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¶ … Training in a Practical Setting

Learning a new skill set through a formal training prepares the individual for actual application of the new knowledge and skills acquired. Inevitably, too, the individual is also expected to transfer this new learning to his/her colleagues to ensure business continuity and improvement of processes as a result of this new learning. However, more often than not, individuals undergo training informally, that is, in the course of doing his/her work, especially if the organization does not have the budget and/or time to conduct a formal training. Informal, on-the-job training is the preferred approach for most organization, as this is cost-effective for the management and has more relevance to the trainee.

Implementing a good training in the practical setting requires three (3) important elements: a good budget to go with the training plan, a post-training evaluation/assessment that will determine the degree to which the new knowledge and skill has been applied and transfer of learning from the trainee to his/her colleagues or teammates. In the reflection that...


From the discussion, I will highlight the importance of a well-thought out and reasonable training budget that puts into consideration post-training costs such as post-training assessments and transfer of learning activities (or mini-trainings). In addition, I will also emphasize the relevance of post-training assessments and transfer of learning activities in ensuring the continued operations (i.e., sustainability) of the organization.

A good training only becomes one when done in conjunction with a well-prepared training budget. Both the training plan and budget are linked with each other, as each activity or feature of the training has direct cost implications to the organization. For a good training to be implemented, all activities must be outlined in the plan. Correspondingly, the trainer or planner should also think about the costs that will be incurred for each training activity that will be implemented, in addition to the general costs related to the training (venue, meals, technical equipment, staff support, and training supplies). This makes sense not only for trainings, but also for operating or managing an organization in general. The individual must understand that for every activity or action committed in the organization has a corresponding cost implication. Thus, to budget appropriately for a training means all required activities are implemented and the training was implemented according to the plan.…

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