 2010).When the core is taken care of, then Nigeria can take into consideration the economic viability of its people. "The second circle takes into consideration the strategic interest of the states in the West African sub-region. The third circle involves Nigeria's foreign policy involvement in the African continent" (Agreen 2010). However, one of the problems with such an approach is that it can be difficult to create a coherent national policy when Nigeria's personal interests clash with those of another African state's or when two states have competing interests and Nigeria must 'take sides.'

Q3. A failed state in Africa

The term 'failed state' is not a generic one, but…


Agreen, John. "The problematic of redefining Nigeria's national interest in the context of global diplomacy." Point Blank News. 2010.

[May 12, 2011] 

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African Cuisine
Words: 3878 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 55277217
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African estaurant evival

New York is home to people from all over the world, and it is well-known that they often bring with them cuisine from their homelands. Foodies descend on food courts in subterranean malls in Queens, ussian bakeries in Brooklyn, and ethnic food trucks pretty much anywhere throughout the five boroughs. For being a cosmopolitan city with such cosmopolitan tastes, surprisingly little attention is paid to the diversity of African food. The continent of Africa is rich in food tradition and, increasingly, we are seeing these traditions manifest throughout New York. This trend is occurring in many places, in particular Manhattan and Brooklyn. In fact, several openings over the past few years have dramatically altered the African dining scene, and this development is very much worthy of coverage. This citywide exposure to the African food trend makes it an excellent topic heading into the summer eating season.



Kugel, S. (2007, March 18). Sampling a Continent at Home. Retrieved from 

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Challenges of Opening NYC Restaurant
Words: 4930 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 66820861
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NYC African Restaurants

African Restaurants

African Restaurants in NYC

The restaurant's soft industrial lighting makes the chrome gleam. A soft and expansive backdrop of blue gives the space a cool and slightly futuristic industrial like a hip loft in the future. Exposed brick walls are tinged in a blue sheen and the distressed wood chairs and tables have been stained steel gray and have marble table tops. In three weeks, Cisse Elhadji, the owner of Ponty Bistro in Midtown, will open his new restaurant La Terengea. Located at 144 West 139th St., the restaurant us nestled in between the Hudson and Harlem rivers a few blocks west of the City College of New York. The location of the restaurant is quite lucrative given its relative proximity to both Central Park as well as Yankee Stadium.

Though Elhadji has succeeded once with an African restaurant, La Teregenga is still a gamble.…

Working for International Peace
Words: 1293 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93243834
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Mitigating Lawless African Acts

Problem Definition and Intervention Description

Boko Haram is a militant Islamist organization that it terrorizing large portions of Nigeria, since at least 2011 (Uhrmacher and Sheridan, 2106). Their methods are fairly typical of terrorists. These include suicide bombings, kidnappings, and attacks on everyday civilians. The crux of their methodology is that they are targeting civilians since they do not have the means to battle the largely Christian government via conventional warfare. Therefore, they have resorted to terrorist attacks to cause residents to flee and to attempt to gain territory in such a manner.

The principle means of intervening in this activity is to aid the Christian government of Nigeria with forces that are opposed to terrorism. This aid will include those marshaled and containing troops from the United States, Western Europe, and the United Nations in general. It is critical to supply the Nigerian government with…

Global Law and Politics Political and Legal
Words: 1871 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51280401
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Global Law and Politics:

Political and legal institutions and communications have played an integral role in the development and provision of legitimacy in contemporary societies. This has been through the development of obligatory collective decisions, general legal principles, exercise of political power, and resolution of conflicts. In the new global system, these legal and political institutions have created and conveyed social values, political power, and social meaning in every sector of the society. Both of the institutions are considered as legitimate because they have been established on core values that are related to essential freedoms, the rule of law, and democracy.

Aspects of a New Global System:

Modern societies across the globe are faced with critical issues and problems that are dealt with at the global level by the establishment of laws and policies, which are developed in various institutions. Global law and politics has had a significant impact on…


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