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Value More Freedom or Security

Which do you value, more freedom or security?

This is a debate that has been going on for some time now especially in America with some advocating for freedom while others security. I value security as compared to freedom since there are a lot of threats to our security. These threats include terrorist attacks, natural disasters, cyber attacks, and gang activities. It is certain that when these threats are not addressed and well managed then even with freedom we can do very little. For instance, when there is enough freedom without security, would one settle and feel secure? I believe not, for everyone to be calm and happy there is need for security. It should be noted that in as much as everyone would like to be free, security is a pre-requisite. People need to be free from fear, free from arbitrary attacks and threats, and free from arbitrary arrests. The desire for freedom is not an absolute goal but rather a target for which everyone can work towards.

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several instances when people object to security related activities such as state spy agencies, some usually tend to believe that they are fighting to get freedom; however, the real fear is usually on losing the "right" to privacy. When this presumed right to privacy is invaded then there is bound to be a lot of rebellion. This rebellion is as a result of misunderstanding the nature of security, security is not just about secret police run by the state, but it includes the participation of the common citizens as well. My opinion is that if it takes the invasion of my privacy right to offer me adequate security, then I am ready to compromise my privacy rights. A point in case is where the state's spy agencies attempt to nail suspected terrorists by tapping emails, if this boosts my security then I have no business objecting to such. A country that is not secure and without strict rules will fail since chaos will arise in no time. Maintaining a happy healthy country…

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