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Yet Mr. Friedman does not go to this depth of analysis and relies instead of lengthy, conversational passages in the book that could be trimmed and made more potent, relevant and valuable. The concept Mr. Friedman discusses of the Untouchables is altogether too elitist as well, and this chapter of the book is an illusion; there is no job safe in a globalized world. Only those willing to compete at exceptionally high levels and deliver exceptionally high levels of service, value and insight are going to survive. Globalization's safe harbors are exceptional knowledge, talent and intensity of focus. It is not merely due to the fact that someone is from a given nation. This is certainly the case in Saudi Arabia, where the growth of financial services firms from the United Stakes, the United Kingdom and other westernized nations are more dependent than ever on the Saudi economy as the U.S. falters due to a credit crisis. The interdependency of banking systems is clearing being seen globally over the last ten days, as the United States attempts to rectify the many problems generated from writing bad mortgage loans to those that could not afford them. The impact of globalization on the Saudi economy is clear; there will be more pressure than ever to loan or even purchase American banks. The impacts of globalization are particularly acute in Saudi Arabia as the credit crisis becomes more pronounced in the U.S. And other westernized nations. From a personal standpoint the


Friedman's book portrays. Sacrificing in-depth analysis for a conversational tone, the book presents an accurate analysis at a cursory level of globalization. The effects of globalization are seen in every nation, every city globally. Its effects of economic growth need to be balanced with respect for cultures, norms, religions and values. In having experienced the effects of globalization through travel, I found the book a useful travelogue yet in need of more critical analysis to capture the paradoxes seen during traveling internationally.

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