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For that matter, the editorial process in this class changed my perspective about when a piece of writing is ready for submission in the first place. I realized that previously, I considered an essay substantially complete as soon as I had satisfied the required length. The editorial process in this class taught me that this is actually just the starting point for the editing process. From now on, instead of doing only an automated spell check and a quick read immediately after finishing my first draft, I intend to complete my first drafts with enough time left over to wait at least 12-24 hours before re-reading my work with a critical eye.

The Grading System:

My only complaint about the grading system is that it did not include a
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letter grade component but only a numerical grade. On one hand, everybody is aware of the approximate letter grade that corresponds to numerical grades; on the other hand, a letter grade helps provide a better indication of where my performance ranks among my classmates.

Certainly, I am aware that it is important to make the best possible effort regardless of any grading curve. However, I have learned that some instructors grade more critically than others and that the mean grade in their classes is substantially lower than those of other instructors. Where the mean grade in a class is in the 60s or 70s for example, the letter grade corresponding to a numerical grade of 80 is more reassuring than where the mean grade in the class is much higher. Either way, the addition of a letter grade would have helped me better understand my own performance…

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